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  1. Assassination
    Due to Abraham Lincoln's outstanding achievements, he was elected as the President of the United States on November 8, 1864. However, before Lincoln put into implementation of his post -war policy, tragedy occurred. At 10:15 pm on April 14, 1865, on the 5th day after the Southern Army surrendered, Lincoln met at the Ford Theater in Washington. Jogh Wilkes Booth is already grinding Hoho. After Bes came from the famous American drama industry, his superb acting skills have always been the object of female drama fans. But the Boers are in the drama and worry about the country. He is unambiguous in politics, and a strong supporter of the southern federal. During the civil war, Booth co -organized a group of people secretly activities. These people include his childhood friend Michel Olavlin and Sam Arnold; a George Antharod, a carriage in Maryland; 23 years old; David Heeld, a pharmacy employee; Louis Powell, former southern federal warrior, and John Sarat, who had provided intelligence for the rebels. This organization once conspired to abduct Lincoln in a apartment in Washington to exchange the southern captive soldiers, but these plans are like many other conspiracy and have no results.
    The first two or three days before Lincoln was stabbed, Booth was almost drunk every day. His previous conspiracy organization was fragmented, leaving only Pein, Herold, and Azroard. At noon on April 14th, he went to the Ford Theater to get an email, and inadvertently saw the poster that Lincoln and Grant will attend the evening show. Bous was ecstatic and immediately called the dead party to implement their final plan: Azroard went to go to Johnson, the assassination of Vice President Johnson, and Herodes to assassinate the increasingly recovered Secretary of State Siward, and Booth to assassinate the president himself.
    The progress did not go smoothly: Asutro was drunk and retreated, and he did not assassinate Johnson at all. Pein and Herodes went well. They touched the outside of Xiwarde's house. Herride guarded on the carriage. Pein directly entered the Xiwarde's house. He took a pack of medicine. It has also been planned for a long time. Xiwarde's son told Pein that his father was sleeping and could not take medicine now. But Peiyin insisted on sending medicines, and Xiao Xiwar felt that the person was unreasonable and ordered him to get out immediately. Because he was afraid of being seen through conspiracy, Peiyin immediately pulled out his pistol, and he was aimed at Xiao Xiride's head. Unfortunately, the bullet was ignorant and turned blind. Pei Yin quickly held the gun and smashed Xiao Xirde's head with a gun, and the poor little West Wald's skull was cracked. After sweeping the obstacles outside the door, Peiyin pulled a big knife from the package and rushed into the dark bedroom of Xiwarde. At this time, he discovered that in the bedroom, there was a daughter and a male nurse in the bedroom. When the male nurse was not good, he immediately jumped up and rushed to Pein. Pei Yin broke his forehead and cut his forehead, and Xiwarde's daughter was stunned by Peiyin.
    Pain rushed to the bed of Xiwarde, stabbing State Secretary of State. At this time, another son of Xiwarde rushed in when he heard the sound. Unexpectedly, he was scratched by the hand -held weapon, and he cut his hands because of the front forehead. Because he felt that he should not stay here for a long time, he quickly left the bedroom and jumped out of the stairs. On the stairs, he hit a unlucky State Council messenger. Pei did not do it, and he cut the messenger again. Until I fled to the door, Pei Yin screamed constantly: "I'm crazy! I'm crazy!"
    It is incredible that everyone who was attacked by Pei Yin finally recovered, and he finally recovered. Moreover, Western's President Johnson continued to be his Secretary of State during his tenure after Lincoln's death.
    The topic turned to Booth, and Booth entered the president's box at 10 pm. There was a lock in the box, but it was broken a few days ago, and no one reported it. Because BoS was originally an actor, the President of the Guard did not embarrass him. Police John Parker should have been on the road where the lobby leads to the box, but he has no interest in watching the show, so he hid in another room to drink.
    When Bes entered the box, he calmly aimed at Lincoln's left ear and the back of the back ... 8 times, Lincoln was hit 6 times, 5 of which hit the key. However, of the 1675 audiences, only few people heard the sound of gunfire, and even Mrs. Lincoln and several people who were sitting next to them were not shocked by the gunfire. Because Booth chose to shoot at the climax of the drama, it was difficult to hear the laughter and the sound of gunfire.
