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  1. What does blockchain mean
    what does blockchain mean? Many people are not clear about what blockchain comes from, and even some people have not heard of it. In fact, the district The blockchain is a common information for everyone what the blockchain means.
    What does blockchain mean? When it comes to the blockchain, it has to be mentioned that its twin brother -Bitcoin.
    This flow back to 11 years ago. On November 1, 2008, the world was shrouded in the huge shadow of the financial crisis. On that day, a mysterious gee who claimed to be "Satoshi Nakamoto" sent an email.
    The paper attached to the email, the title: "Bitcoin: a point -to -point electronic cash system."

    The Cong said in the email that he is studying a new electronic cash system. This system is completely right, without any credible third parties. About half a month later, Satoshi Nakamoto kept publishing the source code of the Bitcoin system.
    On January 3, 2009, an interesting invention was born. Nakamoto generates the first Bitcoin block on the server, which is the so -called "Bitcoin Creation Block". Since then, the Bitcoin system has officially opened.
    It, we might as well stop thinking about how we conduct cash transactions in real life.
    How you borrowed 10,000 yuan from your friends and agreed to repay for a month, you may choose to use bank cards to transfer repayment. The bank is responsible for minusing 10,000 yuan in your deposit account and adding 10,000 yuan to your friend's deposit account.
    Here, the bank is responsible for accounting. The potential reason why you choose bank transfer is that you believe it is more reliable and will help you transfer 10,000 yuan to friends.
    , in the digital world, it is another matter to invent a set of currencies.
    The heroes behind the Bitcoin game
    First of all, Satoshi Nakamoto hopes to trade directly and bypass the third party of the bank. If this problem is easy to do, then there is no bank. Users will issue currencies by themselves through a unique mechanism and deal directly with each other.
    But this brings another problem. Without a bank as a reliable intermediary, the user is responsible for accounting, and the user does not know each other. How can no one play during the transaction?
    For example, in the digital world, electronic files can be easily copied. Digital currencies of 10 yuan, and the mouse is replicated and pasted 10 times to become 100 yuan.
    It solving this problem, you need to provide a mechanism that allows everyone to trust each other.
    The method used by the Bitcoin system is to allow all transaction processes to record and transparently record in the order of time. These records are permanent and cannot be tampered with. There is no way to do something sneaky.
    Inned these mechanisms, the Bitcoin system was successfully operated.
    This systems are stored in data blocks, which are blocks. About 10 minutes, new blocks will increase. Each block records the detailed transaction process of Bitcoin and takes time stamps. Different blocks are connected in the order of time and through a certain algorithm. This is chain.
    The them are called "blockchain" ().
    The is the case, accompanied by the birth of Bitcoin, and took root. If Bitcoin is a former star star, the blockchain is the hero behind the scenes of the underlying technology.
    The new changes of the accounting method
    Although behind the scenes, the talent of the blockchain was quickly excavated.
    In professional terms, blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. If you want to understand it, let's give the simplest example.
    I assuming that your family is this bookkeeping: you and your father and mother have a ledger respectively. You remember your own expenses and count the total family expenses together at the end of each month.
    . Dad likes to buy cigarettes. Moms like cosmetics. If you like to buy snacks, you may have a few lessons and unintentionally, and sometimes you can change it on the ledger. Therefore, when checking the book at the end of the month, it is always a bit different from the actual expenditure at home.
    In order to change this situation, you have bought a new account. You and your father and mother use a new account book with a new account, and remind and supervise each other to check each item.
    The at the same time, you also agreed that once you check the cost of checking clearly, you will not be altered and deleted. After a few months of attempt, you found that this common ledger is more in line with the actual expenditure at home.
    Blockchain is the second way of bookkeeping. The above little story tells us that it has at least a few specialties or benefits.
    First of all, it is decentralized. The database that was previously maintained by unilaterally became a common maintenance of multiple parties. Everyone wrote the data with consensus. No one can control the data separately.
    Secondly, it allows everyone to change from each account to common accounting, which brings data consistency and openness and transparency.
