Han Han's new movie "Flying Life" is not wonderful?

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  1. "Flying Life" is a comedy of the Spring Festival, with a lot of jokes and feelings. In general, it is more exciting. The combination of Shen Teng and Yin Zheng guarantees the jokes, especially Shen Teng, as "a man who grows on the audience's laughter", knows how to be a serious and cheap funny; Han Han, as a director, also explores what kind of routine should be used. To output your feelings and resonate with the audience.
    First of all, Zhang Chi, a driver played by Shen Teng, was really disappointed just when he appeared. Single father was struggling with his son at the bottom. The middle -aged uncle. He prepared to come back to Dongshan, "retrieved the losing glory", but was "sophisticated" (literally). Originally, he was a person who had "done" and he could take a bite of his feet. As a result, we found that he was to get the household registration of his son who had no blood relationship (abandoned in his own car). Underground drag racing, this person is a bit tall. Then there was a special play in Tengmei. Shen Teng knew when he trembled the burden, how could he laugh at the audience, plus his cute face and vivid expression and the sharp mouth. The laughter in the movie theater was really one after another. Of course, "Tide Hai Ling" Yin Zheng is also funny to have no idol baggage. As a leader of Zhang Chi, Sun Yuqiang (Yin Zheng) really contributed to money on Zhang Chi's return. When Zhang Chi and Sun Yuqiang gave the elder brother (Tengger) to donate songs in order to pull the song, do you have a good picture of the song? I do n’t know. Anyway, Yin Zheng ’s dance posture really convinces me. The foundation really can't jump (not), the key to the enchanting tide Hyloul is very good ...
    Secondly, Han Han, as the director and screenwriter of "Sky Life", the subject matter selected by his movies is It is his feelings that he wants to express, such as the theme of the highway film of "The Future", the life of the town of "Breaking the Wind" and the blood of the youth in that era, and the life of the racer of "Sky Life". Everyone has experience and memory points, so it is not easy to resonate with the audience. As the first time I tried to give me a little messy and immature, "Breaking the Wind" has obviously moved me. This time, the emotional output of "Flying Life" is also successful. As Zhang Chi said, this time you come back, you create stories for your life without a story. I write the ending for my life with many stories. Rally is really a collision of speed and passion, a large number of peaks in a large number of lenses, the rushing lane, and the roar of the engine mixed with gravel friction and whistling mountain wind, the artistic conception really came out. Trivers who are overwhelming, passing the aircraft, the team technician who retired due to injuries, very grassroots, and ashamed in the dust of destiny, but they used to be extraordinary, their inner blood has never been cold, they struggled, worked hard, struggled, and went on, and went on. It was defeated by the relentlessness of life in one second, and the corner of the mouth was revived in the next second. Racing, blood, hard work, Dongshan resurrection, let me have a completely bloody racing door (it is really good to have a Rally champion director). The former Han Han was arrogant, talented, and some incompatible. Now he seems to have reconciled with the world, put away the angles (both character and body), use the movie to tell his blood and feelings, and gradually be good at this.
    "Flying Life" has jokes and feelings, complete plot, smooth narrative, which is worth seeing.

