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  1. Small pet dogs are recommended: poodles, Barbarians, York Ship, Sherry dogs, butterfly dogs.
    1, poodle. The Teddy we often say is actually a "teddy bear" -style Putch, which is a form of hair pruning of poodles. The poodle has a natural curly hair and feels a lot of hair, but because of his own physiological characteristics, the poodle is almost without seasonal hair removal, so it almost does not lose hair. Little Teddy is no stranger, lively, loves people, and is very loyal and smart. But the poodle must repair the hair regularly, otherwise it looks very sloppy.
    2, Big Bargain. Big Bear dogs are also rolling hair, and there is no seasonal hair removal, so Belle dogs basically do not lose hair. Similarly, if you want your Bichon dog to be beautiful, you also need professional trimming.
    3, York Ship. Yorkshine is petite, a small dog second only to Chihuahua. Its hair is very beautiful. Moreover, this dog is particularly suitable for home. Drop, but their hair must be sorted out every day, otherwise there will be a sharp feeling of a stray dog.
    4, Sherry dog. "Little Old Man" Sherry is full of energy, lively and smart. Sheaari belongs to a stalk dog. Because it is a single layer of fur, it is basically not hair loss. Similarly, its hair should be trimmed regularly, especially the hair on the mouth, which is particularly easy to dirty.
    5, butterfly dog. The butterfly dog ​​is petite, lively, and is also loyal to the owner. Although its hair looks like a lot, it is not very easy to get rid of hair and it is easier to take care of it.

  2. Small pet dogs are recommended: poodles, butterfly dogs, Bay dogs, Xishi dogs, West Gaomi white stalks, rolled hairbabit dogs, Beijing dogs, mini Dubin, golden retriever. The following introduces some of them in detail:
    The poodle: Poodle, also known as "lady dog" and "curly dog". In German, Pudel means "splashing water" and a animal of Inuya dogs.
    The source of Varigaku is as turbid as the water involved in the hunting poultry. French long coil dogs, Hungarian hounds, Portuguese water dogs, Irish water dogs, Spanish hunting, and even Malzer Sriors may be the ancestors of poodles.
    This puppies are easy to get sick. Pay special attention to prevention and pay attention to its diet hygiene. Food must be rich in protein, and the meat is not less than 100 grams per day. Before feeding, add equal amount of vegetarian or biscuits to reconcile with water, and should also provide some fresh and clean drinking water.
    . Butterfly Dog: Butterfly Dog (English name: Papillon, also known as Butterfly Ear Dog and Babylonian), belongs to the vertebrate door and dog family. Butterfly is named. Its height is 20-28 cm and weighs 3-5 kg. It is native to Spain and originated in the 16th century. It is one of the oldest varieties in Europe.
    The butterfly dog's IQ is very high, which is equivalent to a five or six -year -old child. It is a member of the IQ in the pet dog category. Generally speaking, its IQ level is similar to the Labrador dogs, Sheleti Shepherds, and Rowa Dogs. It is slightly inferior to the well -known high IQs in dogs -Bian Mu, Dehu, VIPs, etc. Rui, Satsuma, etc. should be smart.
    During the breeding period, pay attention to its mental state and appetite frequently, and find that the disease should be treated in time. At the same time, we must avoid excessive favors, develop willful and disobedient habits.

    Paul dogs (PUG), native to China, charming and elegant, officially named "Bago" at the end of the 14th century It means "hammer head", "clown", lion nose or little monkey. The Bagu dog is prone to eyelashes, and the head wrinkles are more folded, and it is easy to block the tear ducts, and there are two obvious tear marks.
    Buile is considerate, cute small dog species, do not need exercise or sorting back hair, but need companions. There are more wrinkles, and it is a characteristic of a boxer. It is a way to communicate with the sound of gurgling breathing and the sound of pumping nose like a horse. At the same time, this dog has excellent and clean personality, and these characteristics have become the reason why they are widely loved.
    Baiger's short nose, the most vulnerable eyes became the most prominent part of the face. When playing with the puppy with a long mouth, you must pay attention to protecting your eyes. Eyes caused serious damage. The eight -character parts on the face: a lot of folds, tears flowing down, and spraying upwards, the easiest to hide dirt. We must be diligent in cleaning up, open all the folds, ventilate, dry, and prevent the occurrence of diseases. Nose: The short nose will cause it to have difficulty breathing after the summer and severe exercise. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and proper rest.

    Sessh dog: Shih Shi, alias: SHIH TZU. Native to China originated in the 17th century. Originally from Tibet, it was raised in the Lama Temple as a watchdog. Manzhu, the god of teaching, often carries a small dog that will become a lion.
    The Lhasa dogs, which are similar to the lion, are considered closely related to the lion dog. He was taken to Europe in 1908, and established the Shihtchu Club in the UK in 1935. The United States acknowledged the breed and registered in 1969. The hair is long and needs to be combed frequently. Understanding common dog diseases and reproductive behaviors can make dogs healthier.
    In order to maintain the long hair of the Shih Shi Dog, it is necessary to sort out the hair every 1 to 2 days to combine the hair. Take a shower. In order not to be dirty, you can use rubber bands to bundle all parts of the dogs on all parts of the dog. It is until the bath until the bath is unlocked. And prevent dirt from dirt.

