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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer according to the "Classification and Classification of the National Economic Industry" formulated by the National Bureau of Statistics, my country ’s daily chemical product manufacturing (C268) in the washing industry in China into the chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry (Code 26) of China The analysis pointed out that its statistics level 4 is C2681. The definition and classification of the washing industry believes that washing is a reversible process, and the dirt that has been removed from the fabric may return to the fabric. It can be appropriately dispersed in the washing fluid, and the substance on the surface of the fabric can be called an anti -re -accumulation agent. The resistance of soap is good, and the anti -reconstruction of the anion surface activated agent such as sodium phenylzide sulfonate is poornmy country attributed the washing supplies industry to chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industriesnAsk questions, thank younIf the answer is helpful to you, please give a 5 -star praise, thank you. BleaknMore 2nBleak

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