5 thoughts on “Where can I sell pet dogs in Jinan?”

  1. There is a pet market in Biaoshan District, Tianqiao District, which is relatively large in Jinan. There will be every morning in the morning. There are mixed fish and dragons. Be careful. I heard that there is a big dog market in Zhuzhuang, I have never been, but I heard that the dogs there are all puppies born. There are very good pure blood dogs, such as Afghanistan, but the price seems to be very high. I heard that the quality can be guaranteed.

  2. Bailing 2nd Floor (Southwest Gate of Daming Lake) ~ Phoenix Mountain Market (Sunday morning)
    The variety of dogs in Bingning ~ Teddy ~ Samoyed ~ Husky ~ Jin Mao ~ Shiba Inu ~ VIP ~ Chow Choi ~ Bomei ~ Chihuahua and so on all

  3. Don't buy it on Heixi Road. These puppies may be hit by serum and it is difficult to feed. It is recommended that you go to a pet shop or pet hospital. Generally, there are puppies. There is a puppy on Shandan South Road. nMhile to play with puppies to play, his family has a dog farm.
    Propeping puppy is a life. If you buy it, he will be responsible for him. There are a lot of abandoned dogs. I wish you auspicious year, and your dogs are lively, smart, healthy and happy!

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