5 thoughts on “What should I do if the puppy just ignores people?”

  1. The puppy will have a adaptation process for home when he arrives at home, and the owner needs to take care of it with love.
    The warm and warm living environment for pet dogs. When the dog first goes home, you need to give it an independent and safe space. Family do not force the dog to do anything. The owner can look at it quietly. In the process, you can hug it when the dog's emotions are relaxed, touch it, and slowly pull the distance between each other, so that the dog slowly trusts the owner.
    Coules, whether the dog eats or not, prepares food regularly and quantitatively every day, and of course, the food should be taken away. In the process of feeding, dogs should be encouraged to eat. In order to better seduce dogs to eat, you can add some dogs that dogs love to eat to the food, such as meat foam, a small amount of chicken liver and other foods. Through this method, the dog is stimulated to eat, and slowly wait until the dog completely believes that it will eat normally after being familiar.
    The dog just ignores people and not eat is also a normal psychological response. As a family member, you should give it enough time to adapt. Of course, you can guide the dog reasonably, and actively pull the distance with the dog through some methods, so that pet dogs can be familiar with the environment and family faster. After the dog is completely adapted, it will become very cheerful and lively, interact with family, and eat normally.

  2. Don't feed the medicine at the beginning, first find him a comfortable nest, go to see him every day, find a small ball to play with him, try to know what he likes to eat, and slowly cultivate feelings. After all, he is too young, and he is not used to leaving his mother for a while. Do n’t scare him. I hope you will get along well with your dog

  3. Can't be anxious, prepare some of them first, let him try it later, after you are familiar with you, then take a bath for it.

  4. Send the dog to the pet hospital and make the flea clean. People in the pet hospital will teach you how to take care of the puppy.

  5. Feed it first to eat something so that it is easy to get closer ... I want to know you first ... After all, I changed the environment and could not adapt to it so fast ..

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