What is the relationship between Lincoln being assassinated with the North and South War and its issued green coins?

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  1. The largest -scale war that occurred in the United States is the North and South War. Today, most of the disputes about the origin of the Northern and Southern War are mostly the moral issues of war, that is, the legitimacy of the abolition of slavery, as Hitney said: If there is no slavery, there will be no war.

    In fact, in the United States in the middle of the 19th century, the debate about slavery was economic interests first, and moral issues were second. At that time, the southern economic pillar was the cotton planting industry and slavery. If slavery was abolished, the farmers had to pay the original slave according to the market price of white labor, then the entire industry would fall into losses and the socio -economic structure will inevitably collapse.

    The Bismarck, which has a deep relationship with the Rothschild family: There is no doubt that the United States is divided into two federal federals with weak strength. Power of power is set.

    In fact, bankers in London, Paris, and Frankfurt axis are behind the scenes of the American Civil War.

    In order to stir up the US civil war, international bankers have carried out long -term and detailed planning. After the American Independence War, the British textile industry and the slave owners of the southern United States gradually established close business connections. European financialists have seen this opportunity and developed a secret connection in the future. network. At that time, the south of the United Kingdom was everywhere, and they were planning to plan and make various news and public opinion with local political forces that separate from the federal conspiracy. They cleverly used the economic interests of the north and the south on the economic interests of slavery, continuously strengthened, highlighted, and detonated. This was not a hot topic, and eventually successfully catalyzed the slavery problem into the sharp contradiction between the two sides of the north and the south.

    In international bankers are fully prepared. In the process of motivating the war, they used to bet on both sides. They are the richest beauty meals of bankers.

    The autumn of 1859, the famous French banker Solomon Rothschild (son of James Rothschild) came from Paris to the United States as a tourist, and he was the general coordinator of all plans. He ran north and south in the United States, and he exposed to the local political and financial circles. He kept feedback the collected intelligence to the cousin of London, Britain, Nasanier Rothschild. In the talks with local people, Solomon publicly stated that he would strongly support the South in terms of finance and stated that he would do his best to help the independent southern China recognize the European country.

    The agent of international bankers in the north is the Jewish banker August Belmont, known as the fifth king of New York. He is the agent of the Frankfurto Rothschild family bank and the in -laws of the family. He was sent to New York in 1837. Because he entered government bonds with a big hand, he soon became a leading figure in the New York's financial industry and was appointed as a financial adviser by the president. Auguston's Bank of Rothschild Bank of the United Kingdom and Frankfurt made a statement that he was willing to support Lincoln in the north.

    In the early days of the outbreak of the war, the military offensive in the south victory, Britain and France, and other European powers, and strong enemies, Lincoln fell into a great dilemma. Baseders calculated that the Lincoln government's state treasury was empty at this time, and it would be unsustainable without a huge financing war. Since the war with Britain 1812, the US treasury income has revenue for the year after years. Before Lincoln's administration, the deficit of the US government budget was sold to the bank in the form of bonds, and then the bank was resold to the Roschild Bank and Barin in the UK. Banks, the U.S. government needs to pay high interest, and the debt accumulated for many years has made the government difficult.

    The bankers proposed a package of financing plans to President Lincoln and issued conditions. When the interest requirements of the bankers were as high as 24%to 36%, the stunned Lincoln was stunned. The president immediately pointed at the door and let the bankers leave. This is a fierce recruitment that is completely trapped in the state of bankruptcy. Lincoln knows that the American people will never be able to repay this astronomical debt.

    This cannot be war without money, and borrowing money from international bankers will undoubtedly put the twisted cricket on his neck. Lincoln thought hard to solve the solution. At this time, his old friend Dick Taylor in Chicago gave Link a idea -the government issued currency itself!

    . After hearing this news, the London Times, representing British bankers, immediately issued a statement: if this disgusting new fiscal policy (Lincoln Green Coin) that originated from the United States was available For permanentization, the government can issue its own currency without cost. It will be able to repay all debts and no longer debt. It will obtain all necessary currencies to develop business. It will become unprecedented prosperous countries in the world. Excellent talents in the world and all wealth will flood in North America. This country must be destroyed, otherwise it will destroy every monarch country in the world.

    Teon -blooded Prime Minister Bismarck in Germany once pointed out: He (Lincoln) was authorized from Congress to borrow from the people's sale of government bonds, so that the government and the state jumped from a trap from foreign financialists. It came out. When they (International Financialrs) understood that the United States would escape from them, Lincoln's death was not far away.

    . After liberating black slaves and unifying the south, Lincoln immediately announced that the debt that the south had negative in the war was sold. International bankers who have always provided huge financial support for the South have lost heavy losses. In order to retaliate against Lincoln and to subvert Lincoln's new currency policy, they gathered various forces that President Lincoln were dissatisfied and strictly planned the assassination operation.

    In Lincoln's assassination, under the manipulation of international financial forces, Congress announced the abolition of Lincoln's new coin policy and frozen Lincoln's new coin's issue limit was not more than 400 million US dollars.

    Thenone in the United States in the United States, fundamentally, is a dispute between international financial forces and the US government fiercely competing for the national monetary issuance rights and monetary policy. In the more than 100 years before and after the Civil War, the two sides repeatedly fought on the establishment of this financial high in the US Central Banking System. A total of 7 US presidents were assassinated before and after, and many members of Congress were killed.

    In 1913, the establishment of the US Federal Reserve Bank system marked that international bankers have achieved a decisive victory. Who controls the currency issuance of the Fed and the United States?

  2. Lincoln moved the cake of the banker, and he must be killed. More or less presidents who were stabbed in American history violated the interests of bankers and large consortia.

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