1 thought on “Is SATT coin real?”

  1. not real.
    SATT coins are illegal.
    satt is a smart advertising trading tokens. It is a virtual currency. Virtual currency refers to non -real currency. Well -known virtual currencies such as Baidu's Baidu of Baidu, Q coins from Tencent, QPO, Shanda's dot coupons, micro coins launched by Sina (for micro -game, Sina reading, etc.), chivalry ingot (for chivalry game ), Tattoo Silver (for Bixue Love Game), the digital currency popular in 2013 is: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Unlimited Coins, Quick Coins, Zeza Coins, Barbecue Coins, Scho -Schoing (Foreign Net), Invisible Gold Bar, Finem, Prison, quality coins. There are hundreds of digital currencies issued in the world. The legend of "Bitkin, Litter, Infinite Copper, and Shimo Aluminum" is popular in the circle.

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