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  1. Promotional gifts are a hot concept of attention that people have noticed in recent years. The background it produces is mainly when the price reduction has become a habit. Various businesses have been caught to find ways to win the market except for the "price war". "Promotional means have won the attention of the media and consumer eyes.
    1. When buying a product, you will give the corresponding gifts (you can buy large and small, buy major products to send peripheral gifts, give distinctive novelty small gifts, etc.); 2. After buying the product Value gifts;
    3. When buying products, add a small amount of money to get supporting products related to the purchase of products. The majority of consumers are entering an era of rational consumption. Although some weird promotion methods can attract market attention and consumers' attention for a while, when consumers really choose consumer goods, they may not choose such products. Suitable promotional methods and the quality and service of the product itself are the key to winning the market.
    Gift recommendation:
    1. Being a promotion must first choose a promotional gift. The requirements for choosing a good promotional gift are the target audience like it, novelty products, which meets the sail of the target audience. I won't lose it when I go back.
    2. It can bring convenience to the lives of the target audience or family, and it is helpful to store or consume the company's products, but the price is cheap, and it must satisfy the objects of the object. R n3. Current food companies, beverage companies and other fast consumer goods companies do promotions. You can choose the product of food butler to do promotions. There are 4 reasons:
    a. Novelty products are issued by the National Patent Office. Novelty products, there is no current on the market.
    b. The target audience likes it. Come and buy food and drinks. Seasoning people are stored in the home with a series of foods. If your food is bought back the target audience, you will also store it. The target audience helps him to manage the purchased food and drinks, eat it during the shelf life, so that your food is rest assured, so it is very suitable. You gave it to him, he would never lose it, because he could help him manage the food, and every time he opened and faced, he saw the food butler given to him by your company, so he established the customer loyalty
    c The price is cheap and suitable for promotions. Although the food butler is a patented product, the price is very cheap. As long as one yuan more money, you can order it. Let a patented product give you a promotion, to return to your target audience as a value -added gift, and better increase the value of your company's products.
    D. Nowadays, the promotional gifts or value -added gifts on the market are very common, let alone patented products. Therefore, these promotional gifts can be processed everywhere and can be bought everywhere. Hunting. Therefore, promotional gifts or value -added gifts are becoming more and less valued, and more and more attach importance to price war. The price war has become the target of hard work, making the profit of the corporate increasingly lower and the investment.

  2. With the baptism of the economic crisis, the gift industry has gradually reversed from the narrowing of their own politics, and the state of consistent elbows, followed the professionalization of division of labor cooperation, the road of integration, continuously developing detailed and diverse marketing channels, updating marketing marketing idea. Traditional wholesale and agents need to be further improved and scientific, combine with other industries, integrate marketing, integrate as many production plants and suppliers as possible, and occupy market share through extensive marketing channels. This also gradually makes those gift companies with high service, high service level, strong professionalism, and powerful gift companies.
    The speed of market demand is also getting faster and faster, resulting in rapid changes in gift manufacturers. Therefore, who can quickly launch products, who can occupy the market first and win customers. In traditional enterprises, the entire production cycle and circulation cycle are long dragged, which not only means that it cannot be quickly corresponding to the market, but also means a large number of resources in the entire cycle. The use of information technology can simultaneously solve the two problems: fast meeting market demand and reducing time costs.
    The production of gift suppliers should be determined around the market demand. The products produced (for intermediaries are "service") to get the market to achieve their commercial value. Without the market, there is no reason for the company to exist. Therefore, the market -related information is related to the life and death of the enterprise. The use of information technology with dealers, retailers, and even finally consumers have established close connections to shorten the distance between production and sales to quickly capture the changes in the demand for the market. The use of new types of enterprises and markets established by information technology is a new field for the speedy development of the gift industry.

  3. In recent years, promotional gifts have gradually become a hot concept of attention. Gifts with corporate brand logos or promotional words are an effective way for enterprises to enhance brand awareness. Because promotional gifts are often presented with products, and the distinctive characteristics of products or enterprises need to be produced, it is usually produced in OEM. After the supplier clarifies the needs of buyers, the product is required to make products on demand.
    Maising products usually bring low prices to the public, but many companies are willing to use high -end materials and new technologies to improve product quality to attract customers. The price of raw materials has a fierce impact on the promotional gift industry as a whole. The prices of petroleum, textile materials, metals and plastics are all affecting the cost of promotional gifts. The proportion of wearable promotional gifts in all promotional supplies is the largest, so the price fluctuations of textile materials have attracted more attention from the industry. Since the end of 2008, cotton prices have continued to rise. At the end of 2009, the price of cotton cotton per ton of China reached RMB 14,913 at the end of 2009. In March 2010, it closed at 16,048 yuan. At the end of 2009, the price of adhesive short fiber and polyester short fiber per ton was RMB 18,850 and 9,600, respectively, an increase of 62.5% and 33.33% from the beginning of the year.

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