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  1. What causes Bitcoin epic plot? Let's take a look at the US stocks:
    The Fed will have a rate hike meeting. I believe that everyone has foreseen in advance, at least 50 points of interest rate hikes start. Everyone understands that CPI data is far less than expected, and the international oil prices that have been rising can be associated. Everyone must be prepared, no matter how the US stocks fluctuate, it will definitely affect the crypto market. Near 15,16, you may bottom out again, and then start to rebound.

    It what I want to talk about was in the earliest April. I stated in the afternoon report that the overall May and June quotation was to see the adjustment, and then in the afternoon report in May Poles, wait for the appearance of the golden pit. Looking back now, everything goes according to the script. If I carefully read the afternoon report of my big market trend, at least it helps everyone to reduce many unnecessary losses on the spot. The market has come to this day, and I have seen at least 90%of people's emotions very pessimistic. Where are they discussing? BTC sees below 2W, ETH sees three digits, which really makes me a little scared.
    It back to the encryption market, BTC has fallen below the last strong support 26700 position. The next interval will test 23000-24000. This interval also thinks that you can start to build positions slowly in batches. More than 3 layers. If you have to ask where the bottom is, I don't know, please be careful about the following words.
    (The highest section of the safety margin of the bottom cake is 23000-24000, but the most conservative strategy is often the worst operability. For people with relatively low positions, as long as the cakes fall below 25,000, the pyramid type can actually start the pyramid type Build positions in batches).
    I I think 23000-24000 is almost the same, and then rebound. This wave of declines removing a large number of institutions added. The market has to be liquidated to smash. From the perspective of volume, the decline can be weakened. After a large number of institutions are liquidated, the rebound will definitely come more fierce. Let's wait and see!

  2. Some traditional industries do not pay attention to liquidity because they do not have the function of stimulating fantasy. Those empty -brainless assets can attract liquidity, and assets that most people do not understand are the most curious. Bitcoin is the best thing to make people curious. For example, the so -called outlets, because the outlets can stimulate people's imagination, thereby meeting the characteristics of capital speculation, 讣 讣 比 比 比 This feature is separated from reality.
    Is when understanding why Bitcoin continues to soar, it also understands why Bitcoin has begun to collapse, because liquidity has begun to withdraw, and the valuation of various hyped assets has reached an epic overestimate Level. In the case of liquidity atrophy, how can it be too high and never fall? This is the significance and revelation of the Bitcoin collapse. In the case of liquidity restrictions and loose, the hype, tracking, and outlets of various types of assets have epic overvaluation in China. While liquidity shrinkage, they all have a regular decline. The core point of view, in the past, I explained a point of view in speeches across the country.
    The asset bubble caused by loose liquidity is unbalanced and differentiated. A large amount of liquidity flows into areas that are easy to imagine, and liquidity has not increased, but withdrawn from the traditional industry. This has led to the global capital market, especially the Chinese capital market, which has infinitely overestimated and extremely underestimated. Therefore, after the high valuation bubble was shattered, China's extremely low valuation field became a new gathering place and investment destination for China and even global funds. In the process of escaping the bubble asset collapse, there will be a turning point from overestimation to underestimation.
    For the future trend of Bitcoin, in the short term, the situation of insufficient market liquidity has not improved, so it is still impossible to judge the end of this downward trend. Cryptocurrencies are high -risk investment and should invest cautiously. Different from the beginning, it is difficult to rise now, but if many people want to fall, they must run.

  3. The reason for the plunge in Bitcoin is that the dollar has entered the cycle of rapid interest rate hikes and shrinkage, which leads to Bitcoin.

  4. I think the cause of the plunge in Bitcoin is mainly because the impact of the new crown epidemic has a great impact on the capital market, so it will decline.

  5. This thing violates the currency issuance rights of countries around the world. It has not been fully blocked. All those who use Bitcoin, all of them are sent to prison for manufacturing/fake coins, even if they are polite.

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