    In the chaos in the box, Booth jumped from the box to the stage, turned around and shouted to the audience: "All the tyrants are the end." This is the famous saying in Virginia.
    Maming about chasing the fierce scene
    The audience was stunned, and no one caught up. A few minutes later, Bes fled. After Booth and his associate Herodes crossed the bridge on the Ancostia River and entered Maryland, the two of them rushed to the south. In order to treat Booth's feet (he sprained his feet when he jumped off the box), they hid all night in a family, and the family also put the brushes on the splint. On the fifth day, they began to wait for the opportunity to cross the Podmak River to Virginia. On April 20, Booth didn't know where to get a boat from. In the next two days, due to the surge in the river, they had to hidden for two days at the border of Maryland. On April 22, they finally successfully crossed the river to Virginia and continued to sneak into the mainland. Later, they arrived at Richard Latt Farm. At the same time, the federal detectives of the murderer and the 16th cavalry in New York began to touch the Latt farm along the clues. Here are the memories of the commander of the cavalry.
    I got off the horse and knocked on the front door hard. Old Grart came out. I caught him and asked where the two fugitives tracked by the cavalry a few days ago. Just as I asked, suddenly, a soldier shouted, "Oh, lieutenant, a person here is hiding in the corn warehouse." But we found that it was the son of Laalt, not a Bes and his party. We interrogated this guy, and he quickly told me, "Someone in the barn." After leaving some people to see the house, we surrounded the barn. I kicked the door of the barn, but there was no reaction. I got the barn key and opened the door from another son of Latt, and I asked the people inside to surrender.
    After delaying, Booth said back: "Are you making mistakes?"
    I replied, "That's not important, you can come out."
    said that he said : "My legs are stunned, and it's just a person."
    I said, "I know who is with you, you better surrender."
    Instead of my enemy. "
    I said," If you don't come out, I will set fire. "A scholar immediately piled up some dried grass and leaned against the wall and ignited the fire.
    During the ignition of the scholarship, Booth said, "If you dare to come in, I will penetrate your body with bullets."
    Warehouse system.
    has passed after a while, and Booth said weakly: "Oh, Mr. Lieutenant, there is someone who wants to surrender to the evil forces."
    I replied, "You'd better come out."
    The answer: "No, I haven't made a decision yet; but please take back 50 steps back and give me a way to give me a way."
    I told him that I had 50 brothers waiting outside and must catch him.
    He said, "Well, my brave brother, prepare a stretcher."
    At this time, Herold walked to the door, and I asked him to hand over the firearm. The gun is all here, and it is used to deal with you, sir. "I told Herodes," Let's see your hand. "He opened the door halfway, and we immediately grabbed his wrist. At this moment, I heard a gunshot inside. I thought that if Bes committed suicide and pushed the door, I found that the dried grass and wheat straw behind Bes had been on fire.
    has a crutch and a carbine on his hand. I rushed into the barn of the fire, and others followed them. We clamped the Bes under the armpit and quickly got out of the barn. The fire was getting bigger and bigger, and I sent Booth to Latt's house.
    Bass's backbone is a fatal shot. It turned out that when Herold was ready, a detective walked behind the barn to lit the straw. He saw me with Fire Guangbus, so he aimed at me with a gun. At a critical moment, a soldier quickly fired at Booth. Originally, the soldier wanted to hit Booth's arm, but because Bes turned around, the bullet was biased, and he hit the Bass's back.
    Bes motioned me to raise his hand. After I raised it, he gasped and said, "It's useless, it's useless!" I gave him a little Bailan land and water, but he could no longer swallow I immediately sent someone to ask the surgeon, and when the doctor arrived, it was already a lack of skills. At 7 o'clock, Booth swallowed the last breath. There is a diary, a hunting knife, two pistols, a compass, and a sketch of Canada.
    On April 15, 1865, Abraham Lincoln died at the age of 56. After Lincoln's death, his body was hung in 14 cities for more than two weeks, and was buried in Princefield ().
    Prase was stabbed, and Whitman wrote a poem such as "Ah, Captain! My Captain", "Today's Military Camp", which the American people were stabbed and sorrowful to express the American people. The American people's sorrow to President Lincoln.

