1 thought on “What does the four -qi position of Star Coin represent?”

  1. The meaning of Xingco four means that Xingco four meant that you are saving money, saving energy, or restraint.
    The card for divination for divination. The word "Tarot" is taken from the words TAR (Tao) and RO (king) of Egyptian, which contains the meaning of "king", and the specific origin is not conclusive. Tarot was not circulating in the form of cards at the beginning, but a book, which is said to be a mysterious book used to convey God's will.

    This prevailing in the medieval Europe, interpretation of Tarot has different rules, there are only three simple methods that use only three sheets, as well as the traditional Celtics cross method, the English law and the astrology method Essence The American Tarot (ATA) has formulated some rules that Tarot analysts need to comply with together. Originally called "Tarot theory", also known as Tarot Jiujie.
    If Note:
    1: I will adhere to an objective and compassionate attitude honest and complete interpretation of the tarot cards.
    It: My purpose is to provide guidance to my questioner to make them make a decision that is beneficial to them. At the same time, I will work hard to help them understand the problem and give them They want.
    3: I will be respected and professional at any time to my Tarot cards, and abide by all the ethical precepts of Tarot cards.

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