Baidu released Q3 financial report Apollo and other new AI business ushered in the development point of development

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    On November 17, Beijing time, domestic Internet and AI giant Baidu officially released the company's third quarter financial report as of September 30 (unaudited) Essence
    In the third quarter, Baidu's operating situation was further improved. The revenue was 28.2 billion yuan, and the net profit was about 13.7 billion yuan, which exceeded Wall Street expectations. Baidu's core business has become the main driving force for Baidu's revenue growth. It has a significant rebound. In this quarter, Baidu's core business revenue was 21.4 billion yuan.
    At the same time, Baidu ushered in the inflection point in AI business. Among them, the strategic business has completed independent financing, and the commercialization of hardware and software business has accelerated. In terms of intelligent cloud, in the third quarter, the income of Baidu AI cloud increased by 41%year -on -year to 2.2 billion yuan.
    apollo focuses on the three major areas of intelligent transportation, car networking, and autonomous driving. It is another focus of Baidu AI strategy. So far in 2020, Baidu Apollo has made breakthroughs in technology and business exploration.
    Is in intelligent transportation, the "ACE Transportation Engine" released in April has now landed in more than 10 cities. In terms of smart car links, there are more than 60 cooperative car companies on Baidu Apollo, and more than 400 models are planned to cooperate. Both intelligent transportation and smart car links have realized the ability to monetize. In addition, in terms of autonomous driving, Baidu APOLLO is also in the leading position in the industry in technology and business exploration.
    At the telephone meeting of Baidu Q3 financial report analysts, Li Yanhong, chairman and CEO of Baidu, also introduced Apollo's positioning and business model.
    In Li Yanhong's positioning, Apollo is a comprehensive solution for intelligent transportation. It is a dynamic ecosystem, including equipment manufacturers, government agencies, technology providers and large manufacturers. Essence
    In terms of business mode, Apollo has three directions. The first is to provide technology for OEM and provide a DuerOS system. Second, intelligent transportation infrastructure projects, the project amount of 460 million in Guangzhou Development Zone Intelligent Transportation New Infrastructure project belongs to this category. Third, Baidu's autonomous taxi (Robotaxi) can use Apollo's L4 and L5 -level autonomous driving system.
    "This business (that is, the self -driving taxi business) has been carried out in many cities in China. I believe that the commercialization of this business will be seen in the future." Li Yanhong said in the financial report conference call.
    It to look at it, Baidu's advertising and other core businesses have ushered in a rebound with the gradual recovery of the economy. Some AI business has a certain profitability. support. On the other hand, at the moment when the new infrastructure, intelligent network cars, and automotive road collaborations have been reached, the new AI business represented by Apollo is also expected to usher in the best time to release value. At the same time, promote the development of industry and society.
    . Revenue profit Super Wall Street expects AI business to usher in the development point of development
    2020 The third quarter, Baidu's revenue and net profit performance overall. The company's revenue was 28.232 billion yuan, an increase of 8%from the previous month. Net profit was 13.678 billion yuan, an increase of 282%from the previous quarter from 3.579 billion yuan in the previous quarter.
    In public reports, Baidu's revenue and profits this quarter exceeded Wall Street expectations, of which net profit exceeded the average expectations of Wall Street 56%. In addition to showing that Baidu's overall profitability has been improved, this also proves to a certain extent that Baidu's business and operations have strong anti -risk capabilities.
    The key financial data of Baidu 2020 q3
    On the specific business sector, Baidu's core business has rebounded significantly, which has become the main driving force for the growth of the company's revenue. In the third quarter, the total revenue of Baidu's core business was 21.379 billion yuan, an increase of 13%month -on -month and a year -on -year increase of 2%. Among them, online advertising revenue was 18.4 billion yuan, which was basically the same as last year; non -online advertising revenue increased by 14%year -on -year to 2.9 billion yuan. This part was mainly promoted by the growth of smart cloud business.
    The Baidu mobile ecological infrastructure with Baijia, intelligent mini -programs and hosting pages continues to improve, prompting the advertising business as Baidu's main source of income to pick up. According to this trend, Baidu's advertising business may be better in the fourth quarter of this year.
    The key financial data of Baidu Q3 core business
    In addition to the recovery of traditional business, the new starting point of Baidu's development -AI business also ushered in the inflection point of development. Financial reports and recent data show that in 2020, it may become the year of commercialization of Baidu AI business.
    The overall, we can divide Baidu's AI business into small -dimensional technology (covering software such as Small Voice Assistant and hardware devices such as Small Smart Speakers, Small Smart Displants), Smart Cloud, and Baidu Apollo.
    In the third quarter, the heaviest incident of Small Technology was independent financing. After the financing was completed, the valuation of Small Science and Technology rose to about 20 billion yuan.
    The dazzling performance behind it is an important reason why Small Technology has won the favor of capital. According to Baidu's third quarter financial report, in September, the number of monthly voice interaction of the first -party hardware equipment of the small assistant reached 2.7 billion times, an increase of 65%compared with the same period last year; the total number of Monthly -speaking interaction of Small Assistant reached 5.3 billion. The number of developers of Small Assistant Skills Store reached 45,000.
    In intelligent cloud, with the promotion of related businesses in the Internet, transportation, financial services and medical care industries, the income of Baidu AI Cloud has achieved steadily growth, with a year -on -year increase of 41%to 2.2 billion yuan in the third quarter.
