5 thoughts on “Why does the Apollo plan terminate”

  1. 1: The goal has been hit, the Soviet Union has completely abandoned the moon landing plan, the United States defeated the Soviet Union in the moon landing, and recovered the backwardness of satellite and manned flight.
    2: The cost is too much and there is no return. For human technology, the development of the moon is still far away. Not big. So the subsequent plan was canceled.
    3: US aerospace technology needs to change the goal. Although the Soviet Union abandoned the moon landing plan, he started to study the space station, and launched the first space station gift space station in 1971. The space station technology is more practical, and has considerable technology and economic returns. Therefore, after the United States discovered that the Soviet Union was leading the technology in the space station, it quickly changed its goals and transferred from the moon to the space station. In 73, the United States launched the first test space station.

  2. The Project Apollo, also known as the Apollo project, is a series of manned landing flights organized by the United States from 1961 to 1972. The purpose is to realize the on -site inspection of the manned lunar flying and people's on -site inspections to the moon, and prepare for the art people's flying planet flight and detection. It is an epoch -making achievement in the history of world aerospace. Apollo plans to start in May 1961, and the sixth moon landing at the 6th of the 6th of 1972 ended for about 11 years, cost $ 25.5 billion.
    It this can be seen that the Apollo plan is not ending, but the end.

  3. 1. Great cost. The Apollo -Man Lunar Lunar Program in the United States has been implemented from May 1961 to the last one -man -by -man -landing of Apollo on December 1972, and the cost is calculated based on the actual purchasing power. A golden beast. Even the United States is struggling.

    2, the manned landing has been completed, the Soviet Union has been ahead of the Soviet Union, and there is no more actual use.

    3, the moon landing is not attractive to the United States, and the attention is not high. The space laboratory and repeated spacecraft are considered to be the future development direction.


  4. The United States is now planning to land on Mars and build Mars base in Mars. Perform colonial Mars. The moon has been around the earth, but it is just a satellite on the earth. When the earth dies, the moon will follow. And there is nothing except stones and dirt on the moon, it is not great. Mars is different. Mars is a planet that turns around the sun, and the level of the earth is a level.
    Themare landing in Mars, and colonial Mars is the way out. Laying on the moon has no meaning to the United States. On the day when the earth is destroyed, maybe Mars may be our future life -saving planet. Preparation is now prepared to be destroyed by future generations. One more planet lives humans, and the probability of human survival in the universe will be larger and longer.

  5. Political purposes have been achieved, technical purpose has been achieved, and huge projects that cost huge are necessary.

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