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  1. Everyone has the right to pursue beauty, and people who love beauty have it. Therefore, in order to meet everyone's needs for beauty, especially girls, they set up a cosmetic shop in Xu. ; Are you welcomed by many girls? So, how to get a name if you open a beauty shop?

    The main points of beauty shops
    1. Raise according to the main color of the beauty salon
    The decoration style of each beauty shop is different. The naming of beauty shops can be named according to the main color of the beauty salon decoration, such as common red represents enthusiastic openness and positive characteristics; purple represents noble and elegant; pink represents romance, softness, and sweetness. feel.
    2. The name of the strength of the shop
    Stock shop is a noble and elegant place. Many people occasionally go to the beauty shop to make makeup, and some beauty shop names make people look at it at a glance. To his grade and operating strength is enough to make consumers trust this store, such as "Prieta" obviously identified a high -end beauty.
    3. The characteristics of the industry
    The word beauty can be understood from two angles. The first choice is the word "Rong", followed by "beauty". Therefore, it is best not to need strange words when naming the beauty shop, which will cause a bad impact, which can reflect the characteristics of the industry, and can grasp the customer's heart at once, which will cause their longing for beauty.
    The name of the beauty shop
    1. Huayangtang
    "Huayang" is derived from the "Fantastic Year", and there is a vibrant feeling. I hope that every customer has 18 years old Beauty, such as water, is smart, this name is in line with the characteristics of modern women, and the word "Tang" highlights the sense of luxury and nobleness.
    2. Gu Lian Liying
    The words "Gu Lian" are full of strong cultural atmosphere. In line with women's delicate emotions, it arouses their desire to go to a beauty club.
    3.S makeup garden
    "s" is not just a simple English word. Here is a unique curve for women. I believe that every girl wants to have this figure, right? The "makeup" font reflects the characteristics of the industry, hoping to bring a beautiful face to customers.

    Net named Daquan
    Xueji Beauty Store
    Jihua Beauty Store
    and Shin Beauty Store

    Iti Fang Beauty Store
    Han Jie Beauty Store
    Imei Beauty Store
    Pueli Zheng Beauty Store

    Gymei beauty shop

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