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  1. My brother has just arrived in a new place, and I do n’t know shit in the new environment. You mean he urinates everywhere, then you teach him, you have to diligently pull it out three times a day. It is to let him take a pee outside outside. If he urinate at home, you have to beat him, know, don’t do it too lightly if you do it. What is it called lightly? Don't be too light

  2. First, when the pet dog is in the lobby or house, and the head sniffs down, it is immediately locked on the balcony. If it has been excreted, remove immediately, remember to spray vinegar, and at the same time blindfold the pet dog's eyes, spray a little nose, often solve the problem for 20 days. Because pet dogs have a special sense of smell, they can only use vinegar flavor to make them smell. No vinegar, it is useless to wash it. Pet dogs are afraid of vinegar, and you can run on your nose and make it scared.
    . Divide the balcony into three parts: A, B, and C: Area A close to the sewer for pet dogs. Area B is the middle section and the activity area. Put 12 broken bowls in the B area, with food and water in the bowl. Area C is the place where the dog's nest is placed.
    . Pet dogs love cleanly and will not defecate in the nest and near the week. B is the food area, full of clothes, and pet dogs will not be excreted around. I have to arrange a paper box in the A and T wins. It's right. The water was rushed.
    Generally, the puppies can be shit by doing these methods above. If not, you can use other methods.

  3. Generally speaking, the main reason for dogs to be inconvenient is because it is constipated. Constipation is a complicated symptom of clinical clinical, not a disease, mainly refers to the decrease in the number of stools, decreased feces, dry stools, and laborious bowel movements. Constipation seriously threatens the health of the dog.
    The causes and solutions of constipation:
    The causes of pet dog constipation can be more. For example, the feed mixed with bones and hair, which causes the dog's stomach to be indigestible and constipation; the living environment of the dog changes, disturbing the dog's daily living habits and defecation habits, causing constipation; Purgasm, rectal tumors and other problems; intestinal cases, intestinal hernias, pelvic fractures, prostate hypertrophy, etc. can cause dog constipation.
    In general, the owner can try to touch the dog's abdomen with his hands to see if you can touch dry and hard feces in the rectum. If this is the case, then you can be sure that the dog has constipation. Essence
    The constipation can be slowly adjusted by diet. You can try to eat some easy -to -digest foods for dogs, such as mild constipation, taking honey in the body, and often get better results. Or take some drugs that promote digestive bowels, such as Gu Deng probiotics. For primary constipation, the intestinal tubes are mainly dredged and promoting dung. Can be used with warm soapy water, glycerin or liquid paraffin (5-30 ml) enema. However, do not be too high during enema, otherwise it is easy to cause perforation of the rectal wall. Take slow laxatives, such as 5-30 grams of sodium sulfate (or magnesium sulfate), and 200 ml of normal water.

  4. It takes a while to adapt to a new environment to build its own territory. You can put the dog's urine and feces on the paper. Take the bathroom and put it in a fixed place. Do not clean it up. When the dog will smell the odor when the dog is defecated once, you may find the bathroom yourself. , Persist in 3 or 5 days to get used to it. After an adult, the dogs were walking once in the morning and evening, and basically did not defecate at home.

  5. Don't worry, you can give it to eat Mummy to regulate the intestinal flora. It is normal to have this situation in the new environment, and there is a process of adaptation. The director should not put too much pressure on the dog, give it more and Xi, and take it out to walk out.

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