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  1. There are 5 days, 10 days, 30 days, 60 days, 120 days, and 240 days of the mobile average line. Among them, the short -term moving average of 5 days and 10 days is the reference indicator of short -term operations, called the daily moving average indicator; 30 days and 60 days are the mid -term moving average indicators, called the quarterly moving average indicator; Long -term moving average indicators are called annual moving average indicators. The test of the mobile average is generally performed from several aspects.
    When shareholders' friends choose stocks, they can use the moving average as a reference indicator. The mobile average can reflect the trend of price trends. The so -called mobile average This average value makes the average image. Shareholders and friends can analyze the daily K -line diagrams and average lines in the same graph, which is very intuitive.
    The most commonly used method for moving average is the relationship between the moving average of the securities price and the securities itself. When the price of securities rises and higher than its mobile average, a purchase signal is generated. When the price of securities fell, below its mobile average, the selling signal was generated.
    mt4 The moving average index generates this signal because people think that the mobile average, "line" is a powerful standard for supporting or blocking prices. The price should rebound from the moving average. If you break through without rebound, it should continue to develop in this direction until it finds a new level plane that can be maintained.

    This reminder:
    1. The above explanation is for reference only.
    2. There is risk in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.
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  2. Many shareholders and friends may be staring at the stock price most of the time. However, they will not pay attention to some important technical indicators. At the same time, stock trading also has technical indicators. However, the moving average is one of the important elements in the technical indicators. What does the moving average mean, what do you mean and how to use it? Next, let me briefly explain, I hope it will be useful to everyone. Before lectures, everyone will get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stocks of the institution will be released fresh. The opportunity is rare to miss the list of bull stocks recommended by the [Telling Secret] institution. Intersection Intersection
    . Definition of moving average
    1, what is the moving average
    The moving average is an important technical indicator. Investors often use it. A moral line obtained by the cycle. For example, there are five trading days a week, which means that the 5 -day closing price can be added to 5 to get the average closing price of these days. The 10th, 20th, etc. are also the same.
    2, what are the moving average, different colors
    The parameters of the reference of the moving average are different, and their effects and reactions are different. Common parameters are 5 days, 10th, 20th, 30th, 60th, 120th, and 250th. Commonly used colors include white (5 -day line), yellow (10 -day line), purple (20 -day line), green (30 -day line), gray (60 -day line), blue (120 -day line), orange (250 (250) (250 (250) On the day), of course, the color is not fixed, and shareholders can look at their favorite colors to set.
    . The simple application of the moving average
    1. How to see the moving average in the trend chart
    (1) Add moving average: For example, press the MA key in the stock software interface as shown in the following figure.

    (2) View moving average:

    2, which
    is a reflection of the average price and trend within a time interval. In front of us is the overall operation of the price in the past period. For each line, the role and significance are different. Let me talk about their relationship with you below
    (1) The 5th moving average (attack line): The attack line is up, the stock price rises and breaks through the attack line, short -term in the short term Inside will look up. In the same case, if the 5 -day moving average falls below the moving average, it will be short in the short term.
    (2) 10th moving average (quotation line): When the trading line continues to rise, if the trading line is broken by the stock price, it means that the bandic midline rises, otherwise it will decline.
    (3) The 20th moving average (auxiliary line): Its main function is to assist the 10 -day moving average, promote and modify the price operation strength and trend perspective, so as to stabilize the direction of the price trend. When the auxiliary line in the disk shows a continuous upward attack state, when the price breaks through the auxiliary line, it means that the band -to -midline market has begun to see more. It can be used to show the trend of the stock price in the medium -term movement, and the lifeline plays a strong pressure and support. It is similar in the disk. If the lifetime trend is obtained, the stock price breakthroughs or the top of the line will look at more, otherwise it will be empty,
    (5) 60 -day moving average (decision line): The mid -term reversal of the price The trend can be seen from here that the guidance price band -level operation is running in the trend that is scheduled in advance. Regarding this moving average, the basic main force attaches great importance to it, and it can play a great role in the mid -term trend of the stock price.
    (6) 120 -day moving average (Trend Line): The role is still the same, which means that the price of the long -term reversal in the middle and long -term price, and the point of viewing the price, so that it can run in large -scale operations in the established trend middle. If the stock price breaks through the trend line, the reversal trend should not be available in the short term, it takes almost ten days to reverse.
    (7) 250 -day moving average (annual line): This moving average is an important basis for determining whether long -term investment. About the company's general situation and performance can be presented by it.
    The main use of these lines has been mentioned above. If we want to have better and more accurate effects and answers, we should combine all the moving average to comprehensively consider. I don't know which stock is worth buying? Is there a problem? Just poke this link. Seeing that this clinic report is your exclusive! [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    3, what are the common forms of moving average?
    (1) Multi -head arrangement: It means that the current moving average supports the stock price rising, and it is more.