  2. This time, the temperament of "Flying Life" is not the same as the first two movies. We can clearly feel that, as a director, compared with the previous two works, the overall narrative rhythm of "Sky Life" is more market -oriented. In the third work, the "cold humor" comedy style has gradually been on the road.
    Baship of the new film "Flying Life" in the cinema, it is estimated that there are already many people who have been brainwashed by its trailer for this winter: the father (Shen Teng) who drives the car (Shen Teng) originally wanted to support his son, As a result, the father's father's father was a pilot, and he shouted "pit father". In fact, this is the egg after the ending.
    The Shen Teng played in "Sky Life" is Zhang Chi, a predecessor who suffered a middle -aged crisis. What the film is going to tell is the story of this middle -aged man chasing his dream. Yes, it is not about the dream story of the younger generation. Han Han began to throw his eyes into the "blood of middle -aged people". This is another layer of interpretation of "insisting on your dreams".
    The Chi once was in the racing industry, but now he can only run fried rice stalls. In order to soothe his son and prove his ability, he was determined to return to the field to challenge the younger generation genius. There is no money, no car, no teammates, and the "generation of car gods" even re -examine the driver's license. As a result, things that laughed at the scene happened.
    In an important proposition of "Sky Life" lies in the word "middle -aged".
    If in the impression of some people, Han Han has always been a person full of "youthful sense". But it should be noted that Han Han made a movie and entered middle age when he patted it. During the "Future", Han Han was in his early 30s, and "Broken Wind" is 35 years old. When he arrived in "Sky Life", he was about to run four. The biggest difference between these three parts is the iteration of years. Just like Zhang Chi said to Yuqiang, "I am too much story, I want to give myself these stories, an ending."
    has always been a key word in Han Han's works. From "The Future", "Breaking the Wind" to "Flying Life", he has been using the protagonists who are in the dilemma of life to express the theme of blood and dreams. Just in the past, he was viewed as a young man; then the movie "Sky Life" was complained from a middle -aged and a father's perspective.
    In from the clue, the first half of the movie has been writing around the relaxation of the reconnaissance, and the vocabulary, the blood, friends, things, and reorganizations. Zhang Chi, the protagonist of the film, has passed the golden age of the racer. As a god of air, in order to stand on the track of Bayin Brook again, he has experienced a very difficult way to come back.
    It life will smooth the corners of the person, but it will also wake up myself at a certain moment.

  3. What is not exciting must be deceiving, or Han Han's evil powder, but in principle, friends who don't like Han Han should not watch this movie. Therefore, please forgive me, "" Sky Life "is wonderful!"
    In the movies released by the Spring Festival, except for "Wandering Earth", major movies have been destroyed and voiced to varying degrees. "Flying Life" is as follows as follows:

    (1) The plot is vulgar; (2) the connotation is not deep; All the gods and horses!
    This can be available, and the reviews can be available, but the attack is not necessary. In my opinion, the only shortcoming "Sky Life" is that the movie time is too short!
    It, from the laughter, narrative, starring, soundtrack and photography, it is valuable. In these years, bad movies are rampant, and we must evaluate the movie with a rigorous and objective attitude, the purpose is to make the bad films irregular. For the same masterpiece, encouragement and appreciation should also be given, instead of spitting, the purpose is to make the directors who are still making a movie to enjoy the affirmation!
    It back to the movie itself, share three exciting points other than the plot, and leave some suspense for friends who have not watched the movie.
    The relaxed person setting:
    The relaxed life and Han Han's life are partial overlap. However, Han Han's life is far smoother than Zhang Chi and is not subject to twists and turns. In addition, the age, mood and attachment of the two are similar!
    The is attachment to the car. Although this kind of attachment has merged some other elements, such as: "no money to eat" and "children's hukou", but when returning to the car itself, Zhang Chi is a pure person. In order to win, you can give up your life. For sponsorship, you can do everything. And this point, Han Han, who is the director, cannot do it. Han Han ’s lifts can be seen from" Three Gates "to" Changan Ran ". Zhang Chi is more like Han Han with a realistic version. In order to survive, don't face it! Han Han is more like the ideal version of Zhang Chi, only self, care of him!
    The passion of racing:
    "Flying Life" is a movie about racing. Although the real racing lens and clips are less than 30 minutes together, the car is his most distinctive. Label. Bayin Brook's racing scene, the dust was flying, and the roar was roaring. Participating in the competition means that it may be life. The ambulance team, helicopter, the broken body, and blood player. Han Han uses a movie to tell the world that in addition to passion, there is bloody. Bloody, not horrible, not suppressed, but there is an unbearable enthusiasm!
    technology and future:
    The eggs at the end of the tablet are very interesting. Are you telling us that Zhang Chi is still alive? I don't think so!
    What I really want to tell us is the future and the next peak that Zhang Chi is chasing. Zhang Chi is like this, and so is Han Han!
    The competition in Bayin Brook, won, lost, and won the game. It seems to lose life. In fact, Zhang Chi does not have to fight. He lost, but he said, "I don't want to win, I just don't want to lose!"
    The relaxed racing car, as the star said, even if the 1.2 million modification, compared with the top race, 100 kilometers from one hundred kilometers, a hundred kilometers of 100 kilometers, a hundred kilometers of 100 kilometers, a hundred kilometers of 100 kilometers, a hundred kilometers of 100 kilometers, a hundred kilometers 100 kilometers, one hundred kilometers 100 kilometers. The difference will be 80 seconds. In the entire competition, the biggest gap between Zhang Chi and Lin Zhendong was in 10 seconds, so Zhang Chi lost in props rather than car skills. Many drivers are aging. " The aging is false, but it reminds me of the old saying: "You, after all, it's too young!".
    Lin Zhendong is a top driver, and Zhang Chi is the god of the car. This is the difference between the two. Of course, I do n’t want to wash Zhang Chi white. Lin Zhendong has at least one sentence is right. Use, it is also part of the game!
    The relaxation was lost to the times, lost to technology, and lost to RMB!
    Han Han's three movies, from "The Future" to "Flying Life", the answer sheet may not be full enough, but it is also good enough. I look forward to Han Han's next work. What kind of life?