  3. It has always been a particularly difficult decision for many people to choose. If it involves a family to raise, there are more factors that need to be considered. However, after deep excavation of the imported product mall, there are actually many small dogs suitable for adults and children to play together.
    Although each dog has its own characteristics and personality, the following list will let you know which varieties are more patient and gentle, and at the same time can meet your needs of dogs. But no matter what type of dogs, for safety reasons, when smaller and exciting children play with dogs, adults should take care of it.
    . Butterfly dogs
    A as a puppy with a big heart, the butterfly dog ​​is easy to get close to people, but it is somewhat weak. It is very suitable for children and families with mild personality and caring. They are more sticky and are easier to be anxious when separating from the owner. The disadvantage of butterfly dogs is that they will be more likely when they are alone, and they may cause troubles to the owners and neighbors in dense residential areas.
    murless dogs
    mir -free dogs like people and have patience. As a small dog, it is always the center of attention, so it is very suitable for children. It's just that the puppy of this variety is also very sticky, so it is best not to let them be alone, otherwise they will cause their anxiety.
    Malzis is bolder outside, and the appearance gives people a sweet feeling. This kind of puppy has a mild personality, but as the owner, you must clarify the boundaries and discipline, otherwise it will be easily spoiled. It doesn't matter if the owner can't slip it often, because the puppy of this variety does not need to maintain a lot of exercise, walking, and playing to maintain your body and mind.
    Barborn dogs
    Belle dogs are ideal family dogs. They are docile and are also friendly to adults, children and other pets. They have no physical requirements and only need to exercise regularly to maintain good health. Big Bargin has few hair removal, which is the perfect choice for patients with allergies.
    Havana dogs
    Havana dogs are easy -going and like to play with people, belonging to partner pets. Although they are active, they do not need to exercise frequently. Relatively speaking, Havana dogs need long -term stable hair care to maintain fur health. In addition, it is one of the ideal dog categories that are most suitable for families.
    Itician Dog
    The Lingti dog is clean and quiet, very suitable for children. Although they are usually slightly calm, they are actually full of non -aggressive energy. This variety is relatively chilling. Remember to add sweaters and blankets to them when it is cool. The Leni dog will be super -fit with the calm and gentle family children.
    Charlie king Xiaodu
    Charlie king Xiaodu is well performed well and is easy to train. It is one of the best small dog species in any environment full of love and feelings. This breed is very interesting and loves adventure. Without sufficient exercise and attention, anxiety will be generated. For families of any size, King Charlie is a good choice.
    Norfolk stalks
    Norfolk stalks are easy to connect with the entire family. They are usually quiet and just need to exercise every day. They have endless energy and like to run around at home, regardless of a few children at home.
    The Shi Shi Dog
    This is a kind and gentle variety. They need to sort regular hair, but their exercise needs are very small. As long as the family members are nearby, the Shih Shi dog can maintain a happy mood anytime, anywhere.
    The Tibetan Dog
    Wons should not be scared by this name. The Tibetan hound is friendly to children and loyal to family members. It is an ideal choice for children's families. They prefer to play with people than self -entertainment, so it is easy to feel anxious for a long time. And this kind of puppy also needs to take care of hair regularly.
    French bullfighting dogs
    This character is gentle and interesting. There is no need for space. As long as someone keeps paying attention to it. This breed puppy is easy to heat up of heat, and the temperature is easy to rise when the weather is hot, so pay attention to the temperature.
    Big dogs
    Big dogs are famous for their affection and curiosity. They have patience with children and have endurance to keep up with the infinite physical strength of the children. Big dog's call is louder, you need to pay attention to this.
    Apag dogs (Haba dog)
    Aba dog is a sweet and interesting puppy, which is also suitable for naughty children and is quite patient. They like to play, but their energy is quite low and easy to overheat. Haba dogs are gentle with babies and young children.
    The card dogs
    To card dogs have a loyal and affectionate personality, and they are also tolerated other dogs, suitable for families with more than one dog at home. They are a bit sensitive and need to sort out regular hair, and their constitution is easy to adapt to different climate.
    Boston stalks
    Boston stalks are full of vitality and strong adaptability. They are a wonderful pet of an active family. They usually connect with the owner's emotions and adjust their behavior to meet the needs of the owner. Their calls are a bit loud, but this makes them a good guard dog, but it should be noted that they may lead to complaints from neighbors.
    The white stalks in western parts
    This variety is one of the best small dog species suitable for children, but if there are cats or other pets in the family, it may not be a good choice. The West Highland likes to play, and has endurance to keep up with or even very active children. These dogs are the perfect choice of high -energy families in the family, but they need to have enough space to run and play.
    The Shepades Shepherd
    Tiexi is smart and naughty, which requires a lot of spirit and physical exercise. They are full of love, more sensitive to loud noise, making them more suitable for families with older children. However, the hair removal is more serious, and hair care needs to be performed frequently.

  4. VIPs, currently raised one. It can be divided into several types: the smallest is the tea cup body, then play specific, and then the mini body, and finally the standard body. In fact, the teddy we said is Planting a beauty method. Varing dogs are French breeds. They do not lose hair, and then they are very cultivated. They usually do n’t like to bark, but they are very sticky, and they are easy to feed. It is the smartest in small dogs. Dog. He can teach everything. Black and gray tea cups are the most valuable and fun.
    Bis bears
    I don't know a lot, as far as I know, it seems very like Love, but it looks full of cuteness, it should be particularly naughty !! But after the beauty of the bear is very cute, like a hairy ball ...
    The biggest disadvantage of that kind of noble dog breed is hair loss, love. Usually super cute, I like to be close to my own family. If it is outside, I rarely care about it. Then it was very obedient and full of energy!

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