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  1. Find the inlet, insert the card in, and then a password interface will pop up. After entering the password, there will be different business display. If you click on the money, you will pay for it. Finally, after paying the money, remember to take the card away.
    The expansion information:
    atm Machine saving money:
    It come to the ATM machine. First observe whether the ATM machine is abnormal, such as the screen prompts the machine for the time being, and then observe the surroundings. Are anyone close to you or follow you or peek. The side of the card number is super on the side (the back magnetic strip on the right), insert into the ATM machine. The warning language is prompted on the screen: "Please make sure that others are away from you one meter away" and other sentences and then press "Enter". The screen jump Go to the input card password and enter the 6 -digit card password. The screen jump to the function operation interface. For example, query account, withdrawal, etc. There is a corresponding function button on both sides of the screen. The function key parallel to this subtitles is the withdrawal key)
    If I want to take 200 yuan, then press the withdrawal key, the screen jumps to the withdrawal interface, the screen is prompted to get 100,200 or other amounts, select the corresponding key to select the corresponding key, you can choose the corresponding key. The average ATM machine provides a multiples of 50 or 100 (50 times of 50, most of which are 100). I don’t want to use the 200 function keys. Then I choose "other amounts", after pressing this function button, the screen jumps, the screen jumps Turn to the input amount interface, enter "200" on the digital keyboard, then press the "Enter" button on the digital keyboard to go.
    The screen prompt "is operating, please wait", if there is enough money in the account, then The screen prompts "Please withdraw money and confirm". The withdrawal port is generally at the lower left or lower right of the ATM machine. At this time, the ATM opportunity will send 200 yuan. Take out the money and confirm the authenticity. At this time It is recommended to choose to print without printing. At this time, I choose to print, so it will automatically fill out a piece of paper on ATM. The outlet number of the ATM machine, withdrawal card number, withdrawal time, and withdrawal amount (please do not discard it at will This is to ensure that others will not use the money to steal money)
    After obtaining the printing bouquet, the screen displays "successful transactions" and automatically jump to "query account" and other functional interfaces. Don't worry about this transaction, please check the balance again. If you want to complete the withdrawal operation, then click the "Card Return" button. The withdrawal process is over.
    Note: If you swallow your card during the withdrawal process, please do not leave the ATM machine, and do not let anyone find any reason to help you get the card, please call the phone left on the ATM machine screen (do not call the ATM Any call from the outside of the machine), wait for the staff of the staff to get the card with their own ID card and the card. If the card is not my own, you also need to bring the cardholder's ID card to get the card.

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