    (the pictures come from Douban platform)

  4. very exciting.
    This is a movie that must be laughing, feelings, feelings, and quality and quality. Ordinary audiences must not be confused by fake literary arts in some wets. It is, for our audiences who entered the Spring Festival theater and just want to watch the recreation time of the department, "Flying Life" is definitely a batch of dark horse this year, and its quality is excellent.
    It is different from Han Han's previous literary film "The Future" and "Breaking the Wind", although this "Flying Life" also has the core of the racer that has not been too popular, the dream story of the racer, the invited Shen Teng's invited Shen Teng The happy twist members of Wei Xiang (the Internet that have been canceled), coupled with the comedy configuration of Yin Zheng and Ben Yu, can make this movie completely support the New Year's Day of the Spring Festival. Although the movies are not so fried, it is less charming and vulgar, and the sullenness of many literary youths, ridiculous and ironic.
    It in terms of the feelings of racers, as a professional racer, Han Han did not squeeze too much emotional emotionally to the audience, because like the movie described in the movie, a minimum configured professional racing car is everywhere. It is also necessary to start millions of starting. Even from the perspective of competitive sports, its emotional foundation of the story -racing is not a hobby that ordinary audiences can feel the same, so Han Han simply gave up the emotions of the racer Zhang Chi to revoke the license plate for five years. With the hanging, the comedy bridge with a joke and ridicule will bring it here, and it will focus on the various visual impact scenes that are really full of visual impact when they are really playing, so that the audience will feel this kind of nervousness like it. In the end, although a slightly vulgar ending, it also unexpectedly mobilized the audience's sense of resonance.
    Han Han is a professional racer with more than ten or twenty years of age. After a smile, I can still remember the touch of cute faith conveyed by the film.

  5. I haven't read Han Han's text, but several of the movies he directed have seen it, and have always liked his style. This time "Sky Life" is still a movie I like very much. Let me analyze this movie in detail.

