5 thoughts on “I want to speculate in stocks, no, someone gives me pointers?”

  1. Find this book yourself, and then teach you the people around you.
    This, you must learn the concept of knowledge and inform how to operate in person.
    If there is no one around you, you can be a securities business department or a bank.
    The people in the banks now have stalls from securities companies. You can ask for details.

  2. You can use the "stock city stock market" software to try to speculate.
    (that is, give you 10,000 virtual coins, watch the current market, and use this software at the beginning.)
    Searching at the "418 shares forum stock tutorial"
    is very suitable for beginners to see it. Open the website that others give you, be careful of virus.

  3. I advise you to say that the risk is great!
    In when the market is not good now, learn knowledge. It is best to find a friend of stock trading to learn the basic knowledge and learn about the application of some software. Basic things have learned and then entered the market!

  4. Haha, go to a nearby bank to find a securities company, (I used to do business in a bank in the bank), you just need to say that you will help you when you open an account in their name. I know a lot, and then decide who to go to the name to open an account

  5. Persuaded you to give up
    This time, the market is super poor now
    and it is unstable to fry it for two years.
    Coules to make money in other investment Goods

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