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  1. Log in to personal online banking through the ICBC portal website, you need to enter the card (account) number/mobile phone number/username and login password of online banking.

    (Answering time: June 10, 2019, if you encounter business changes, please refer to it.)

  2. The method steps are as follows:
    1. Open the official website (/ICBC/)
    2, select "Personal Online Banking" to enter the ICBC online banking login page, enter the account and password, the verification code can log in

  3. 1. Click the browser on the desktop and enter "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China" in the search bar. The relevant questions will pop up below. Select "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Personal Online Banking Login", there will be many pieces of "official website". The one of the word.
    2. After the official web page appears, click "Personal Online Banking", the login page appears, enter its own account number, password, and verification code, and click login.
    3. If there is no upgrade, the first picture will appear. When the number is counted, click "Skip", and you will enter the login homepage.
    4. If you want to query the balance of the account, click "My Account" above, and then click on the balance details on the right, the balance of the account will appear.

    5. If you want to understand the relevant information of bank deposits, you can click on the regular deposit above. Various types of deposits will appear below. The corresponding column of "Instant" can enter the regular deposit page, in the "amount" input to the amount you want to deposit, click "Submit", click "OK" on the appearing page "OK", and the last page of the page. Can.
    This information of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the full name of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), referred to as ICBC, was established on January 1, 1984. The headquarters is in Beijing. At the same time, the professional banks separated from the People's Bank of China, in addition, are one of the seven banks and five guarantees (formerly known as the six elements and three guarantees) of the Chinese financial stocks in Hong Kong. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is one of the four major banks, the largest market value of the world, and one of the world's top 500 companies.
    On February 22, 2016, ICBC officially launched a free transfer remittance policy. On May 16, 2016, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China announced the suspension of personal account comprehensive financial management business. On September 12, 2016, Gu Yan was promoted to the Governor of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. On June 7, 2018, the Forbes Global Global 2000 list was released, ranking No. 1 in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

  4. First open:

    and then click the second button on the left side of "Personal Online Banking Login"

    This prompt installation safety space. If it is not installed, install it. "Installation, if you have installation, log in directly. This step can be prompted by page prompts.

    The last enter the bank card number password login,

    This prompt: Online banking must first register according to the prompts.

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