    At the same time, Baidu Apollo has also made breakthrough progress. When Baidu released its financial report, "Baidu Apollo's commercialization has gradually developed, and the development momentum in the fields of intelligent transportation and autonomous driving is particularly strong."
    Specifically, in September this year, Baidu Apollo won the first all -out in China in Changsha this year. Unmanned driving test license. Get this license, representing Baidu Apollo has been allowed to remove the security officer on the open road and carry out a completely unmanned road test. In addition, Baidu Apollo successfully won the newly bid in the Guangzhou Development Zone Intelligent Traffic New Infrastructure Project in August with a project amount of nearly 460 million yuan, which is likely to become the largest bidding project in the field of intelligent transportation in 2020.
    In general, in the third quarter of 2020, Baidu made a good answer sheet. While the advertising business is stable, the AI ​​business has also accelerated the landing under the industry and policies. With the further deepening of intelligent upgrades and digital transformation in various industries, Baidu will also usher in more development opportunities.
    . The development results of the three major business of Apollo
    Through the latest season financial report, it can be seen that Baidu has achieved good results in the company's operations and specific business. Among them, Baidu Apollo's recent progress is particularly worthy of attention.
    apollo is a key part of the Baidu AI strategy, and it is also one of the two axes of Baidu AI's new business. At present, the business layout of Baidu Apollo focuses on three aspects: intelligent transportation, car networking, and autonomous driving. As of the third quarter of this year, Apollo has achieved important breakthroughs in the three core businesses.
    1 and April release "ACE Transportation Engine"? Now it has landed in more than 10 cities
    April 9th, APOLLO officially released the "ACE Transportation Engine" to the outside Essence
    "ACE Transportation Engine" is a set of underlying technologies such as Baidu Apollo covering AI, maps and other underworld, intelligent engines such as autonomous driving, vehicle road collaboration, and smart control, smart bus and other specific applications. Intelligent transportation solution.
    In the help of the "ACE traffic engine", local governments only need to put forward demand when deploying smart transportation projects and creating an intelligent transportation system. Similar to seeking equipment, underlying technical suppliers and coordinating partners, and completing technical integration, it can be packed and handed over to Baidu to solve it. Simply put, this solution will be highly efficient.
    For about half a year since its release, the "ACE Transportation Engine" has implemented the implementation of more than 10 cities including Beijing, Changsha, Chongqing, Baoding, Nanjing, Cangzhou, Guangzhou, Dalian. In other words, from domestic first -tier and new tier cities to second- and third -tier cities, they have expressed their recognition of the "ACE traffic engine".
    2. The commercialization of more than 60 intelligent vehicle federations in the cooperative car company has made a progress in commercialization.
    Baidu started in 2016 to set out the "vehicle and road collaboration" full stack research and development. At the end of 2019, Apollo released an open platform for the smart vehicle union at the first ecological conference. It officially collects the "three Dragon Balls" of the autonomous driving open platform, the car road collaborative open platform, and the smart car union open platform.
    It, in terms of Internet of Vehicle, the number of car company brands and cooperation between Apollo is at the forefront of the industry. As of now, the car companies that Apollo cooperate in the Internet of Vehicles include Mercedes -Benz, Ford, GM, Cadillac, Lexus, Geely, Great Wall, Chery, Hyundai, Kia, etc., with a total of more than 60. There are more than 400 listed models.
    At the same time, the small car will also provide navigation services for more than 10 million users every day, and the number of voice interaction every month can reach 15 million times.
    3. The autonomous driving taxi service open for the public has landed in three cities
    . In this quarter, Baidu Apollo has some important progress in autonomous driving technology and business exploration.
    Is to remove the safety officer is an important part of the large -scale landing and profitability of a large -scale landing and profitability. From a technical point of view, Apollo has obtained the first domestic unmanned test sign in September this year.
    During the World Meeting in the World Realm, Apollo successfully demonstrated the driverless driving and 5G driving. Autonomous driving technical strength is in the leading position of the industry.
    r to Baidu unmanned taxis
    It's business exploration, Baidu Apollo's autonomous driving taxi is currently open trial ride services in Changsha, Cangzhou, and Beijing.
    If, according to the official data from Baidu, in Beijing, the peak number of the third day of the driving taxi on the third day is 600 orders, and the number of call orders throughout the day exceeds 2600 orders. It is said that it is the new "net celebrity" in Beijing. Not too much.
    In that of the three major businesses of Baidu APOLLO, smart transportation and intelligent vehicle connectors have commercialized landing capabilities and can realize "self -hematopoiesce". In contrast, it takes some time to realize commercialization of autonomous driving taxis, but from the perspective of the market size in the future, the prospects are quite considerable.
    In according to the study of JP Morgan Chase, from 2019 to 2025, China L1 to L5 -level auxiliary driving and autonomous driving markets will achieve an average annual growth rate of 33%. By 2025, the market size will reach about $ 7.1 billion (About RMB 46.4 billion). When the time is ripe, Baidu Apollo, which has fully accumulated autonomous driving technology and business exploration, will naturally enter the commercialized "fast lane".
    . The domestic intelligent networking trend has come to Apollo's future.
    is now underneath. Apollo, one of the core pillars of Baidu AI's new business, is ushering in development opportunities that have never been seen.
    Baidu's performance has been warmed, the core business has begun to rebound, and some AI business shows a rapid growth trend. All of these provide basic guarantees for APOLLO to deeply cultivate intelligent transportation, Internet of Vehicles, and autonomous driving that require a large amount of R

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