1 thought on “What is the use of a three -code combination of the Bank of China?”

  1. Digital RMB is issued by the People's Bank of China. It is a legal currency with national credit endorsement and legal ability.
    Compared with virtual currency such as Bitcoin, digital RMB is a fiat currency. It is the highest effectiveness and safety as the legal currency. Bitcoin is a virtual asset. Any sovereign credit guarantee cannot ensure stability of value. This is the most fundamental difference between central bank digital currencies and Bitcoin and other encrypted assets.
    The concept of digital RMB has two points, one is that digital RMB is a legal currency in digital form; the other is equivalent to paper banknotes and coins. And coin. It is mainly positioned as cash payment vouchers (M0), which will coexist with the real RMB for a long time. It is mainly used to meet the public's demand for digital form cash and help inclusive finance.
    Ip data expansion
    The new RMB system in China to develop a digital RMB system, aimed at creating a new type of RMB with the purpose of public cash demand for digital economic conditions, with a digital form. , Continuously innovating and opening competition financial infrastructure, support the development of China's digital economy, improve the level of inclusive financial development, and improve the operating efficiency of the currency and payment system.

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