On 2023, the purple micro star is a girl Zeng Shiqiang. Zeng Shiqiang girls don’t need to read eight characters

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  1. On 2023, the stars are the death and memory of the girl Zeng Shiqiang's interconnection era, and were reshaped by "0" and "1".
    丨 Ouyang
    Edit 丨 Garden Long
    Every morning, you wake up from the bed, check in on health software, use taxi software to call a car, release a circle of friends who complain about traffic jams, talk to friends with friends who talk about it. Last night's hot pot, labeled one with one hand, leaving a ridicule; you leaned on the door to consider Weibo copywriting, adjust the order of the picture, fill your own life and feel into the Xingbo shape, and want him to make him more real and plump.
    Software company Domo once predicts that by 2022, 1.7 MB of data will be generated per person in the world by 2022. China has a population of 1.4 billion, and the number of digital information generated every year accounts for about 13%of the world. In the early peak, more than 1 million people took the subway. When they lowered their heads to slide their mobile phones, thousands of TB -level data were continuously created, spread between terminals and bases, and were transmitted to Guizhou, Gansu, etc. In the data center of the ground.
    "The Bulletin of the National Economic and Development Statistics of 2022" shows that the number of interconnected people in 2022 was 989 million, and the traffic traffic flow of mobile internet users throughout the year was 165.6 billion GB. It can be over 80 million 2TB hard disks, and these palm -sized hard disks can fill up 20 standard swimming pools together.

    The picture source UNSPLASH
    This is your interconnection footprint, memo in iCloud, on the plate, photos on Weibo record your life, people "move towards interconnection", digitalization Personality is formed in the world, and "0" and "1" constitute each of our choices and expressions.
    In the era of interconnection, did digital aborigines achieve eternal life to some extent? If someone leaves first, those numbers will seem to be forever, stand on top, and become wasteland.
    Each deceased is the only monument on the wasteland.
    "The deceased exists in technology"
    The German open source BJOERN HOEHRMANN estimates the cost required to store all human audiovisual experience -about $ 1 trillion per year. If you remove the sleep time, the quality is reduced to the storage quality of the smartphone, and it only takes 32TB of storage capacity for a lifetime. It will only take about $ 100 to purchase a 32TB hard disk in 2023.
    The mechanical hard disk can be written countless times and can be stored for ten years. The solid -state hard disk is usually lost completely due to electronic attenuation after one year. Take a mobile phone with a solid -state hard disk as an example. Even if it is stored in an appropriate environment, the rear battery and hard disk cannot be healthy for a long time. Various conditions will occur after one to two years.

    Mechanical hard disk, the source of the picture source UNSPLASH
    In the sci -fi book "Three Body", after the development of human civilization to a certain stage, it will be found that "retaining civilization is more difficult than creating civilization." In the end, the only means of human beings to save information for 100 million years can only be imitated the ancients and "engraved the characters on the stone."
    The interconnection is not a stone. The "self" engraved by people may be shorter than the shelf life.
    Ilain Caskat wrote in the "Heritage": "We used technical means to catch the deceased, but now, technology is not just a medium that helps us and the deceased. People exist in technology. "
    " The deceased exists in technology ", Li Yan Shen has this experience.
    In 2022, Li Yan died of illness. At this time he was a student. After the funeral, he rushed back to the school with his mobile phone.
    This is not very close to him. For a long time, the two places separate the two places to let his life know very little. Until the illness, they couldn't pass the last month every month.
    . In the mobile phone, Li Yan seemed to find what he had never felt: there is a screenshot of the records in the photo album, there are long -chivalry fantasy in the reader, and half of them are seen, 360 clouds The storage space is a family portrait that has been taken for more than ten years. "These traces make me feel like I also participated in it."

    The picture source UNSPLASH
    "Sometimes in school, I lie on the bed and flip my dad's mobile phone, turn around with tears, Falling down. "Li Yan recalled.
    The traces in the mobile phone are too fresh. Li Yan always feels depressed. He can't stop regretting and sadness. "The whole person in that semester was very low." When he returned home during the holiday, he left his phone at home, hoping to let himself out of depression.
    "I am not the kind of very strong person, I can easily be affected by emotions," Li Yan lamented, "but I did n’t know that it would be broken at the time to shut down the phone, and I did n’t know that the data would be lost." I did not expect to backup the content of the mobile phone. When the second semester returned home, he took the phone out of the cabinet and wanted to open it, but found that he couldn't turn on the machine, and there was no way to charge it. This phone has been in some years, and there is an external storage card slot. Li Yan took out the storage card and ran several places to buy a card reader and open the storage card on the computer.
    "The‘ storage card has been damaged ’. At that time, I said so. I was very sad and felt that I lost my important thing.” Li Yan said.

