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  1. The bottom line of Libra
    What is the bottom line of Libra? Everyone has a bottom line, but everyone’s bottom line is different. Do n’t try to touch the bottom line of others. There is no chance to discuss the bottom line of others. So what is the bottom line of Libra? Woolen cloth? Let's take a look together!
    The bottom line of Libra 1 Libra cannot tolerate willfulness
    Libra can accept coquettish and occasional jokes, but it cannot tolerate the willfulness of others wanton. Don't think that if you have a close relationship with Libra, you can want to be free to do it. Libra does not eat this set. Libra believes that others cannot bear some troubles and responsibilities because of their own letters, and people should know how to take responsibility for their actions. In the Libra, you can't play any role, but it is very disgusted. Libra will not pay for any wayward.
    The Libra can't stand others mentioning their sad past. Their sad past. Libra does not and want to be known to others in the past. That is also their privacy. Without the consent of Libra, they cannot even raise the Libra past you know. In the eyes of Libra, this is like a leak. They were very uncomfortable when they were carefully protected by themselves.
    The Libra cannot endure the temper in front of them
    The Libra has a bottom line, that is, do not play temper in front of them, Libra will not be afraid to please or coax anyone. When encountering things, Libra hopes to discuss it well together, instead of going up without moving temper. Libra also has their own temper. They cannot stand the temper in front of themselves. When Libra saw others playing with a temper in front of themselves, he turned around and left. Whoever had not used his temper yet. They felt that they had no obligation and responsibility to bear anyone to get angry on themselves.
    The Libra cannot endure two boats.
    Libra is still tolerant to treat feelings, but the bottom line is that the other party cannot step on two boats. Libra believes that a relationship can be quarreled, you can divide and combine it, but there must be no trample of two boats. This situation is an insult to yourself in the eyes of Libra, and it is absolutely unforgivable. Libra can forgive lover many times. As long as it is not the case, even if they break up, they may reunite again, but once they have two boats, they will show particularly decisive, without any room for rotation.
    The bottom line of Libra 2 1. What is the bottom line of Libra-
    The Libra that has always been used to what you want, and you like to do anything directly. I don't like to choose not to consider, I like to get along with simple and natural, so don't try to go to a Libra in a relationship, find out the routine. The Libra will feel boring, otherwise it will make him feel complicated, so the routine Libra will be Be cautious.
    2. The bottom line of Libra is not too much. How can it be considered "over"? You can't find the opposite on the same thing. It's like a coin. If he only let him see the front, they will be crazy, doubt its authenticity, and vice versa.
    3. It sounds philosophical, but for Libra, this is common sense. If a person is very beautiful, they will definitely find things that make them boring in this person. If a person lives miserable, they can also find places where others can't reach.
    4. If a person has lived well from beginning to end, he has never suffered, or a person always walks around the society and does not know about it. Their inner balance will be broken. Harmony is criticized. Presumably this balance is their bottom line.
    5.-Libra Aid Corporal Tip-
    The Libra can't see a person with only one trait repeatedly appearing. If a person has always been like this in front of them, no matter how good it is, they will have a tired day. So if you don't want to touch their bottom line, remember not to go extreme, and always pursue a goal without changes.
    6. It sounds incredible. For those people with strong perseverance, a tendon may easily touch their bottom line. Therefore, although Libra is a well -known old man, there is always a kind of person who is uncomfortable, that is, a person who goes to black and does not know how to change.
    7. They will feel that such people lack vision, like to drill the horns, and have no interest. When they saw such people, they couldn't wait to detour quickly. If this kind of person is their family, they will do their best to change them. If they still cannot change, they will fall into deep pain.
    8. In addition to being unable to endure, they can't stand people with too low face value. To be honest, people who can focus on them will not be less than 9 points.
    9. If your face value is too low, you still want to interact with them, then they will definitely want to kick you away. No way, I am a member of the Appearance Association, do you come to hit me?

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