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Regional prices, configuration cost -effective, pictures, etc., the more detailed the better.

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  1. Toyota employees do not talk about the five major reasons for buying Japanese cars!
    The five reasons for Toyota employees not to buy Japanese cars!
    . Introduction

    It first explanation, I was an employee of Toyota's wholly -owned "Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd.". Working in the "FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. after -sales service department" in FAW and Toyota. If someone skeptles or thinks that I am spreading, it is not necessary. Because the following is just my personal point of view.

    (1): Second, Japanese cars and European cars First of all, we do not talk about national emotions, and objectively analyze Japanese cars. Many people like to compare European cars with Japanese cars, but I think that due to the different regional cultural differences, the policy of vehicle design is also different. It is difficult to say that it is good or bad. For example, the Japanese cars feel that it is not strong, but the steel frame structure part of the front does not necessarily get better and better. When the vehicle is hit, it can quickly deform and absorb the impact energy. As I saw in my work in Japanese companies, Japan's automotive technology is still a bit unique, and the technical content of hybrid power, fuel cells and other technical content is quite high. Japanese manufacturers' after -sales service systems are also quite complete. In Europe and the United States, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan The repairs and customer satisfaction of the car is much higher than that of European cars. In these respects, it is indeed worth learning from our domestic car manufacturers.

    (2): 3. Typhoon Toyota sold to China

    1. What is a domestic Japanese car! However, I want to say that as a Chinese, I want to remind everyone to pay attention to: What is a domestic Japanese car! What is the attitude of the Japanese to the Chinese market! Intersection Intersection Japanese cars are good, but the quality is good in Japanese domestic sales and cars sold to Europe and the United States, rather than cars sold to China! Intersection Intersection When I went to Japan to study, I saw that the quality of the Toyota cars running on the streets of Japan was really good, but it was a two -code thing as the Toyota car produced in our country.

    2. The car that typical Toyota sells to China knows that there is a word called "typical Toyota sold to China" within our company. What's the meaning? I do n’t understand how to do European cars, but the Japanese selling cars to China is N times worse than cars that sell to Europe and the United States! Everyone can compare the European and American version of Toyota and domestic Toyota cars. Even cars selling to the Middle East are better than domestic production. (The last letter of the Toyota vehicle code sold to Europe is W, North America is A, the Middle East is V, and China is C. It is engraved on the nameplate in the engine warehouse.) Anyone who knows the point knows that the imported domineering (Prado ) The cars of Kaimei (Camry) are equipped with VSC (vehicle stable control), TRC (traction control), BA (auxiliary braking) and other systems, but no one can be seen on the domestic Toyota cars!

    . For the domestic Toyota Corolla as Corolla, the global single model sales champion! What a good car, what is it to get into China! Intersection Intersection At the end of January, I got along for two weeks in Beijing and the four corolla samples, and I felt too deep. This corolla is based on the Taiwanese corolla as a blueprint. After changing it, it was sold to China. I went to Taiwan last year and saw the real car of the Taiwanese crown. After watching this car, our colleagues in our technical group only said one sentence: "The typical Toyota sold to China." The part that can be seen is done well, and the quality of the unsight, such as the quality of the chassis is N times more than Taiwan! And there are VSC, TRC, BA, EMPS (electronic auxiliary power steering) in Taiwan! The rough point can also be said that the quality of the domestic processing is not high, but what does the electronic system indicate? Explain the attitude of the Japanese to Chinese consumers! The quality of Taiwan is not as good as Japan. We are not even as good as Taiwan. The Japanese just threw back behind! If it weren't for competition with European and American manufacturers, I am afraid that these would not even do it!

    4. Domestic prestige is to talk about Wei Shi. The former is the so-called "tailor-made for the Chinese market" Toyota T-1. The big joke! Is the Chinese market so bad? Equipped with a 1.5L displacement 5A engine that did not even use VVT-I in Japan N years ago, the chassis and security systems basically have no new technologies. Installing a gorgeous and unreasonable DVD navigation, it sells 190,000. We did not expect such a car to reach such sales, and the Japanese laughed as long as we sneaked. I can even tell everyone that the repairs and claims of Weisan in China are very high, and the quality of Toyota in North America is absolutely the same!

    5. The price problem is still price. Many people say that Japanese cars are cheap? That's abroad! Jiamei 2.4 Four -cylinder top luxury sports version sells 32,000 Australian gardens in Australia, about 192,000 yuan, 3.0 six -cylinder top sports version of 39,000 Australian round, about RMB 234,000. In Taiwan, Jiamei 3.0 six -cylinder DVD navigation luxury version sells about 260,000 yuan. Where is it in China? Even if GAC and Toyota talk about production in Guangzhou, it is impossible to sell such a low price. If it can, the technical content is absolutely low.

    3): Fourth, the high price of the backlog of products sells so much to the Chinese, I have no intention of judging the principle of buying a car for everyone, I don’t want to fight everyone; Everyone knows what the Japanese attitude towards the Chinese market. There is an old saying in China, "People are deceived, Ma Shan is riding", some people do not receive your feelings for him, because he looks down on you in his bones. That's the Japanese. Please do n’t forget, the Japanese once said: first -class products are domestic, second -class products to Europe and the United States, and third -rate products sell in Asia. Intersection Intersection What kind of car is a personal right. I do n’t oppose everyone driving a Japanese car because it is our right, but I hope that every Chinese people remember: love our motherland is also the obligation and responsibility of each of us! Intersection Japanese products are good and do not mean that Japanese people are good; good Japanese people do not mean that they will be good to the Chinese!

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