  2. Who is the real murderer of Lincoln? German Iron Blood Prime Minister Bismarck once pointed out:

    "He (Lincoln) was authorized from Congress to borrow from the people's sale of national debt, so that the government and the state jumped from the trap of foreign financialists from foreign financialists. It came out. When they (international financers) understood that the United States would escape from their mastery, Lincoln's death was not far away. "

    Is when Lincoln liberated black slaves and unified the south, it immediately announced that all the war debts that the southern war in the war in the war were sold. International bankers who have always provided huge financial support for the south during the war have suffered heavy losses. In order to retaliate against Lincoln and to subvert Lincoln's new currency policy, they gathered various forces that President Lincoln were dissatisfied with, and strictly planned the assassination operation. In the end, it is not difficult to find that the fanaticism of the assassination of several thorns is not a difficult thing.

    . After Lincoln was stabbed, under the manipulation of international financial forces, Congress announced the abolition of Lincoln's new coin policy and frozen Lincoln's new coin's issue limit was not more than 400 million US dollars.

    In 1972, some people asked how much interest on the US Treasury's Ministry of Finance, Lincoln's $ 450 million in US $ 450 million. After careful calculation, the Ministry of Finance's answer after a few weeks was because Lincoln issued the US government's own currency to save $ 4 billion in interest for the US government. [Note: 2.14]

    Thenone in the United States in the United States, fundamentally, is a dispute between international financial forces and its agents and the US government fiercely competing for the national monetary issuance rights and monetary policy. In more than a hundred years before and after the Civil War, the two sides have repeatedly fought on the establishment of this financial high in the US Central Banking System. A total of 7 US presidents were assassinated before and after, and many members of parliament were killed. Until 1913, the establishment of the US Federal Reserve Banking system eventually marked the decisive victory of international bankers.

    "Lincoln's death is a major loss of the Christian world. No one in the United States may be able to move along his great footprint, and bankers will re -control those rich people. I am worried about foreign countries. Blockers will eventually get the richness of the United States with their superb and cruel wrist, and then use it to systematically corrode modern civilization. "

    -German Prime Minister Bismarck

    fatal Commentation: In 1863, the National Banking Law

    "The role I played in the national banking law is the worst financial error in my life. ) The monopoly will affect every aspect of the country. It should be abolished, but before that, the country will split into both sides, and the people are on one side, and the banker is on the other side. This situation is still from the history of this country. Haven't appeared. "

    Solomon Cheis US Finance Minister (1861-1864)

    After the outbreak of the Northern and South War, Lincoln rejected Roscard and its American agent Instead of 24%to 36%of the financial twisting, the Ministry of Finance issued its own "US government vouchers" (), also known as Greenback. The fiat currency bill passed in February 1862 authorized the Ministry of Finance to issue 150 million green coins, and then was once again authorized to issue 150 million green coins in July and March 1863. 450 million.

    The issuance of Lincoln green coins is like a horse honeycomb that has stabbed the international banking industry. Bloods hate it. On the contrary, ordinary people and other industrial departments are very welcome to green coins. Lincoln Green coins have been circulating in the US currency system to 1994.

