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  1. It's a scam. Don't be fooled, including all the buds and vegetables in Beijing, and the bud seedling vegetables joining the company in Weifang, Shandong, are cheating the franchise fee. I joined Beijing's tongue tongue sprouts in 2016. Professor Zhang Dechun participated in. He was still the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. I went to CCTV program. I believed it and lost 80,000 and did it for half a year. Essence In Cangzhou, Hebei, in addition to soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts, bud seedlings are mature in the market and can operate. Other sprouts can be played at home, but scammers borrow questions and cheat money. You Remember that those who joined and cultivated on Baidu advertisements are deceived. Stay away from friends. The history of buds and vegetables has been deceiving for 20 years. Too many people have been fooled. In recent years, I have been online. I have encountered a few deceived,

  2. First of all, sprouts are a form of cultivation of soil -free cultivation, which saves land resources, saves time and labor, and the sprouts are short and the output is high. It is a real green non -polluted vegetable.
    Compared with the traditional planting model facing the back of the loess, it is hard to say that more and more young people will not choose traditional agricultural planting, but the people use food as the sky. Vegetables are indispensable on the table of our Chinese people. Foods that are missing, so science and technology are not just industrial and other fields. The method of agricultural planting is also inevitable technology, intelligent, and therefore. Therefore, the planting of sprouts must be huge development prospects.
    did it indeed to join the company, the planting technology is average, and some even cheat entrepreneurs under the banner of recycling. Examine a few more on the spot, make a good comparison before choosing!
    So how do I choose sprouts and vegetables to join the company? First of all, since it is a vegetable planting, the most important thing must be the technology of planting vegetables. Good technology can produce high output and good quality. For example Dishes, technology is not good, it is easy to plant or moldy in the process of planting, and the output is not good. Either the long and thick details are different, which affects the viewing view.
    Secondly, since it is an agricultural, the company intends to do it for a long time, and the good -looking company must have its own planting base, a large -scale planting farm, because the scale is linked to after -sales, small -scale companies, rental, renting Several rows of vegetables in the workshop are generally regardless of after -sales.
    Therefore, choosing a good technology and perfect after -sales, strong company is the wise choice for entrepreneurs.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Bud Seedling Caudie: Many sprouts and vegetables have appeared on the Internet. Under the concept of green and organic propaganda, it has promoted the buds of seedlings everywhere. In fact, it is to cheat money in disguise. French health officials said on June 24, 2011 that plant seeds suspected to cause intestinal hemorrhagic E. coli epidemic in France were provided by British companies. French Secretary Frederick Lepfff, a State Secretary of the French economy, said that the plant seeds sold by the French plantation chain Yaldland are cultivated into diners after buds and seedlings. These seeds from British seeds and plant mail order companies Thompson -Morgan may be the "source" of the epidemic. Recently, 10 people in Bordeaux in southwestern France had diarrhea and blood in the stool. Six of them ate sprouts with E. coli at a party at a party in the orphanage of Berogle Town on the 8th of this month. As of the evening of the 24th, 7 of the 10 patients continued to be treated, of which 5 of them had complications. The preliminary test results showed that the strains infected by the two patients were the same as the strains that triggered German intestinal hemorrhagic E. coli epidemic and to date. Health personnel have sent bacteria sprouts to the laboratory for testing. Lepfver asked the seeds of mustard, gourds, and sesame vegetables immediately in China. However, the health department cannot confirm whether these plant seeds are the source of infection. Bud seedlings are the seeds of various grains, beans, and trees that can be edible "buds", which are living vegetables. In recent years, Japan, the United States, the European Union, Singapore, Thailand, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong in China have been in Taiwan. The nutritional value and medicinal value of sprouts and vegetables have been widely studied. It is generally believed that sprouts have anti -fatigue, anti -aging, anti -cancer, weight loss, beauty and other functions.

  4. Bud seedlings are sprouts from seeds, which are true, but now many joining cheating, be careful not to join. If you want to learn, you can go to Sister Cui, Qingzhou.

  5. The promotion of sprouts and vegetable technology is to borrow bud seedlings technology for Shaozi. Deceive the money of people from all over the country. It belongs to contract fraud, and it is recommended to report to the police or call 12345 complaints.

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