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  1. To protect the earth, from the beginning of me

    It ancient to the present, the mother of the earth has nurtured countless generations with sweet milk. It turned out that she was decorated by the juniors. However, now that humans have tortured her in order to her own interests. Humans have only one earth; and the earth is facing a severe environmental crisis. "Save the Earth" has become the strongest voice of people around the world.

    The heartache for the deterioration of the surrounding environment. I think: as a young man in the future successor, if you do not understand the composition of the human environment and the seriousness of environmental problems, ignore the laws and regulations on environmental protection, If we do not enhance the awareness of environmental protection and consciously fulfill our obligations to protect the environment, our lives will be destroyed in our own hands, and God will punish us severe punishment. To this end, I am determined to take care of the environment from me, protect our homeland that survive, and be a guards who protect the environment.

    In the past year, I actively participated in the tree planting activity carried out by the school and led our team cadres of the first (6) squadron to create a "green angel" green and green group to encourage players to encourage team members They adopted a small saplings on campus and used the spare time to dress it up, laying the foundation for it to grow into a towering tree. In the signature activity of "full of vitality" organized by the school, I solemnly signed my name on it, wrote my determination and expectations for environmental protection, and longing for a better future. I actively participate in a prize for the school on the World Environment Day, conscientiously inspect and collect all kinds of materials, conduct social surveys, and write articles on environmental governance ideas. Actively, actively participate in the environmental protection knowledge Q

  2. Environmental protection "Integrity of" Enterprise Integrity "is worth looking forward to
    In enterprises' integrity in environmental protection, and will become an important reference factors to obtain financial support, bank loans, government priority procurement, and even listing. The review of the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Environmental Protection Regulations (Revised Draft)" proposed that the environmental protection department conducts annual assessment of the environmental protection behavior of the pollutants and the person in charge based on the evaluation of environmental protection behaviors, establish environmental protection and integrity files for sewagers, and record its environmental integrity. Information. ("Southern Metropolis Daily" May 19)

    Perhaps to many people's eyes, the company's environmental protection integrity and financial support, bank loans, and even the corporate listing hooks. There are some suspicions of "sitting together". After all, environmental protection is the responsibility of the enterprise. However, if the enterprise has problems in environmental protection, it should actually be punished for the chapters of the matter. At first glance, this view is not unparalleled at first glance. Since people have no one, of course, companies will not have a perfect model. In the local eyes, as long as the enterprise can generate profits and taxes, the pollution of the emission point is completely "flawless", which will be used to relax environmental standards for investment promotion, and it is not a small number. Environmental protection is probably not unrelated to flies, but it is precisely the company's responsibility and voluntary department. If the company is only because of environmental investment or the operating cost of environmental protection facilities It should have been eliminated in the market competition. If the company is obviously favorable and even profitable, it will deliberately discharge it in order to obtain more profits or secretly stop environmental equipment. Deficiency. Since this company can fake the people in terms of environmental protection, it is also possible to reduce standards for product quality. In the process of listing, it is inevitable that you will use the trick to achieve the trick of financial fraud in order to achieve the goal. In this way, the environmental protection integrity is linked to financial support, financial support, bank loans, and corporate listing.

    In fact, integrity as a basic quality. When judging a company, it is fully applicable to the leopard method in the tube. , Enterprise Environmental Integrity will affect the "sit -sitting system" of listing, which will not only benefit environmental protection, but also help form a comprehensive and complete corporate integrity concept and supervision mechanism.

  3. The power -saving activities that have been implemented in the country have started. And there are celebrities in the entertainment industry to promote this activity as an image ambassador. Essence Essence Essence A monthly car event advocated in the country is implemented. They are all hot topics of environmental protection and the scope involves the country.

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