    In 1863, when the war reached the most important juncture, Lincoln needed more green coins to win the war. In order to obtain the authorization of the third green coin issuance, he had to get the banker for the Congress He bowed his head and made an important compromise, signed the "National Banking Law" in 1863. The bill authorizes that the government to approve the national bank () to issue unified standard bank vouchers (except for the different names of the bank), which will actually issue US national currencies. The point is that these banks use US government bonds () as a reserve (Reserve). In fact, the US currency issuance and government debt are locked together, and the government will never be able to pay off debt.

    The famous American economist John Kennis Gabarez () once pointed out: "In many years after the end of the civil war, the federal government's finances get a lot of surplus every year. , It cannot pay off its debt and clear the issued government bonds, because it means that there is no bond to do the mortgage of national currency. Clear debt is equivalent to destroying currency circulation. "

    The conspiracy of international bankers who copied the Bank of England to the United States finally succeeded. From then on, the US government's permanent and increasing debt interest is like a stranded on the neck of the American people. By 2006, the US federal government owed a total of 86 billion US dollars of astronomical debt. On average, each four -mouth home, to spread $ 112,000 in Treasury bonds, and the total amount of government bonds was 20,000 per second. The speed of the dollar increases! The US federal government's expenditure for the interest of government bonds is second only to health medicine and defense, and it will reach $ 400 billion in 2006.

    Since 1864, bankers can enjoy the interest of the interest of government bonds for generations. Just because the government's direct issuance of currency or the government issued bonds and banks issued currency seemed to be inconspicuous, which caused the biggest unfairness in human history. The people were forced to pay taxes indirectly to the bankers, for the wealth and currency created by their hard -earned labor!

    Stherbone, China is the only country in the world that is not directly issued by the government to issue currencies. The huge interest expenses saved by the government and the people for this is an indispensable factor in China that can develop high -speed long -term development. If someone proposes to learn the "advanced experience" of foreign countries, the People's Bank of China must use government government bonds as mortgage to issue RMB, and the Chinese people need to be careful.

    . Lincoln did not know this permanent threat, but was forced by the right measures that had to be made in the crisis.

    . Lincoln originally planned to abolish the bill after being re -elected in 1865. As a result, he was assassinated in 41 days after his election won. The bankers' pursuit of the forces in Congress must remove Lincoln's green coins and then quickly. On April 12, 1866, Congress passed the "Tightening Act" () to try to recall all the green coins in circulation and exchange to gold coins. Then kick green coins out of the field of currency circulation and restore the golden standard system of international bankers to occupy an absolute advantage.

    The country that has just been abolished by unprecedented war, there is no more ridiculous policy than the implementation of tightening currency. The currency circulation has fallen from 1866 US $ 1.8 billion ($ 50.46 per person) to $ 1.3 billion in 1867 ($ 44.00 per person), $ 600 million ($ 14.6 per person), and finally dropped to 1886 400 million US dollars ($ 6.67 per person), the trauma of war in the United States needs to be treated urgently, the economy urgently needs to recover and develop. At the same time, the population of a large population increases, but it is a serious shortage of money supply to the money supply. Most people always feel that prosperity and recession are the laws of economic development, but in fact, it is the root cause of the problem when the currency supply in the hands of international bankers is tight.

    In the winter of 1872, international bankers sent Onest. Ceed () came to the United States with a lot of money from Britain, which promoted the "1873 Coin Act" by bribery (). The bill kicked the silver coins from the currency circulation, and the gold coin became the only master of the currency. This bill undoubtedly caused a worse effect on the circulation of currency that has already been severely short. Afterwards, Onett himself said, "I went to the United States in the winter in 1872, and I ensured the passing of the coin bill that abolished the silver coin. Gold coins have become the only metal currency. "

    In fact, the role of abolition of silver coins in the field of international currency circulation is to ensure the absolute control of international banks' currency supply. Come and more silver mine excavations, the exploration and output of gold mines are much more rare. After the world's gold mines are fully grasped, of course, international bankers do not want to control the amount of silver coins that are difficult to control to interfere with their dominance of world finance. Essence Therefore, since 1871, Silver's Naavian countries in Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, and Scandinavia have been abolished, leading to a sharp tightening of currency circulation in various countries, which has caused a serious economic recession for 20 years in Europe. (-1896).

