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  1. Many investors have had losses, and they will reduce losses through the behavior of replenishment, but is the timing of the positioning of the positions accurate? When is the best time to make up the position? How should the cost after the warehouse should be counted? chat. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection
    . The warehouse and additional positions
    are supplemented by the decline in the stock price. In order to lower the cost of the stock, the behavior of continuing to buy the stock. The cost of being diluted by replenishment can be diluted. However, in case the stock is still falling, the loss will expand. Passing the passive strain strategy that will only be used after being stuck. Using this strategy does not necessarily allow you to solve it. This strategy is not a good way to solve the set, but it is the most suitable method in special circumstances.
    In addition, there is a difference between the warehouse and the addition of the position. The meaning of the plus warehouse means that the performance of a certain stock has always performed well, and the behavior of continuously added additional purchase in the process of the stock rising. The environment of the two is different. The buying operation is bought when the position is declined.

    . The cost of replacement
    The cost calculation method after the stock supplement is supplemented (take the position as an example):
    Input price the second purchase quantity*buy price transaction fee)/(the number of first buying the second purchase quantity)
    The number of stocks purchased in the early stage the average price per share of the positions*the number of stocks of the stock)/(the number of previous shares the number of stocks of the stock)
    The two methods above are manually calculated, the most common stock software and trading system today There will be a cost -effective calculator in it. After opening it, you can see it without using us. Don't know if the stock in your hand is good? Click on the bottom link to test directly: [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    . The timing of the position
    is not at any time to make up the position. You must also seize the opportunity and try to succeed as much as possible. It is worth our vigilance that the disadvantaged stocks that have fallen all the way to the opponent cannot make up for the position. The so -called stocks with a small turnover and a low -rate turnover rate are vulnerable stocks in the market. The price of such stocks is particularly easy to fall all the way, and it may be posted a lot if it is replaced. If you are designated as a disadvantaged stock, you should consider replenishment carefully. The liberation of funds as soon as possible is the purpose of our positioning, not to further settle the funds. It is not a small risk to replenish the stock market on the premise that the stock market will strengthen after the stock market will strengthen. Only when the shareholding in the hand is a strong share, the key to the success of capital growth and income is to dare to make up for strong stocks. There are more attention to the following points:
    1, the broader market is not stabilized and not supplemented. It is not recommended that the market replenish positions in the fall trend or there is no signs of stability. The broader market refers to the barometer of the stock. The decline in the market will cause most of the stocks to fall. At this time, the replenishment is dangerous. The obvious bottom of the natural bear market turning period can maximize the profitability of the profit.
    2, the upward trend can be replaced. During the rise, you buy stocks at the top of the stage but suffer losses. After the stock price has recovered, you can buy some stocks to make up for positions.
    3. The skyrocketing dark horse stocks do not make up. For example, there has been a round of skyrocketing in the early stage. Generally, the adjustment is large, the decline cycle is long, and the bottom is not the bottom.
    4, disadvantaged stocks do not make up. What is the real purpose of the closure? I want to make up for the losses of the previous quilts with the profit of the later replenishment. Do not make up for the position to make up, and make up for the strong stock.
    5, grasp the timing of the position, strive to succeed once. You can make up the positions and make up the position step by step. First of all, we have no funds in our hands, and we cannot achieve multiple positions. After the warehouse is supplemented, it will increase the positioning of the position. If the stock price continues to fall, it will lose more: then, the positioning of the previous mistakes to make up for the previous error. Do it right at one time, don't make mistakes all the time. In any case, the timing of stock trading is very important! Some friends buy stocks, and often encounter the situation where they fall when they buy and sell as soon as they sell. They think they are not lucky ... In fact, they just lack this time to buy and sell artifacts. Miss the opportunity to rise: [AI Auxiliary Decision] Capture the time of buying and selling

    The Answee time: 2021-09-23, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view it to view

