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  1. With the rapid development of social networks and information technology, the most unfamiliar thing about everyone is the discourse. The discourse refers to a specific way of wizarding with the relationship between social power. So what types of words are there? The following is the words of the gratitude industry I compiled (65 sentences). Welcome everyone to learn from and reference, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

    1. It is good to be happy to receive your blessing again. Thank you so much to remember me! May good luck always accompany you around you, good mood every day!

    2. If I have a magic lamp, I will have three opportunities to make a wish, but I only need one! I will make this wish: I want you to be happy and safe forever!

    3. Thanks to all colleagues, thank you for growing up, struggling together with this group of colleagues who love life and love work together, and work together! thank you all!

    4. I only say a word to you: thanks, enough buddy brothers, thank you for your concern to me, help me, I will remember your goodness to me.

    5. Thanks to Mi Yunfan's risk of being seriously injured to help me block the problem of chemical teachers, and a stool that cannot bear the weight of your life. I pray for it.

    6. Unforgettable smiles of loving, often miss your eyes, keep in mind your teachings, inspecting you meticulous. Dear teacher, send a text message to wish you every day!

    7. When I was lonely and sad, you silently comforted me, warm, and moved me. I will see all of this as the most valuable gift, the most precious wealth!

    8. At the time of smoke and rain, the frost is like the old Fang Fei. Who is drunk with the fragrance, and then spend the guests yesterday. Now the butterfly flys, don't let your life make you a tourist or passenger!

    9. The leading leader, today is Thanksgiving, and then tell you sincerely: Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you will laugh more in the future, and you will be happy every day!

    10. Thank you parents and give life; thank your friends for your own side; thank your lover to stay with me for a lifetime. Hundreds of life are impermanent, most than grateful.

    11. Don't thank CCTV, don't thank the record company, just thank you for your warm smile and silent help. May I bring you infinite happiness in the future, happy Thanksgiving!

    12. Dear leadership is because of your leading role that we can do their jobs and dedicated their jobs at work. At this point, I can only say to you: Happy holiday!

    13. Passing by you every day, but I have never entered and visited you. Today, I finally decided to get courage and knock on your office: Boss, thank you for your care!

    14. The sun is charged to the earth and burned the flame. If you charge me in life, a sentence of encouragement and blessing is a hope and confidence, and I am the motivation for moving forward. Thank you.

    15. Thank you for making me understand what love is, thank you for making me understand what is happiness, thank you for helping me when I am the most difficult, and thank you for a lifetime.

    16. I really thank all leaders and colleagues for being able to grow, work hard together with such a group of leaders and colleagues who love life and work together, and work together. It is my honor!

    17. The principle of Thanksgiving Gifts: Practical gifts, gifts for gifts, gifts and health, gifts and blessings. The heart is connected, and the courtesy is minimal;

    18. Who speaks the heart, and reports San Chunhui! Thanks, I would rather say it. In short, you are a friend of my life! Happy Thanksgiving Day! Tonight, enjoy the deliciousness with me?

    19. The day working together is happy, and the days of struggle together are unforgettable! Thank you for your help for me. On the New Year, I wish everyone good health and rising step by step!

    20. Saying a blessing on the mouth, passing a greeting on the Internet, with my thoughts, taking my wish, flying with me, flying to the gratitude sky! Happy gratitude!

    21. Today is Thanksgiving! Although I do n’t believe Christ, I agree with gratitude. I really thank God for letting us know each other. I hope we will be a good friend of our lives to bless your dear friend!

    22. Life is wonderful because of her gratitude, love is grateful, and life is happy because of her gratitude. In this special day, I sincerely wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

    23. Thousands of words, I can't express my gratitude, thanks to the words, in short, you are a friend of my life! I can only say that I have remembered it in my heart, happy Thanksgiving!

    24. I came here today, sitting in this seat, thank you the leader for giving me a chance to exercise yourself. I must do my job, harmonious team, and create harmonious creation. Thank you!

    25. Send you a beautiful mood tree to give her sincere nutrition, care temperature and free air, plant it in your heart, give you every year, happy, every day, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, happiness, and happiness of every day. Happy and happy!

    26. Thank you God for letting me meet you, thank the earth for letting me fall in love with you, thank you for letting me understand you. In this day of the day of Thanksgiving, send out my most really blessings. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

    7. In order to let me know how to live, you have gained all love. In order to let me know how to live, you have paid a lifetime of hard work. Today is Thanksgiving, thank you sincerely. I wish you happiness forever.