    In the United States, the "Tightening Act" and "Coin Act" directly triggered the economic recession from 1873 to 1879. In three years, the unemployment rate in the United States was as high as 30%, and the American people strongly demanded that they returned to Lincoln green coins and silver coins to form a currency. The American people spontaneously established the Silver Commission (), Green Coin Party () and other organizations to promote the resumption of silver coins and gold coins throughout the country, and re -issued the popular Lincoln green coins. The report of the US Bank of China pointed out: "The Dark Middle Ages was caused by the shortage of currency and the decline in price. Without currency, civilization could not occur, the supply of currency supply decreased, and civilization would die. Equal metal currency circulation equivalent to $ 1.8 billion, at the end of the 15th century, the amount of metal currency circulation of (Europe) was only $ 200 million. History showed that no catastrophic changes could be compared with the Middle Ages from the Roman Empire to Darkness. . "

    The attitude of the American Bankers is in stark contrast to it. In a letter to all members, the association pointed out that

    "We suggest that you do your best to support the famous daily newspapers and weekly, especially the media in agriculture and religion, and resolutely oppose the government's issuance of green coins, You have to stop funding candidates who are unwilling to represent the issuance of government green coins. The abolition of bank issuance of national currency or restoring government issuance of green coins will enable the people to provide money to the people. This will seriously hurt us as bankers and lending loans. The profit of the person. Immediately go to the parliament members of your region and ask them to protect our interests so that we can control the legislation. "

    in 1881, the second United States in the United States in the secondary economic depression, The tenth president James Cofeld has clearly grasped the key to the problem. He said:

    "In any country, whoever controls the money supply is all industrial and commercial. Absolutely master. When you understand that the entire (currency) system is easily controlled by a very small number of people using this or that way, you don't need to tell you the root of inflation and tightening. "
    r After a few weeks of the remarks, President Garfield was stabbed by another "mental patient" Charles Gito on July 2, 1881. The president was hit two shots and finally died on September 19.

    In international bankers have successfully replaced the sacred king's right in Europe throughout the 19th century. "". When the international banker and the US -elected government have experienced a hundred years of fierce competition, it has completely occupied the upper hand. American historians pointed out that US President's casualty rate is higher than the average casualties of the first -line troops landed in the US Army.

    Is when bankers holding the 1863 State Banking Law in 1863, their final goals were fully replicated in the United States. A private central bank that fully controls US currency issuance, a bank's bank has appeared on the horizon of the United States.

  3. In 1860, Lincoln was elected as the President of the United States.

    The election of Lincoln poses a serious threat to the interests of the owner of the southern plantation. Of course, they are unwilling to be a president who advocates the abolition of slavery. In order to regain their long -term control of national leadership, they launched a rebellion before Lincoln took office. In December 1860, South Carolina in the south first announced that it was independent from the Federation, and then the slave state and other slaves such as Mississippi and Florida also separated from the Federation. In February 1861, they announced the establishment of a "American Federation" to recommend the owner of the plantation garden Jefferson Davis as the president and also formulated the "Constitution" to declare that the black slavery was the foundation of the Southern Alliance: "Blacks cannot be with white people and white people Equality, black slave labor is natural and normal. "

    On April 12, 1861, the Southern Alliance did not declare and quickly captured the Samt Fortress of the federal government forces. Lincoln had to declare fighting southern operations. Lincoln himself did not advocate that he had abolished slavery in a stimulating way. He believed that he could restrict slavery in a peaceful way, and then gradually abolished. The key was to maintain the unity of the federal. Under the dominance of this kind of thought, the Northern Government has not prepared for war at all, but it is rushing to fight, while the south has a long conspiracy, with excellent equipment and training well. It was still defeated by the south, and even the capital Washington was almost broken by the rebels.