    The severe spoiler warning below. It is recommended to read after watching:
    The film comedy movie, still excellent in comedy effects, not inferior to the next door. "Crazy Alien", according to my statistics, a total of more than 30 obvious jokes have been set up in the whole film, and they are basically combined with the context to get positive feedback that the audience should have. And in the setting of jokes, there are many types.
    The first category is the most frequent and most effective means. Looking forward to the failure, violating the conventional development ideas and order, making the audience feel unexpectedly wrong and provoke the smile of the smile:
    The dinosaur said, but found that it was wrong, it was Sun Yuqiang's daughter -in -law;
    Zhang Chi said that crossing this door, then it was OK, and then he was picked up because he could not pass the security check;
    Zhang Chiqiu's driver's license is preparing to show the car's big car skills, and the groundwork is enough. As a result, the car burst;
    Tezon told the rich son that I did not have the habit of studying the opponent. R n learned that the car could not be rented. In the face of the manager's "I'm sorry, I tried my best", Sun Yuqiang bluntly said "it's okay, the doctor"; The echo of the car, as a result, it seems that it is not this car, which is a waste of emotions;
    Themid noodles to the garage everyone, clamoring when the driver and the transportation are combined with one, how terrible is it? It is tilted;
    The relaxation of the car is broken. Facing the question of his son, I feel that these five years mean that the era of its own has passed, but the result is that the five years means that science and technology has improved; As a result, the sponsor is the person who is the most reluctant to reach out for help; ask for sponsorship, and the result has also become a joke for praise ...
    Onching out of the original development trajectory, more often, it is to let let it The character's face -to -face manner has a comedy effect.
    The setting of the second type of jokes is in sharp contrast and similar.
    The racing clothes are like sending take -out, open the door, and compare with the takeaway brother, Zhang Chi is speechless, this is similar;
    The spring breeze, Zhang Chi teased the 20th and peaceful peace, said that in the future What is the situation when meeting outside the field, the second place is on the stage, but the result of accepting the other party under the stage is comparison;
    In addition to the identity differences, there is a well -known racer subject. The gap that has not been changed, and the transition from the title of "brother" to "Grandpa" is also a very interesting contrast.
    The last child's title change, in fact, there is still the second layer of laughter. After the child Zhang Fei called "Brother", his dad Zhang Chi immediately shouted "Brother Wan", that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, it is It is said that the father and son are flat ......
    The means of making comedy effects in the third type of comedy is a homophonic stalk and text game. The two were busy with "good scoop", which was actually double -level.
    The abandoned infants on the car, and what others said: drivers, drivers, only need cars and hands, where to need women, in fact, they are also played, and they are a bit dirty hahaha.
    The fourth method is the manifestation of body language. Of course, the most classic is of course the three brothers gathered into a ball. It is very happy to look at the shooting of the uncle around the middle.
    Except for the comedy effect, the second highlight of "Sky Life" is the two surreal paragraphs, which is very good. The first paragraph is accompanied by the soundtrack of "Slam Dunk" "I really want to love you loudly" In the eyes of the child, the image of the two racers into the animation of the rammer lion, the second section is the ending egg, the car also became an airplane, flying towards the sky.
    This are out of reality, but they are extremely real. I believe that in the imagination of many children, there have been situations that transform objects into gods and planes. At the same time, with the "Hero Never Die" appearing in the eggs, the complex of the natural combination of heroism and romanticism also perfectly echoes the kernel proposition of the movie: youth and passion, burning and dreams, and I don't want to lose Essence
    The third highlight of the movie is that the drag racing scene was very good. Although the smoothness of the drag racing is slightly inferior to "Speed ​​and Passion", it is already very good. The slow shot of the racing car, the small gravel on the ground flies; the sand and dust shot in the distance during the car; the shots of the vehicle crash are very impressive. How can Zhang Chi, who can't touch the car, quickly switch the effort made by the car, and the effort made by it quickly, the sensational effect reaches the climax, and this degree is also very good.
    Except for the three highlights of the movie, in the end, I am adding three details:
    The first part is the soundtrack "ordinary road", the insertion is very clever, and it is really beautiful;
    second second The tribute to "Charlotte's Trouble", Yin Zheng, who plays Sun Yuqiang, once again poems for Shen Teng's improvisation.
    The third place is Zhang Benyu, a team member of "Thousands of Unexpectedly". When repairing the car, I showed my muscles. I didn't feel much, I just felt like a pretty of the atmosphere, but sitting in me, but sitting in me A girl in the back row, shouting five times in a row, impressed me.
    (text/Xing Ye Xing)

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