4 thoughts on “Can the Construction Bank be convertible to foreign currencies online?”

  1. You can use CCB's mobile banking to exchange foreign currencies. Construction Bank mobile banking can be downloaded in major mobile phone app stores. The specific method of redeeming foreign currency is as follows:
    . Open the mobile phone and find the "China Construction Bank" APP on the phone desktop. , Then click to enter.
    . After entering the "China Construction Bank" APP, find the " " in the red box below and click to enter.
    . After entering, find a "settlement and sales", click to enter.
    . After entering and selling foreign exchange, find the "RMB purchase of foreign exchange". After entering, choose a foreign currency currency and amount to be purchased to complete the online exchange of foreign currency.

  2. No, you need to go to the counter. The procedures are very simple

    The China Merchants Bank online banking supports self -service foreign exchange settlement (foreign currency replacement to RMB) ICBC online banking support from East purchases (RMB buying foreign currency) other banks online banking does not support it. Need to go to the counter

    The value of RMB to buy a foreign currency for one year limit of 50,000 US dollars (cumulative cumulative banks).

  3. Yes, the residents in the individual's domestic residents can operate the exchange by the CCB mobile banking app because of the private shopping exchange business. Exit -out time, just follow the steps. After changing it, you can get cash or transferred to the outlet. After logging in to mobile banks-Investment and Finance-Establishment and Sales-RMB Foreign/Foreign Currency Entry.

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