3 thoughts on “Compared with the WV Dream Tour, Saibian Saivain is more advantageous?”

  1. SAIVIAN is a model that imitates WV;
    is a bait with a 20%return of consumption. In fact, it is difficult for consumers to reach more than 8,000 yuan per month, otherwise it will be wasted Save money, not only does not save money, but also tired of money. In order to return to $ 240, you must desperately consume more than 8,000 yuan per month. Wish, you can only save $ 240-$ 125 = $ 115*6.6 = 729 yuan
    saivain without substantial business and core competitiveness, and anyone can imitate the starting operation.
    SAIVNIN company has a short establishment time and high risk. The WV has been established for 11 years. There are branches in 30 countries around the world, tens of thousands of travel routes in 193 countries around the world, and 32 -ranked in the top 100 direct sales.

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