Shenzhou Z6-KP5GT How to reinstall the system

Insert a U disk containing Lao Maotao, enter the BIOS without USB options, BOOT cannot find the USB option. Xiaobaiqi Big Big Big Big Big Big Board.

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  1. The solution is as follows:
    In the BIOS first, then restart the computer, and try to install the system with the following methods:
    Igone to use the "computer store super U disk launch disk production tool V6.2 (UEFI startup experience Edition) "Make a U disk startup disk or CD -ROM startup disk to install the operating system.
    In order to install the system smoothly, you will not be a mid -range card machine and a machine. You must first format the partition of your installation system. If there is one or two systems in the hard disk recovery and protective partition, it will prevent the installation from installing the installation. The solution of the non-EM system of this machine: is to completely delete the system partition and delete all recovery or protective small partitions (generally 100--500m), and then install the system.
    before the system installation, first download an operating system mirror file
    can download the operating system of various versions of Windows below, there is a detailed computer system installation tutorial, refer to the
    GHOST system when installation. Base is the best and most comprehensive at present. The most abundant and the safest operating system download website, download the system mirror file you need (general format: ISO).
    . The most popular system installation method: Use a U disk to make a system to start the installation disk (without a CD):
    In the U disk that is equal to or greater than 4GB, and complete the formatting first.
    a, the official website of the U disk tool from the computer store U. (Add:) -The download the "UEFI start-up experience version)".
    b, please try to turn off the antivirus software and security software before running the program (this software involves read and write operations for removable disks, and some of the error posters may cause the production to fail!) After downloading Double -click to run directly. Please right -click to run as an administrator.
    u disk Started the specific production of the installation disk:
    1. Default mode:
    default mode 1.1: Open the main program, insert the U disk/SD card and other mobile devices, and automatically list in the disk list. Out information about all mobile disk, models, capacity and other information of all mobile disk in the current computer.
    default mode 1.2: Select the mobile disk you want to start, start mode USB-HDD or USB-ZIP optional, and use the USB-HDD mode by default. (The CHS mode is mainly for certain BIOS that cannot be detected. Generally, this item does not need to be checked! If you want to convert the remaining part of the U disk into NTFS format, you can check the NTFS option. The use, unless it is necessary to store a single file with more than 4G, it is not recommended to check this item!)
    default mode 1.3: Try to withdraw from antivirus software and safety software to avoid production failure, click "One -click to make startup U disk" The button, the program prompts whether to continue. After confirming that the selected U disk is not important, the point is to start production.
    (Note: Use the computer store U disk boot disk production tool 2.0 and the previous version of the U disk Please execute the initialization U disk first)
    default mode 1.4: The production process is different according to the computer configuration and the different time of the U disk chip. Please wait patiently. After the production is completed, set the computer BIOS correctly to start from the U disk. In order to verify whether the U disk is started successfully, it can run analog startup.
    Note: Simulation startup is only for test U disk launch successfully, and cannot be used to test internal DOS and PE systems.
    2. ISO mode:
    iso mode 2.1: Switch to the ISO mode or directly click ISO production in the upper left corner of the main program. The program will switch to the ISO production interface.
    iso mode 2.2: After clicking the "One -click Making the U disk" button, the program will create DND.ISO mirror under the "D: Computer Store ISO" folder.
    iso mode 2.3: Open the one -click to make a start U disk in the ISO mode, click the button in the ISO mode, select the recommendation option in the figure, and finally click the writing button to wait to complete. (If you need to record the CD, click the "Rendering CD" button for the burning operation!)
    Note: ISO mode also supports the Win7 or Win8 system mirror into the U disk into a system installation disk.
    In the system installation disk of the U disk according to the above steps, and you can install the Win7 or Win8 system.
    Small note:
    Methods to set the U disk to the first startup device 1:
    turning on the computer. The white prompt text displayed at the bottom of the screen usually appears "DEL", then press the "DEL (DELETE)" key; if it is something else, you can try to press F2, F8, F10, F12, etc. according to the prompts, and then enter BIOS Essence Because the computers of various models are different depending on the motherboard, the BIOS settings are slightly different. You first find the big item with the word "boot" in the menu, and then enter the details, select inside, first boot: This The meaning of the first guidance driver of the computer starts here, just choose here (using up and down arrows, or English prompts at the bottom of the screen) "USB" device, and then restart after pressing F10. When the supported U disk is activated, the system installation interface that enters the U disk on the screen will be displayed on the screen.
    Methods to set the U disk to the first startup device 2:
    turning on the computer, according to the first start of the screen, the prompt displayed at the bottom of the computer, constantly F9 (maybe maybe maybe (maybe maybe maybe It is F2 or F12), you can enter the fast -start device selection menu, select the device with the word "USB" in the menu, or enter the U disk to start guidance. (Enter the same method 1)
    The process of installing the system through the U disk is basically a fool. According to the prompts of the system installation interface, it can be executed step by step. It is very simple, and it is not here to repeat it. )
    . With the help of the NT6 hard disk installation auxiliary tool, the system is directly installed through the hard disk, especially suitable for computers without optical drive (CD) and U disk.
    The system installation method: Direct installation of the hard disk, drive through the virtual optical drive in the XP system or winpe system (need to use the NT6 hard disk installation auxiliary tool) to install: {This method is only suitable for installing Windows Vista, the system is installed in the system partition C drive If you choose D disk), the root directory of any partition (note must be: under the root directory), and then download the NT6 hard disk installation auxiliary tool and run, you can install the hard disk installation of win7.
    NT6 hard disk installation auxiliary tool download can be found on Baidu search. Win7 and Win8 systems, cannot install the Windows XP system}
    In the ISO file of Win7 to decompress the ISO file of win7 to a non -system partition (if there is already
    this method does not require any CMD command! Original system (2000/2000/2000/ XP/2003/VISTA/2008/Win7/Win8) and the new Win7 or Win8 system to be installed without 32 -bit/64 -bit limit; if it is installed into a single system or multiple systems, there is no limit. Specific operation steps:
    a, the virtual optical drive is loaded and copied and pasted all the files in the ISO mirror to the root directory of the hard disk one non -system partition; If it is installed in the system partition C drive, it is generally selected for D drive)
    Note: must be copied or decompressed to a folder in the root directory.安装NT6 硬盘安装辅助工具(提示:如最终装成多系统后需卸载Nt6 hdd Installer启动菜单最好在旧系统中进行卸载操作)rnc、重启选择Nt6 hdd Installer后自动进入安装界面,安装The operation is the same as the CD. If the formatting system partitions C drive and install it in the C drive, it becomes a single system; if it is formatted and installed on other partitions, it will become a dual system! Or unzip to a file that is copied in the root directory in the root directory

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