4 thoughts on “How about Chongqing Huizhong Puzzle Institute and Animation Academy?”

  1. There are many similar institutions. It is best to compare many institutions, choose the right one, and then understand the teachers, teaching environment, and learning atmosphere.

    This CG painting/game/anime/film and television post -editing is still [Wang's Education] better.

    Wang's education is a well -known digital art education brand with a 20 -year history. So far, it has a direct -operated campus in 13 first -tier and second -tier cities across the country. I want to know how strong the physical training of Wang's education is, and you will know when you go to the campus at the site. If you ca n’t take time for the time being, you can also learn more with the online teacher on the official website:

    Click: [Wang Wang Wang The National Physical Campus Course of Education-Online Listening] /? ZDHHR-2022Y1R-109104991

    The advantages of Wang's education compared to similar training institutions: both founders and management are experts in digital art majors Understand the entire industry, demand, employment, seamless deeper into the market, so that investment -based education institutions cannot be meticulous. The development of Wang's education courses has always been the object of the industry's struggle to imitate. Each major is participated in the research and development and employment of the project director of the first -tier company, and the students seamlessly transport the corresponding enterprise. Students are all over the country's major illustration companies.

    In even if you can't go offline now, you can also search for the free video tutorial on the Apple Store/Application Market [Que Xueba], [学 学] computer -side —— [Click to enter] Full entry to proficient video tutorial list:/web //? Type = 1

  2. The question is that you have to check whether there are game animation companies in Chongqing, and what's the use of it if you don’t learn

  3. Huizhong started doing the work of game talent education in 2004. It has rich experience and has independent research and development textbooks. It is updated once a year to ensure that students learn the latest knowledge and technology, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the State The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recognizes them very much. Their teachers are dug from high salaries from game companies, and they are uniformly trained and assessment by the headquarters. The quality is more reliable. If you are really interested in game development, and hope that you will work in this area in the future, as long as you are willing to learn well, it must be worth choosing. Chongqing Huizhong Puzzle is their direct camps, very good

  4. I told you where I am the person who is a pit residue nND first think about what to learn what to learn on the Internet first, first understand the basic related knowledge, so you will not lose the model. I suggest you go to 798 majors. After all, the price of the local price is that the price is flawed and the congregation is very expensive. It is not speechless ~~~ Whether it is a low model or a high model, it must be professional and the atmosphere is good. There is no need to consider Huizhong. Essence Essence Although this is the most important thing on the one hand, it depends on yourself, but if you can guarantee that the teacher is better at the atmosphere and better graduation, it is recommended that you do not go to Huizhong. The teacher who works really can't see the recommended job ~~ Anyway, ~~~~ I hope you haven't entered school yet ~~~~

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