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  1. How much is the amount of settlement quota, 100 yuan, 1,000 yuan, or 100 yuan per week, depends on how much funds you have in your personal hands can be invested. Every two weeks, every month, these time periods, set a fixed investment based on your own amount of funds.

    The talk about my own. I currently have two funds in the fixed investment. I set up 100 yuan per week. Some of the people I know. There are also 1,000 yuan per month, so the monthly boundary of the fund's fixed investment stipulates that as long as you choose to invest within the range you can withstand, the accumulation is less and accumulate little by little.

    The fund fixed investment amount only needs more than 10 yuan, so 100 yuan per month is completely possible, but I have three suggestions, I hope it can help you.

    A good funds allow you to get good benefits, but if you choose a fund that is very likely to liquid), your wealth may be completely lost.

    . Therefore, you must choose a good fund before the fixed investment. You can examine the fund from the scale of the fund, the fund holding of the fund, and the recent performance to obtain a more rational judgment.

    The method of fixed investment in the fund is diverse. The specific fixed investment time is divided into: daily, weekly, per week and monthly. In contrast, it is recommended to use weekly fixed investment. Choose a weekly fixed investment 20, the cost required will not change, but the effect of fixed investment is obviously better than the monthly fixed investment.

    The weekly investment can share risks to every week. The probability of you step on the high point of the fund's net value every week is significantly less than the probability of stepping on the high point of fixed investment. When the probability of stepping on the high point changes, you have a great possibility to get a lower position cost, which laid the foundation for the higher benefits.

    In the basis of selecting a good fund, when the net value of the fund falls, it must be used to make up the position and continuously lower the cost. Fluctuations, but if your fund is a good fund, don't worry, dare to make up for positions.

    . When the market is going up, set up your own profit point. When you reach your own profit point, you will harvest all. Essence

    In summary, we must make a weekly fixed investment on the good fund, and to stop profit in time at the time of stopping the profit point.

    Pet personal views, for reference only, I hope it will be helpful to you!

    The problem, you must determine according to the subject's own situation. If the subject has no job, there is no independent and stable source of income, for example, it is still a student, it is very good to invest 100 yuan a month for fund fixed investment.

    Why do you say that? Because such a young age, the consciousness of investing in financial management is very amazing. You can cultivate your financial quotient through the fund's fixed investment to improve your financial management ability and level.

    If the subject has already worked, it is also good to start doing funds now. But frankly speaking, 100 yuan a month is a little less, and the benefits are not obvious.

    Is about the fund's fixed investment amount, you should consider it yourself, it is best to not affect the daily life of each month, be able to invest in stable, and grasp the principle of leisure investment. The funding suggestions used are divided into 5 copies, preferably 5 index funds for fixed investment.

    I I have made an index fund preferred before. The recommended index funds, including China Merchants CSI Liquor, Cathay Food and Beverages, Ethida SSE 50A, ICBC Shenzhen Stock Exchange Bonus and Cathabasdaq 100. It can be rated regularly every month. The long -term revenue of these five funds is still good. It is possible to obtain an annualized income of 12%to 15%.

    The recommendation of an article, which is my fund investment and financial note. The article writes the five index funds I currently hold, and the reason for choosing these 5 funds for fixed investment.

    Considering that only 300 yuan is prepared per month, the Cathay Food and Beverage Index Fund is recommended. There is an introduction in the specific code article. Since I started a new round of fund fixed investment in August 18, I have obtained very good benefits.

    This to ask this question is enough to show that there is already a sense of investment.

    It, when it comes to fund fixed investment, there will definitely be an old concept: a smile curve.

    The method of using fund fixed investment is a good way, but you can maximize the return of the fixed investment.

    This China method In terms of yield, the second method has higher yields.

    In problem point of view, 100 monthly 100, fixed investment for 5 years, total investment of 6,000 yuan. Even if the yield is 50%, it can only make a profit of 3,000 yuan. It is very inappropriate to calculate from investment income ratio.

