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  1. Some people say that work is the most important! There is no way for life. What is the job for? Work is for life. Many people now don't live for work, then you are completely upside down.
    Think about those who died early in the early years! Many people who are desperate for life and ideals in their mouths are ugly, just to order money? Is it worth it? "Filial Scripture" said that the body is skin -skinned, and the parents of the body dare not destroy, and the beginning of filial piety. Do you play like this, are you worthy of your parents? I think that none of the parents will agree that their children will lose their precious life for the so -called work!

    I I have seen an old man who made cakes in Malaysia. He made very delicious. He didn't have a shop. He was done at home and sold it. After selling it, I ca n’t eat it late. I asked him, your business is so good, why don't you open a shop? Expand the scale and make a lot of money. What he said really made me admire! He said, I am enough now, what do I want so much money? Hard work for a lifetime, who is hard for and who is busy?

    Is we said that people have to work hard, not desperate. What are the consciences who advocate work all day? Some companies even ask employees to turn on for 24 hours. Do you have to deal with so many urgent things in the middle of the night? People are just making a bit of poor salary, so they do n’t treat people as people! Such a boss was killed sooner or later.

    Is we are opposed to overtime? of course not. I do not oppose anything, there are exceptions in everything. As a last resort, I have to work overtime, and of course work overtime. A person who has never worked overtime has no future. However, a person who often works overtime, you are unlikely to live the life you want.

    Let's emphasize: The most important thing for people is life. Many people now do n’t know this. The most important thing is to make money. This is not to understand life and there is no life at all. This is what we think of it. We are now chaotic at this point, and the tools are wrong. Making money is not the purpose. Making money is a tool, a means, and all the tricks are actually means, not the purpose, and the purpose is to live a normal life. So people live, life is the most important.
    We we have a lot of concepts that are really incorrect, and they are deceiving ourselves and hurting ourselves. Then we start to talk about how to solve this problem now. There are only two of them as key languages, just two, one is called workplace, and the other is called happiness.

    Is ask you what you are happiness. This is something that many people can't break through. If you recognize making money is happiness, then you are very hard in your life; if you think happiness is happiness, then such people are very shallow; if you say that I want to achieve achievement, then such people are very distressed. Anyway, it is difficult for people to understand themselves. It is easy for us to understand others, because it is very difficult to understand themselves, because the authorities are fascinated. Happiness is actually doing yourself! The English is called "Be Yourself", we will talk about it now, but you don't know what is called "Be Yourself".

    The words in Confucianism have been misunderstood for a long time, which is called "cautious". You can see that many people see "cautious", then think of it, when you are alone, you want to be alone. Especially be careful, particularly abide by the rules, and be very cautious. Can you mess around with many people? What we regret is that our ancestors have finished all the answers, but we have misunderstood, solved, distorted, misunderstandings, and there is no way.

    "Be careful" is that you have your unique side. English is called "unique". Everyone is different from others, but now we regret that our education teaches everyone, and everyone slowly recognizes the same, called "fashion", English is called "Fashion" "Everyone said that this is the age of this age, and this is basically wrong. You have to be yourself, because you have your unique side, and your unique side cannot give up because of the influence of the outside world. It is a pity that everyone comes to this world to do different things.

    I to make it clear, no two people in the world are exactly the same and cannot be found. What does this mean, tell you that you have to be different from others. You see me add "a little different", not completely different, completely different, it cannot be done. People have a common nature, called commonality. Everyone has its unique personality. You have to retain your personality, but don't be too much in common, it is difficult to be here. You can accept you, but you still maintain your different style. As long as you are a little different, everyone will see you very weirdly, and that degree is not good.

    So, what is called "happiness", in fact, there is only one answer, that is, to be yourself. But to be yourself, you must involve what "workplace" is.

    If you think this is my job of making a living, this is the capital of my supporting family. This is a place where I realize my wish, then you will never be happy in your life. I have seen everything successfully, and everyone will not be unfamiliar. No matter what I tell me, it is not as good as the wisdom of our ancestors. "Workplace" is a process. "Making money" is a tool, and you can't give you happiness. This is right.

    It said that a person wants to be "happy to work" is a high -profile. I hate this job, but I like to do it for a long time. This is the fact. Now because he wants to make money, he said something that everyone can't touch. You can see if I just know it, it is impossible for fun to work. But everyone said, "It's great to work", that's your business. Your judgment ability is very problematic. We all look forward to that impossible thing, because what is because of the influence of our affected You are not God.

    Hen people who are too self -esteem, they are self -esteem, and people live in the virtual world. Virtual is good, but it is also a tool. It is not the purpose. Essence It is true that people do only one thing in their lives, and everything else is fake. Then I ask you what is true. It is best not to laugh at the people present, because I have said that laughter is not good for you. Others must laugh that it is their business. We can't control it.

    In life to list hundreds of thousands of people, all of which are fake. The Buddhist is called "empty" and only one thing is real. I was born. indivual. That is to use my lifelong to cultivate my morals in my lifetime, so that I have increased in this regard. Does anyone laugh from your heart? You see you can't master anything, you have to make money, you can't master, everyone who teaches you how to make money is deceiving, otherwise, the book is written, and the book is written. Do you do that everyone does it like that, isn't it achieved the purpose? 99 people who read this book were lost. Only one person was because he was lucky to make money instead of writing.

    We are in a very ignorant era, not a clever era, because our education has been teaching knowledge for a long time, and we have never opened wisdom. When the official is fake, because the term of office is about to be stepped down, it is very happy to come to power.

    It you are a writer, you write a hundred books, and after you die, you can't spread it. How big you are founded, can you maintain one hundred years, even if you maintain a hundred years, no one knows it was founded.

    I did not deny these things. I just tell you that these things are empty. It is just a process. It is just a means. It is definitely not a goal!

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