    In addition, the blockchain only allows writing data and does not allow delete and modification to prevent the data from being tampered with secretly.
    The trust between strangers
    In reality, many scenes are much more complicated than how to account for accounts at home. Moreover, most of the links of financial transactions and business processing are operated by people who do not know each other. How can everyone trust each other?
    This is the turn of the blockchain. Don't forget, it can provide a mechanism for everyone to trust each other from the bottom technology.
    For example, when you go to the vegetable market to buy things, you may worry about whether fish and shrimp and vegetables are safe. Some companies see business opportunities and move the data of farmers and fish ponds to the blockchain. In this way, you can know which fish pond you bought from, and you will eat more at ease.
    For another example, the circle of friends often appears a link to raise funds for patients with serious illness. When donating, you may have some concerns: Is the patient's situation real? Can donations really be sent to the patient?
    In order to eliminate these concerns, some Internet public welfare institutions use the blockchain to allow you to clearly check the use of donations. If the patient's situation is not true, the blockchain system will automatically return the donation to your account.
    In the future, what changes can the blockchain bring to our lives?
    It is imagined that the blockchain is widely used in various fields of society. It will become an important infrastructure in the information age and can solve many things that currently cause us headaches.
    . For example, the blockchain will make countless information islands "chain" together. Do not need to repeat the inspection because of changing a hospital. Entrepreneurs do not have to run multiple departments in order to go through one procedure. Guarantee, consumers no longer worry that the deposit cannot be refunded, and the creator does not have to worry about the work of the work but nothing ...
    what does blockchain mean? From an academic perspective, the blockchain is distributed data storage , Point -to -point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technology new application models. Blockchain is essentially a decentralized database.
    The explanation, many people still can't understand, so I make a simple metaphor.
    I assumed environment: If you have a ledger in your family, let you take the account. In the past, Mom and Dad gave you salary and let you remember it. In the middle, if you are greedy, you want to buy some delicious foods, you may have a few less records on the ledger.
    is just an example. I believe that everyone may want to take some money from the pockets of my parents when I was a kid.
    The method of solving the problem with the blockchain:
    If to account for the whole family mobilization, the above -mentioned problems will not be available, because you are booking the book, your dad is also booking the book, you are also accounting, you are you, you Moms are also taking accounts. They can all see the general account. You ca n’t change it, and your mom and dad can not change. So you want to buy smoke and smoke and you want to be greedy.

    The "blockchain"
    This can not only record each transaction, but also records almost all things valuable to humans: birth and death certificate, marriage certificate The ownership, degree certificate, financial account, history of medical treatment, insurance bills, votes, food sources, and any other `things that can be represented by code.
    each block is like a hard disk. Save all the above information, and then encrypt through cryptographic technology. These preserved information cannot be tampered with.
    The blockchain system every 10 minutes of testing (such as transaction records and records edited or created by the block of the block, etc.), and store these data on a new block,, and this data This block will be connected to the previous block to form a chain. Each block must contain the relevant information of the previous block to take effect.
    The characteristics of blockchain
    1. Different security:
    Different from the centralized database owned by the company or government agencies, the blockchain is not controlled by anyone or entity. Copy (distribution) completely on the computer.
    Different from the centralized database, the attacker does not have a single entry point, and the security of the data is more secure.
    2. Do not tampered with:
    Once you enter the blockchain, any information cannot be changed, and even the administrator cannot modify this information.
    Once a thing appears, it will never be changed. This attribute is of great significance for human beings to change and changing online world.
    3. Access:
    The nodes in the network can easily access information.
    4. No third party:
    Because of the decentralization of the blockchain, it can help point -to -point transactions. Therefore, no matter whether you are trading or exchange funds, there is no need for third -party approval.
    Blockchain itself is a platform.
    Blockchain technology refers to a way for the whole people to participate in accounting. There is a database behind all systems. You can think of the database as a big ledger. It is currently remembering their respective accounts.
