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I know ETH is Ethereum, and BTC is Bitbi. What I want to ask is that ETH/BTC's latest price 0.06160555 ≈ 2962.17 24H rising and fall -0.57%. What does this mean?

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  1. BTC Bitcoin
    Bitcoin is the first distributed digital asset platform. Since its release in 2009, it has proven not only the most popular, but also the largest market capital value. In addition, it is also the most expensive, and each currency is worth $ 10,710 on February 17, 2018. Bitcoin introduced the first blockchain distributed ledger specifically used to record all transactions, and got rid of the function of the user's need to process or verify the transaction.
    The goal is to provide users with a platform so that they can transaction across border without any intermediary, which is what we call decentralization. The platform's maximum currency (BTC) supply is about 21 million. In this number, about 16.5 million has been mining and is currently circulating. It has been mined all the time around the world to ensure the liquidity of coins.
    1. Its distributed system provides users with great freedom.
    2, high convenience.
    3, this is a secure network.
    1. Price fluctuations are large.
    2, the user may lose the key.
    ETH Ethereum
    Ethereum is also a distributed platform that was founded by network programmer Vitalik Buterin in July 2015. Ethereum aims to use households to create and deploy smart contracts. One of the main features of smart contracts is to allow encrypted assets or tokens running on the Ethereum network. Ethereum tokens are used to purchase various functions such as cloud storage space. These token are stored in digital wallets compatible with Ethereum blockchain.
    The digital currency Ether of Ethereum acts as a medium for executing smart contracts. At present, about 98 million Ethereum has been mining and circulation, and the supply of circulation has increased by about 18 million per year. Ethereum is created on the Ethereum network. It can be used to compensate the participants nodes, or it can be transferred from one user to another.
    1. Building multiple platforms.
    2, can run smart contracts.
    3, high safety.
    Disadvantages: more circulation.
    Extension information: Generate principle:
    It's essence of Bitcoin, the essence of Bitcoin is actually a special solution generated by a bunch of complex algorithms. Special solutions refer to one of the limited solutions that the square group can get. And each special solution can solve the equation and is unique.
    The metaphor with banknotes, Bitcoin is the crown number of banknotes. The crown number on a certain banknotes has this banknote. The process of mining is to continue to seek special solutions for this equation group through a huge amount of calculation. This equation group is designed to be only 21 million special solutions, so the upper limit of Bitcoin is 21 million.
    It to mine Bitcoin can download the dedicated bitcoin computing tool, then register various cooperation websites, fill in the registered username and password into the computing program, and then click the operation to officially start.
    In the installation of the Bitcoin client, you can directly get a Bitcoin address. When others pay, you only need to put the address to others by yourself, and you can pay through the same client.
    In the installation of the Bitcoin client, it will allocate a private key and a public key. You need to back up the wallet data you contain your private key to ensure that the property is not lost. If unfortunately, the hard disk is completely formatted, the individual Bitcoin will be completely lost.
    Reference information Source:
    Baidu Encyclopedia -Ether Coin
    Baidu Encyclopedia — Bitcoin

  2. It is to exchange the price of BTC with ETH, and an ETH≈0.06128657 BTC shown by the subject.
    This is a price exchange between the two.

  3. ETH is Ethereum BTC is Bitcoin. Both coins are the mainstream coins. For me, the two are the most optimistic. I only have these two currencies in Z B now.

  4. ETH/BTC refers to a transaction that can be used to use BTC coins. This is a transaction in the BTC trading area. That is, you can use BTC to buy ETH, sell ETH, and you will get BTC. The 24 -hour rising decline refers to the BTC trading area, the rise and fall of ETH. CITIC is a 24H rising decline in this way = (current price-24 hours ago price)/price a few hours ago*100%
    is 0.06160555 BTC for 1 ETH 24H rising and down The current and 24 -hour price has fallen or rose. At present, you can view the real -time price in China currency

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