Where can I check the international gold price?

Where can the international gold price be found and where the international gold price is the most loyal market situation. If you can know it, you can solve it. Thank you!

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  1. The price of international gold is now about $ 1229 per cup, which may be affected by other factors and may rebound. It is recommended that you go to some more formal investment platforms to check, such as common platforms such as Jinyue, hoping to help you.

  2. In recent times, the price trend of international gold is undoubtedly one short one after another. According to market expectations, in the short term, the trend of international gold prices is still difficult to usher in a sign of improvement.
    Specifically, in terms of economic data, the Fed Chairman Bernanke held a press conference after the latest monetary policy was released. Nanke pointed out that the most likely situation was to decrease from the end of this year and finally stop QE at some point in mid -2014.
    Byanke clearly stated that the above inference is based on the expected economic expectations of slightly optimistic, that is, the US economy can still accelerate growth during the tightening of fiscal policy, and the unemployment rate can continue the slow decline since September last year. The inflation rate is slow to the target value of 2%, which is the basic condition that he predicts the end of QE in the middle of next year.
    The question that is quite interested in a market is that in view of many signs that Bernanke will leave the Fed after the end of the second term of 2014, even if the above conditions are met There are certain variables.
    On the surface of the data, from the perspective of the daily map, the international gold price has fallen below the lower rail support, thinking that it has fallen below 1350's long -headed final defense line. Appears, the bounce is short.
    From the point of view of the indicators, the moving average has begun to diverge downwards. The Bollinger band is opened down, the energy column begins to increase, and the MACD red thread also turns down, significantly signs of a volume.
    From the four -hour chart, yesterday's white dial is just a seductive market. The two large yin pillars in the K -line form shows its empty departure. , Energy indicators are downward, and the KD indicators turn around.
    At present, there is no support point under the four -hour chart. You can only see the 1337 line of the daily picture. After the Federal Reserve's meeting last night, the old man's speech was also empty. During the period, a wave of 1363 had a good rebound, and the fierce rebound was also considerable.
    In all, the overall trend above the international gold price technology is still to open all the short trends on the golden daily line for many days. The rebound trend has been broken. In addition, the bottom -up signal on the weekly line is further stretched, which means that the long -term bottom building will continue for a longer time.
    The international gold operation strategy:
    1. Today's international gold price is weak to near 1352, it can be short, stop loss of 3 US dollars, and the target is 1348-1340.
    2. If the gold price today falls below 1338, it can be chased, stop loss of 3 US dollars, and the target is 1335-1330.

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