What model is the Lenovo home desktop computer?

The price is around 5,000, mainly playing DNF, dual -core processor

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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Lenovo Yangtian T4900: Price: 6500 yuan. CPU model: Intel Core i7 4790. CPU frequency: 3.6GHz. Supreme Ratal Frequency: 4000MHz. Bus specification: DMI 5GT/s. Cache: L3 8MB. Memory capacity: 8GB. Hard disk capacity: 1TB. Vocal memory capacity: 2GB. Display size: 20 inches. Display resolution: 1600x900. Product size: 396.5 × 399.6 × 160mm. Lenovo Erazer Power D3000: Price: 2800 yuan. CPU model: Intel Ce run quad -core J1900. CPU frequency: 2GHz. Supreme Ratal Frequency: 2410MHz. Cache: L2 2MB. Memory capacity: 2GB. Hard disk capacity: 500GB. Graphics chip: Intelgma HD. Display size: 19.5 inches.

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