    SD storage card, the source of the picture source UNSPLASH
    Li Yan ’s classmates also died of illness a few years ago. When my friend mentioned it, opened the circle of friends of the deceased : "His circle of friends can be seen in just half a year. When we just died, we could still see some of his former circle of friends in the circle of friends. Later, after a few months, the circle of friends left nothing." The classmates remembered the place where the deceased, and then left only a thin line and a background wall, and there was no place to let everyone send a saying together.
    "I haven't sent a circle of friends, and I can finish it after a few times, and there are many news sharing links." Li Yan said, "I will often turn around in the past few years. I haven't looked at it for a few years, I have not read it. "This is a few lively memories.

    The content of Li Yan's circle of friends, the source of the picture source
    Minity builds the image and cognition. For the miss, the memories left by digital information to a certain extent remind them not only to leave their deceased, but also set up a monument to explain and think about them.
    When the traces and memories in the digital space disappear due to various reasons, "the deceased exists in the technology" has become a heavy regret in the interconnection era, carrying countless sighs.
    "Refusing to Forgotten" and storage costs
    The interconnected companies are willing to invest in the previous users.
    . For example, after learning the death of account users, Facebook will change the account to "commemorative state". It will not be logged in again, and the information cannot be modified. All posts are "limited to friends access". People You can commemorate the deceased on the wall.

    Facebook commemorative account logo, picture source
    The generations are highly dependent on social media. They leave traces of life in the virtual world, and they will inevitably accompany the increase in digital heritage. These, posts have become the "digital tombstone" of the Cyber ​​era.
    In 2022, Facebook users have more than 3 billion, including 30 million commemorative accounts that have been locked. Oxford University researchers calculated or decreased by the past Facebook users' increase or decrease, and by the end of this century, physiological dead users will far exceed living users, reaching 4.9 billion. Researchers have called for the processing of the data of these deceased carefully and hoping that large companies such as Facebook understand that this is an unavoidable issue.

    The mainstream social media WeChat. As an example, users only have the right to use WeChat, while the ownership is to operate the company Tencent. If you have not logged in for a long time, Tencent also has the right to directly recover.
    has also some domestic social networking, which has come to the front in commemoration.
    In September 2022, "Weibo" released the Announcement of "Protection of the" Protection ". Weibo will" set the protection status of the deceased ". Send content, unable to content, and cannot change the status. "

    At the end of 2022, due to the death of the UP owner "the second half of the tiger" and "Kafka muffin", it caused great discussion. The original intention of commemorative. "At the same time, it is to appeal to the majority of users to be good and respect.
    In denying, for enterprises, storage and protection of all user information content is a great expenditure. As early as 2012, a survey by Simon Titan showed that the annual digital information costs of global companies have reached 1.1 trillion US dollars. And as the population continues to grow, more and more companies' concerns about "insufficient memory" have also appeared.
    In 2022, when responding to a Weibo that questioned the plate, the disk officer microly conducted a "unified popular science", saying that "the disk provided free space memory for the majority of users is a high cost that requires continuous expenditure each year. "".

    This "PaperClip" of science science was discussed specifically for discounting costs.
    In the Yangquan data center as an example. This data center can store about 6.14 million TB data. Assuming that they are stored with 8TBX18 specifications, the cost of hardware will be 1.96 billion, and the average of 319.5 yuan per TB will be 319.5 yuan. For more than hundreds of millions of costs of power supply and purchase bandwidth each year, the price has to rise.
    In high payment of data storage of data, the costs paid by data backup or content storage are difficult to estimate. Manufacturers such as Apple and Xiaomi will also perform step -type charges for different grades of cloud storage space to reduce costs.