    It's recommendation, the minimum investment of 100 yuan per week (this plan now is used). A total of 27,000 yuan in 5 years. Calculated from 50%of the rate of return, 5 years can earn 135,000 yuan, and the principal and interest combined: 40,500 yuan. It can be seen that the gap is very obvious.

    The family wealth password commentator Doraemon:

    fund fixed investment depends on how much money you set, as much as you want to save, he will help you to do it for you Take care. You can save 100 a month, that is, the income is relatively low. But I think the quality of society is good now, and I can say a lot, there is no need to save so little. It is 100 yuan a month, and it will be 1,200 yuan in a year.

    . You can save 100 yuan per month first, and you can increase more by the next year. At present, I am also making investment, because this is more suitable for people who are more lazy or have no time to manage financial management. Set a similar amount every month, set to 500 yuan, and set the time on the second day of the salary. There are a lot of 6,000 yuan a year. By the end of the year, you can buy a large baby baby for yourself.

    The per month per month for the second year, anyway, it is gradual. Because the usual expenses are really big. If you don't save this money, you will be spent by you. It is better to spend less and buy less things. Keep the money and save it, and when you see what you like or have any emergencies, you can take it out for emergency. Many platforms now have fixed investment products. You can choose the one who can save time in March. Half a year. There is one year.

    The I chose to take the one that is kept at any time, and the interest is also settled on the same day. After all, there are not too much money in your hands, you can only do this, something really happens. Don't look at so little every month, but there will be more time. Making financial management is such a reason, and it takes a process. Take your time, you can change other products if you have more funds.

    This depends on your amount of funds, which has nothing to do with others.

    . For example, if you have a bad income now, or the income is not high, you can also invest 100 yuan per month, and it is 1200 yuan a year. If you have a good income, you can invest 3 or five hundred per month, thousands of ones. If you have a large amount of funds, you can invest thousands and tens of thousands of investment.

    This may be cast too much. Furthermore, when the fund is fixed, learn to stop profit, and the possibility of losing money is very low.

    So, how many of your money is related to the operation, and it has nothing to do with the operation method.

    Stocking the fixed investment, encountering a lot of buying more, buying and buying a lot, formulating a profit choice, making money is sure.

    The is very happy to answer your question. The following are some of my own understanding and views. I hope to help everyone, and I hope everyone can like my answer.

    The fixed investment of 100 yuan is a bit small. Investment yields and fund types, fund managers, fund managers and market conditions. If you invest in stock funds, this happens to be a bull market. Fund managers and fund managers have good investment capabilities, and the return rate is still good. However, even if the monthly investment return of 100 yuan is good, there is not much money a year. If you invest in a currency fund, 100 yuan per month is usually between 10 and 30 yuan. Although the income is not high, it is slightly higher than the bank's interest. But basically no principal losses. However, if the stock fund encounters a bad stock market, it may not only have no income, but there may also be a principal loss. As for what will happen in one year, the key depends on the fund types you invest, the level of fund manager, market environment and other factors. Investment is a long -term process. By long -term fixed investment, it can not only dilute the cost of the short -term market fluctuations, but also achieve the effect of long -term compound profit. If we can insist on fixed investment for more than 10 years. The income is still considerable.

    The answers to this question are personal understanding and suggestions. I hope that the answer to this question I share can help everyone, and I also hope that everyone can like my sharing.

    If you have a better answer to this question, please share your comments and discuss this topic together. Here I wish everyone a good idea, happy every day, everything!

    If you are a student, I suggest you eat and study hard and study hard. Investment takes time, and you must not learn to learn if you do n’t spend time.

    If you participate in the work, life pressure is high, you can only invest 100 per month. It is recommended not to invest. The fixed investment is all the flat -level fund companies to coax you to buy his fund. What smile curve, no, no, no, no Stop loss, the more you fall, the more you buy, and to stop the profit.

    In a serious understanding of the fund, choose one to buy one when receiving salary, buy him 12 in a year, and you will invest in the twelve lines in the second year. Give the fund that does not make money.

    Yes, choosing a good fund is important

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