    The due to the existence of no centralized intermediary agencies, let everything run automatically through pre -set programs, which can not only greatly reduce costs, but also improve efficiency. And because everyone has the same ledger, it can ensure that the book record process is open and transparent.
    Blockchain technology is the underlying technology of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been operating very stable for many years without any centralized institution operation and management. No problem has occurred, so some people have noticed its underlying technology. The abstraction of Bitcoin technology is called as a blockchain technology, or a distributed ledger technology.
    In a report released by the largest bank of Spain, Santander, showing that if blockchain technology uses blockchain technology within 2020, it can save about $ 20 billion in costs each year. Such data is enough to illustrate the huge changes and breakthroughs brought by the "blockchain" to the traditional financial field.
    Cloud computing is usually defined to provide dynamic easy expansion and virtualization resources through the Internet, but it is often a centralized institution that provides cloud computing platforms. The network composed of blockchain generally does not have specific institutions, so the blockchain is closer to the definition of a distributed computing system, which is a distributed computing.
    The future development and application scenario of the blockchain
    1. Digital identity
    Min people will encounter the dilemma of "prove that my mother is my mother" when many people issue The chain, don't worry about it anymore.
    The original certificate, real estate certificate, marriage certificate, etc., need a central node to admit it. Once transnational, contracts and certificates may fail because lack of global central nodes.
    The characteristics that the blockchain technology cannot be tampered with fundamentally has fundamentally changed this situation. Our birth certificate, real estate certificate, and marriage certificate can be notarized on the blockchain and become things that are trusted by the world. Of course You can easily prove "my mother is my mother."
    2. Sanitary care
    It is simply using the blockchain to establish a universal record repository with time stamps, thereby achieving the purpose of extracting data information at different databases.
    . For example, if you go to see a doctor, you need to repeatedly check without changing a hospital, or repeatedly tossing for reimbursement of medical insurance, which can save time and expenses.
    3. Travel consumption
    . For example, we often use Ctrip, Meituan and other apps to find and place orders to stay in hotels and other services, and various platforms get commission from it.
    The application of the blockchain is except for the middlemen, and the way to create a safe and decentralized method for service providers and customers to achieve the purpose of directly connecting and transaction.
    4. More convenient transactions
    Blockchain can make payment and transactions more efficient and more convenient. The blockchain platform allows users to create smart contracts that become activity when they meet certain conditions, which means that when the two parties agree to meet their conditions, automatic payment can be released.
    5. Strictly control the product quality
    If you bought an apple, under the blockchain technology, you can know the entire process from the production of fruit farmers to circulation. Among them, there are government supervision information, professional testing data, quality inspection data of enterprises, and so on. The smart supply chain will make the food we eat every day and the products we use more secure, making us more assured.
    6. Property protection art
    The creator put his work on the blockchain. Someone used his work and he could know immediately. The corresponding version of the tax will also automatically pay to the creator.
    Blockchain technology not only protects the copyright, but also helps creators to sell their own works to consumers better and directly, and no longer need to distribute the assistance of the company.
    What does blockchain mean? The advantages of the 3 blockchain
    decentralized, it does not require third -party intervention to achieve point -to -point transactions, coordination and collaboration. Because the data is distributed at various nodes through the algorithm, and there is a unique verification mechanism, no institution or individual can control the control of global data. Since it is distributed at each node, the stop work of any node will not affect the overall system as a whole Operation, this decentralized network will greatly improve data security. The data in the system is maintained by the nodes with maintenance functions.

    is open. In addition to the private information of all parties, the system of the blockchain is disclosed to everyone. Anyone can query the blockchain data and develop related applications through open interfaces. Therefore, the entire system information is highly transparent.
    The land of blockchain
    Blockchain is an open, transparent, decentralized and secure technology. This technology revolution is used in the Internet. For data -sensitive areas such as medical care, public opinion supervision, and ecological testing, it can prevent data from being tampered with and ensure the authenticity of the data.
    In short, the blockchain is not just a way of virtual currency. Its advantages will play an important role in many industries

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