    The defeat on the battlefield in the north has aroused strong dissatisfaction among the people. Many cities have erupted demonstrations, asking the government to take measures to reverse the war. At this time, Lincoln realized that in order to win this war, we must mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to abolish slavery and liberate black slaves.

    In May 1862, Lincoln signed the "House Land Law", stipulating that each US public paid only $ 10 registration fee, and it could get 160 acres of land in the west. The legal owner of the land. This measure fundamentally eliminated the possibility of southern slave owners to seize the western land, and at the same time, it also met the urgent requirements of the majority of farmers, and greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of farmers to participate in the war. In September 1862, Lincoln personally drafted the draft "Declaration of Black Slave" again. On January 1, 1863, the Declaration of Black Slave was officially promulgated, announcing the abolition of slavery in the states of the rebellion, and the liberated black slaves could call to participate in the federal army. It was announced that the black slave was free, fundamentally disintegrated the rebel's combat effectiveness, and also made the Northern Army a strong source of troops. During the civil war, the blacks directly participated in the war reached 186,000. They were very brave in combat. On average, one of the three blacks gave life to the liberation cause. In 1863, the programming slogan of "the people have, the people's governance, and the people enjoy", which made the war a revolutionary struggle for the masses.

    The issuance of these two decree is the turning point of the Civil War, and the situation on the battlefield has become more and more beneficial to the north.

    From July 1st to 3rd, 1863, the two sides launched the largest battle since the Civil War in Gealzburg north of Washington. The two sides fought fiercely for three days and three nights. The Northern Army severely damaged the Southern Army and lost 36,000 the Southern Army. Since then, the Northern Army has entered the counterattack, while the Southern Army has only defended.

    On July 4th of this year, the Northern Army won the victory in Vixor. Victorburg is located on the Mississippi River. It is a cliff above 200 feet higher than the water. According to the rebels that guard the cliff, they can directly threaten ships on the river with gunfire. It is difficult to attack this fortress from below. As early as at the end of 1862, Grant led the army several times with the assistance of the Navy to attack the fortress several times, but did not succeed. In April 1863, Grant implemented a new offensive plan, destroying the bases around the fortress first, and then surrounded the Victorburg. The Navy also came to fight, attacking the same way from land and water, and fiercely shelled the fortress. The deafening artillery sounded for 47 days. On July 4, the rebels who were trapped in the fortress played all the food and were forced to surrender. The Northern Army captured 29,000 rebels this time.

    Then the Northern Army swept the leaves of the leaves with autumn wind and quickly chased the rebels. On April 3, 1863, he captured the rebels. On April 9, Robert Lee, commander of the rebels, led the 28,000 people to surrender to Grant in the small village of Apo Mato. The four -year -old Northern and South War ended with victory north.

    This of the Northern and Southern War is called the second bourgeois revolution in the United States after the Independence War. Lincoln became a symbol of black liberation. But the slave owner hated him. On the evening of April 14, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated by a thug bought by a slave owner in the southern slave during the Ford Theater in Washington. Lincoln's unfortunate death caused a huge shock at home and abroad. The American people deeply mourned him. More than 7 million people stopped on both sides of the road towards the ranks, and 1.5 million people admired Lincoln's legacy. Lincoln is an outstanding politician who has made great contributions to the development of American society and has been respected by the American people. In the minds of Americans, his prestige even surpassed Washington.

  4. Two ways of saying: first, racists assassinate; second, Lincoln wants to recover the capitalist's currency issuance right and be assassinated by them

  5. Because the failure of the South and South War caused the interests of the slave owner to damage the interests of the slave owner

    , the Southern slave master killed him when watching the show in Lincoln to relieve his heart.

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