1 thought on “How to contact Taobao Xiaofri in Wangwang”

  1. 1. Select Taobao official website to enter and log in to your account. Enter Taobao homepage.

    3, select [My Taobao].
    4. Click [Refund rights] on the left, and then click [Complaint Management].

    5. After entering the complaint management page, click [Refund of Rights Protection]. At this time, [Consultation/Reply] will appear at the bottom. Click it.

    6, click [Click to enter]. At this time, the robot customer service is still popped.

    7. I just click a problem in the guessing what you ask, and select [Unfrained] at the end.

    The expansion information:
    Taobao primary two, which is the collective name of Taobao staff inside and Taobao merchants. The business tools include chat tool Ali Wangwang and Taobao forum management. All jobs are basically done in front of the computer.
    and you can also discuss with the store owner to decide your working hours. Compared to office workers, they are more free and easier. With the prevalence of online stores, this industry has now become a major popularity for college graduates and employees.
    As the Taobao series transaction volume rises year by year, the power in the hands of Taobao's two is gradually enlarged. These young people with an average age of only about 27 years old have more than 8 million merchants from opening stores to increasing business volume to increase their business volume. Life and kill.
    Reference materials: Taobao Primary Er -Interactive Encyclopedia

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