    Apple iCloud storage space upgrade price
    "With the emergence of this imminent capacity crisis, the threat of the storage data space is The challenge. "The Heritage Site wrote.
    Chemores will double every 18 months according to Moore's Law. The accelerated operation and transmission sweeping the interconnection, and the 300 million hard disks in tens of thousands of data centers in the world seem to be in front of them.
    TOC, it seems that it is not difficult to understand why some companies choose to recover for a long time.
    The retention of each account and their information requires continuously paying the cost of storage space. It is understandable to give up in time from business logic.
    Pevitors for the living
    Why do people want to have a memorial?
    In the personal space of the B UP master "Mo Tea Office" and commemorate the account logo in the basic information. With footprints. "
    According to reports, on January 10, 2022," Mo Tea "was found to die in the rental house in Yingbin Avenue, Huili County. On January 23, Bilibili issued an announcement on the incident of "UP Main Mocha Official died" stating that it has been obtained and verified with the local area. Under the premise of obtaining the consent of family members "".

    Ip's personal space of the main Mocha Office
    In the "Commemorative" section of "Bilibili Instructions", it explains its characteristics and application methods in detail. Everyone is anyone. It is no longer possible to log in to the commemorative, and the original content will continue to be retained without force majeure.
    This "Mo Tea Official "'s last dynamics, nearly 200,000 comments, more than 500,000 likes. No matter when, the comment area will always have a message left a few minutes ago. The user either shares daily life, or a good night and good night, and some people have a full screen of strawberries. —— "Ink Tea" had actively said that he wanted to eat strawberries. "Unfortunately, strawberries are too expensive."

    The birthday of "Mo Tea Official" on April 1 came to their personal space Expressing blessings and nostalgia
    since July 3, 2011, Sina Weibo blogger "The deceased" is like aphow DEAD "for ten years to record the story of the deceased on the Sina Weibo one day. People tell him The story of relatives or pets leave, at the same time, on each Weibo, candles are on, expressing their memory and blessings. Almost all of his 2,000 people have died.
    "Establish a monument for every ordinary person."
    E every memory of Weibo, "The deceased is like a husband," will leave a sentence: "On the virtual interconnection, leave a real memorial garden for the deceased." And it is recommended to use the "missing starry sky" small Program, "Create a star for him." In the WeChat "Missing Starry Sky" applet, the thoughts of different "commemorative stars" are arranged on the homepage. The user lights up the stars on the "Starry Sky" and comes to the "Milky Way" to leave a message for the deceased.

    "The deceased is like aflv" posted a commemorative Weibo
    Is seeks to the deceased in the digital environment, hoping that the data will become a bond and contact with memories.
    Irin Caskat said in the evaluation of the digital heritage system: "In essence, because the deceased rely on technology to continue to stay, we now prove that the concept of the deceased's concept of the deceased." The change of change is not difficult to detect in today's Chinese interconnection.
    For enterprises, the establishment or community is to link users who are living instead of setting up a large Cyber ​​cemetery for students to miss. However, the commemorative account and "missing the starry sky" give people the exports that are reluctant and remembered. In the interconnection era, private emotions have been enlarged and rejoiced, and they have become a sign of "humanistic care".

    "Missing Starry Sky" mini -program interface
    The national learning Zeng Shiqiang once said in "Hundred Family Subjects" that everything for those who do it is for living people.
    This is a self -care that meets people's multi -faceted and multi -level needs: pursuing, concerned about the dignity and value of people, and cherish human spiritual culture and phenomena.
    "Humanities are only the main content of spiritual civilization and affect the construction of material civilization. It is the core content of a cultural personality that constitutes a regional and regional region; Professor Chen Xuguang wrote in "The Influence of Art".
    In Tencent's "2022 Responsibility Report", Ma Huateng delivered a speech: "We need to use the scientific and technological norms and the humanistic spirit to promote the healthy development of science and technology in the direction of human beings." To make money, it is also a consensus to fulfill its responsibility as a natural responsibility. When a new round of technology sweeps the world, digital technology has profoundly changed the state of human survival. People pay more attention to the spiritual life of the digital world. How to achieve its own value in the interconnection era is a subject that every company should pay attention to.
    In B the announcement of the UP master "Mo Tea Official" to commemorate, the "Bilibili Bail Scoot" member number announcement comment area, users remember the deceased, and also thanked Bilibili's intimateness and intimateness and the intimateness and intimateness of Bilibili. Care, "I feel the warmth of A B again."
    It is still in rapid iteration and development, and related humanistic care and system need time to improve. The research and efforts made by enterprises and the efforts will eventually be able to nurture their own business and development.
    (responding to the request of the interviewee, Li Yan in the article is a pseudonym, Ding Yuhan also contributed to this article)
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    The above is the content related to the 2023 days. After reading Zeng Shiqiang girls, I don't need to read the character, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

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