1 thought on “What unit can the master's degree through talent introduction?”

  1. The first is a occupation related to chemical industry.

    1. Chemical plants, including state -owned enterprises (Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, and CNOOC. Of course, don't think it is tall, because you can only go to work in the undergraduate degree. These three central enterprises are too large. In form, what you can enter is only a certain section of their group (the design sector is generally graduate, the production section is the so -called refining unit to go in and go to work. The engineering company is also the ten companies where the senior is located)

    (In addition, some private companies can be selected for private companies or other private companies. Chemical plants, these chemical plants are generally far away from the urban area, and those who can endure at night without sleep. People who intersection with low quality and low quality can consider it, but they can give more than a dozen of fresh undergraduates such as three barrels of oil and Wanhua Chemistry. In the case, and after the graduate student comes in, you have to go to class first. It's still good to get up)

    2. When a teacher, you can choose a training institution, but the current national policy is not allowed to allow off -campus training institutions to suppress the teaching and training industry, learn and think about it. And the listed companies are also deeply harmed. So I have skepticism about the future of off -campus training.

    Because there are two words in the professional name, you can take a middle school chemistry teacher. Including junior high school and high school, the premise is that you have to have a chemical teacher qualification certificate, but the chemistry majors have greatly reduced the selection of chemistry in the college entrance examination after the education version of the education version, so the demand for chemical teachers is far from the needs of teachers in the three major programs of the British major. Large

    3. Civil servants testing the career editor, but the posts that can be tested by chemical industry are customs officers and drugs. This kind, there are no big oil and water, and the business editor can pay attention to career editing Examination network, which will be updated every day in various places.

    of course you can test three unlimited tests

    4. Due to the background of chemical knowledge,

    This can enter the intellectual property industry. Of course, Pu Ben's entry is generally sold. Afterwards, slowly verify

    5. Go to foreign companies

    7. Go to the bank. Because it is a science and engineering department, you can choose the teller post of a state -owned bank. This position requires four levels.
    8. Go to the testing company, pharmaceutical company, chemical company, and even if you think you can go to biology, food companies. But this type of general salary is low, only graduate students, or toxic synthesis, medicines such as medicines are high , Or choose to go out to sample, it will increase its income through the subsidy.

    9. Free occupation, college student entrepreneurship

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