4 thoughts on “Corgi is so small and the legs are short. How do I become a cow dog?”

  1. I believe everyone should be familiar with Corgi. A few years ago, due to its sexy electric hips, cute appearances and short legs, it became one of the most popular online celebrities and dogs. When people think that the instinct of Corgi is a toy dog ​​or pet dog, someone comes out to correct Corgi's name. Corgi is a serious herd cattle. A cow is less than 1,000 kilograms, but Corgi is only 20 kg. Corgi's legs are too short and the body is too small. Why does he be a cow?
    In fact, Corgi's ancestors have thousands of years of pastoral cattle. Because Corgi is short and flexible, you can shuttle freely in the cow group. Corgi is not good at calling animals. He is good at disperse animals. Its livestock work is unique and historic. Therefore, Corgi in history has been used as a shepherd dog for people. Corgi will drive the cattle to the ranch and even the market during the day, and will be responsible for guarding the cow in the evening. Corgi Mu Niu let the cow move the cow's feet and hind legs. When the heels of the cattle and sheep are angry, the dog can escape at a very fast speed. It will bend down to the ground to avoid being kicked to death. This really wants to thank it for its short limbs.
    The speed of the Corgi dog is worth noting, because its legs are short, and its claws rotate outward, but the length of the Corgi dog's back increases the vitality of running. When it bites the hind legs of the cattle and sheep and disperse them, the tenant will give them a whistle to return the signal, even if it is completed. Corgi was once a shepherd, so it was particularly interested in moving objects and occasionally bite the owner's heel.
    Due to the open area, each family has its own pasture and cattle, but the cow has no regional consciousness, so other people's cattle or animals often run to their ranch to eat grass. At this time, the Corgi dog needs to go out. Farmers will give instructions to let Corgi's bite's legs. After the cow was bitten, he would run away under the pain, and then Corgi would roar with the cow and drive the cow out of the territory. This is the prototype of Corgi Mu Cow. Corgi was not used for pastoral cattle, but for driving cattle.

  2. Although the Corgi dog's legs are relatively short, the Corgi dog's hunting ability is relatively strong, and their running speed is relatively fast, so they can become a shepherd dog.

  3. Because it is used to drive the cattle, drove the cattle to the grass field to eat grass, and the body was first -class with a small compact response ability, so it became a cow dog.

  4. Because the Corgi dog is very lively and enthusiastic, and when they move, the speed is very fast, and the legs and feet are very flexible.

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