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  1. I believe that many pet owners will care about the health issues of their own dogs. Today I will share five behaviors that cause dogs to die. If you are doing it, hurry up and correct it in time. The planet is!
    1. There are too many examples of dog accidents and other dogs who died without traction ropes when walking dogs without traction ropes. Many of them are because the pet owner does not bring the dog with a leading rope when the pet is bent.
    It the condition of unbuttoning the traction rope for the dog is also important. It is necessary to ensure that the place is empty and safe, no vehicles and people flow, and the dog's temperament is docile and stable, and will not provoke other people or dogs. Otherwise, dogs will have a great chance of accidental death!
    2. Eating too much meat for dogs will think that meat will be more nutritious than dog food, and will often feed the dogs to eat meat. It is suffering from acute pancreatitis.
    If resculating is not timely, dogs will die due to pancreatic inflammation. Are you still doing the behavior of meat as a dog's staple food?
    3. Ignoring the dog's weight management Pet owner does not pay attention to the weight management of dogs to keep the dog obese is the wrong behavior that causes the most pet dog mortality rate! Not only are obese dogs, there will be no three highs, but also risk of renal failure, diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis, and even the risk of sudden death!
    did you commit this wrong dog raising behavior?
    4, not to correct the dog's food habits in time, a lot of greedy dogs will have the problem of picking food. Food dogs with unknown calendars on the street will pick them up. It is often some foods carrying germs or poisons. Dogs can dangerous life and health when eating dogs.
    If your dog has a problem with picking food, please train dogs to learn to refuse food, and only allow dogs to eat dog food in the dog bowl and snacks feed by the owner.
    5. Let your dog eat inappropriate dog food to raise dogs should not be too poor or rich. Only eating cheap dog food or only the most expensive dog food is greatly threatened to the health of the dog. Needless to say, the price of cheap products, including many additives and insufficient nutrition, and even seriously damage the health of the dog's internal organs. The expensive dog food will also harm the dog. Some pet owners have shared the frozen -dried dog food for the Yorkshire dogs. As a result, the dog almost sent the dog with acute pancreatitis!

  2. 1. Dogs will inevitably get sick, and some pet owners feel that it is too expensive to go to the pet hospital to see a doctor, so they will feed the dog's medicine for human medicine. In fact, dogs cannot take human medicine, because each human drug contains a variety of chemical materials. These substances may be harmless to humans, but they can have side effects on dogs.
    2. Many pets walking dogs do not like to send traction ropes for dogs. This is not only not responsible for dogs, but also not responsible for others. The first is that the dog will run around without the traction rope, which may cause harm to other people. In addition, the car on the road is easy to cause a car accident, and it may be abducted by the dog trafficker. The pet owner feels that dogs do not have to eat dog food. Many dogs in the countryside grow up, so they also let the dog's staple food mainly eat people. But in fact, the harm of dogs eating people is still very large, which will not only cause dogs to lose hair, tears, and skin diseases, but also reduce the life of the dog. Therefore It is still necessary to focus on low -salt natural food.

  3. The main reason for the death of many dogs is because the owner does not feed common sense, allowing dogs to eat chocolate, high salt and high -sugar food, which will cause the dog to have kidney failure and die.

  4. 1. There are too many examples of dog accidents and other dogs who died without traction rope without traction ropes. 2. Eat too much meat for the dogs, causing the dog's protein and grease to be high, causing obesity and even acute pancreatitis.

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