    (2) Blind arrangement: It shows multiple moving average anti -pressure stock prices, which means empty.

    (3) Silver Valley: As far as the short and medium line is concerned, they all wear graphics when they pass through the long line. It is the valley that appeared for the first time after a long decline.
    (4) Golden Valley: Another valley appears after the silver valley, which is generally more reliable than the buying point of the silver valley.

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  3. The moving average is a statistical processing method to average the stock price of several days, and then connects to a line to observe the trend of the stock price. In the K -line diagram, the white line, yellow line, purple line, and green lines are on the 5th, 10th, 30th, and 60th on the average moving line in turn, but this is not fixed. The curve represents the 5 -day moving average, which is the average closing price of the stock for nearly 5 days; and so on.

    It in terms of the use of the moving average system, the following types are mainly divided into several categories:
    The trend: short -term moving ahead, indicating that the stock or index is in a short -term upward trend. Similarly, the mid -term moving average and long -term moving ahead reflect the upward trend in the medium and long term. If it was not upward, but to the bottom, it was displayed as a decline. If the moving average slope is not large and is in a horizontal run, the consolidation pattern is displayed. In continuous long -term upward trends, the general short -term moving average is above, the medium -term moving average is in the middle, and the long -term moving average is below. In continuous long -term declines, general short -term moving average is below, the medium -term moving average is in the middle, and the long -term moving average is above.

    It is cross -break: we can judge the breakthrough trend of individual stocks or markets from the average line system. On the 5th moving average, the 10 -day moving average, and the 10 -day moving average on the 10th day of the 20 -day moving average, forming an upward cross form, indicating that the upward breakthrough is established. The same is true of the decline in judgment. At present, the 5 -day moving average is close to the 10 -day moving average. If the market out of the market has been worn on the 20 -day moving average, it indicates the establishment of the decline.

    It is the divergent form: Divergent means that the distance between short -term, medium and long -term moving average is getting larger and larger, especially the short -term moving average at this time is often very steep, that is, the slope is very large. If it is upturned, it means that the short -term cost is much higher than the medium -term and long -term costs. The profit chips have increased significantly, and the short -term is facing cashing pressure. If it is a decline, it means that the short -term cost is far lower than the mid -term and long -term costs. The cash -out pressure weakens and faces a rebound in the short term.

    . The support level and resistance level: The combination of the average line and the K line often plays a role in supporting and resistance. If the K -line touches the short -term moving average and collects the sun above, it indicates that it will be supported by short -term support, and the post -trend will still rise; if the distance is too large, it means that the short -term profit chips will increase and there will be pressure. If the K -line touches the short -term moving average and collects yin below, it shows that the short -term resistance is due to the short -term resistance, and the market outlook will decline greatly; if the distance between Ratalum and the short -term moving average will rebound.

    The same, when the K line rises or falls, the moving average will produce a support or resistance effect on the mid -term or long -term moving average. If the K -line falls below support or breaks the resistance, it indicates the establishment of the operating trend.
    The specific book system can be referred to the book systems in the following relevant parties, and at the same time, combined with a simulation disk to practice, this theory can quickly and effectively master the skills. There are a number of indicators guidance, and each indicator has detailed explanation of how to use it, which is much more convenient to use. I hope to help you, I wish you a happy investment!

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