  2. The most easy mistake in the application of the application of the application of the application is that the stock price is eager to make up the position before the stock price falls to the end, resulting in the deeper results of the more compliance. Therefore, it is only applicable to use after the market trend is really bottomed out. Do not prematurely flatterate in the market decline, otherwise, not only cannot solve the set, but will increase the burden on funds.
    This strategic supplementary positions should achieve the "four non -supplement" principles in terms of timing:
    . The initial period of the bear market cannot be replenished. Everyone who knows this reason, but some investors cannot distinguish between the turning point of the beef and bear? There is a very simple way: the stock price is not deeply determined to use strategic replenishment. If the current price of the stock is 5 % lower than the purchase price, there is no need to make up the position, because the shock can be unzipped in a casual disk. If the current price is 30 % to 40 % lower than that of the current purchase price, or even some stock prices are cut, you can consider replenishment. At this time, the room for further decline in the market outlook is relatively limited.
    . The broader market does not stabilize and does not make up the position. Strategic replenishment does not require buying at the bottom. The key is that the market and the stock market have rising trends and motivation. At present, investors have experienced a bear market. They should know that they can still plummet after the large market plummeted in the bear market. The indicators can be oversold after the oversold. In terms of sexual replenishment, before the broader market does not really stabilize and warms, it is unable to make up the operation.
    . When the broader market is in the fall channel, it is resolutely not replenishing. Because "the underworld is finished under the nest", the further decline of the stock index often dragged the vast majority of the stocks to go downhill together, and only a few of them can strengthen the stocks. The so -called "putting aside to the market for choosing a stock" is unrealistic. The best time for strategic positioning is when the end of the bear market is at a relatively low level or after the large disk is successfully reversed upward. At this time, the potential of often rising is huge, the minimum room for decline is safer.
    . The broader market cannot be replenished when the secondary relay rebounds. The so -called: "rebound is not the bottom, it is not a background" rebound itself shows that there are still many stubborn resistance in the market, and indirectly explaining the possibility of further decline in the market market. In this case, it is not appropriate to use strategic warehouses. of.
    The choice of tactical replenishment: For short -term operations, the range of tactical replenishment is large. Regardless of whether investors are now in a deep or shallow state, they can consider replenishment. As long as the broader market is not just on the way to accelerate the decline, you can actively participate in tactical replenishment operations. The key is to grasp the timing of reaching the bottom of the phase of the stock, and do not set too high the profitability of the profit, and do not take the purpose of solution to the purpose of solution. To make money, especially the operation of "T 0" in the disk.

  3. When you do n’t make up your positions:

    1, the limit board is determined not to make up the position.

    This at this time is definitely a shudder in the fire. At this time, the main force will be hit at least the next trading day. Some people say that if the daily limit is not a loss tomorrow, you don't have stocks, and you will come back again.

    2, the broader market does not make up.

    This stocks do not go against the trend (the stock market is recommended not to play). If the market is still falling, it is recommended to wait and see.


    Coustically set up your own positioning plan and proceed according to the plan.

    The timeliness: Many people make up the positions according to the 5., 10, 30, and 60 days. It should be said that there are no big mistakes, but it is recommended that it cannot be all of this. Zhuang must understand these things than us. I suggest:

    1. Pressing the position according to the plan: set your psychological tolerance line, and will not make up without the line. Psychological tolerance can be referred to the moving average, and I also refer to the decline of 530. Make up the position by 1/3 of the overall decline of 530. for example. If your stock falls by 30%, you can make up at about 10%.

    2, the entire sector has begun to rise and go offline. Resolutely make up, and make up for the mistake. The wheel rotation is the same as the broader market, which is more accurate than the broader market.

    3. Robbing rebound: If there is a large deviation in the plan to make up the position, you need to rush the rebound. For example, my plan on Friday is 11.40, and it is performed as planned. But the broader market and various stocks continued to plummet. What should I do? I only snatched the rebound, so I snatched the rebound at 11.03. You can see that there are basically no losses in the twice. Someone asked you why you are not grabbing below 11 yuan. You can see the second one and wait for the broader market to stabilize.

    This finally explained that the funds of the position are waiting for a few days. You can grasp it yourself, but the best time to rebound the day or the next day, don't be greedy for money, then it is not your money.

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