    8. When the birds meet the wind and rain, they hid in its nest; when I have storms in my heart, I always hide in your arms. Umbrella, windshield wall, how can I not thank you!

    29. Since I get your love of the land, it seems that I have seen the light in the long darkness. And you!

    30. When the birds encounter wind and rain, they hide into its nest; I have storms in my heart, always hiding in your arms — my teacher, you are my rain to cover the rain Umbrella, wind -blocking wall, how can I not thank you!

    31. When I really meet with my blessings, I feel warm. When I meet and love, I feel the true feelings. Happy festival!

    32. There are many words hiding in the mouth, many love hidden in my heart, many moves hidden in the usual day, let me expose them. Dear mother, thank you, I wish you happy and healthy, happy every day!

    33. Thank you for the beauty of Chun, thank Xia Hexiang for Xia, thank you for your gains, thank you for the winter. Still. Thanks to the four seasons, thank you, thank you every day, gently greetings, happy Thanksgiving!

    34. The wood is withered, and the pedestrian has no expression. And your companionship makes my winter different, my happiness is fortunate to have you to share. Thank you friends, your smile is my favorite.

    35. I used to have a sincere care in front of me, but I ignored him. The greatest happiness of life is full of gratitude. In this gratitude, I want to treat you three. Word: Thank you.

    36. The rain dew floating in the sky moisturizes the dry earth. The caring of the world's caring warms countless souls. You in the sea of ​​people let me know what love is. I wish you in this gratitude day. Joyful and happy.

    37. Thanks to the years to let a friendship ship, let us find the desire of the sail. Your friendship is not a flower, it is a green branch. There is always a new leaf after winter. I will use one. A full -fledged heart to take care of

    38. You are a gardener, adding a show for the mountains and rivers of the motherland; In this gratitude, let me offer a flower of the soul and express my heartfelt wish to you.

    39. I feel the warmth of the inadvertent pulse, feel the faint look back, grateful to the origin of the fate, gratitude to the kind of love in ordinary life, thank the vast people Yin Yin blessings in the sea.

    40. The scheme of the meteor moves the night sky, the deep affection moves life, the romantic love moves the lover, your concern makes me move, Thanksgiving is here, friend, thank you, I hope you Happy every day!

    41. The warmth of the fire rises the warmth in my heart, the venom can evoke good memories, the sweetness of pumpkin cakes wraps the sweetness of life, and the turkey is good for a year. Thank you for life and you in your life. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    42. Thanks to the sky, let me meet you in the vast sea of ​​people; thank you, let me know you rolling red dust; thank you, let me hold you on the long journey. Thanksgiving, thanks to you all the way, love you never changed.

    43. Thanksgiving is not a form. Thanksgiving is not a gift. Thanksgiving is not a greeting. Thanksgiving is a sincerity, gratitude is a period of encounter, gratitude is a meal. Friends, what do you invite me to eat for Thanksgiving?

    44. Put a white pigeon for you, put on my thoughts, put on my blessing, float to your heart, float to your life, I hope you are happy and happy to the ground For every morning bell, the flowers bloomed happily.

    45. Gift gifts for Thanksgiving, small objects of friendship, boys can choose lighters, key chains, or some small pendants; girls can choose wallets and accessories, cold weather, scarves, gloves, etc. Essence

    46. People say that the big grace is not grateful, and it is said that the grace of dripping water is reported to the spring, thanks or not? Good embarrassment! Then I do n’t thank you, just thank you, thank you for your accompanying. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    47, joy is always short, loneliness is always long. I would like to harvest a ray of spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring! I was moved by you countless times, thanking you for walking into my trajectory, so that I no longer lonely in my life.

    48, the wind blows on the face, it is very cold; the snow floats on the body, very deep; the frost is coagulated on the eyes, very wet; , Very warm; blessing to surround you is very true. In the snow season, I wish you happy!

    49. Thank you for accompanying me through those wind and the rain, thank you at the most helpless time, thank you at least you when you are lonely, dear friend, thank you You accompany me through so many miles of life!

    50. Thanks for the time for us to meet, thank you in the world for making us beautiful, thank you for letting us understand each other, thank you to the fingers for letting us get intimate, Thanksgiving, dear, thank you and me for being in Together.

    51. If life is a beautiful encounter, you are the one I am most looking forward to. If life is a wonderful performance, you are my best partner, thank you and my friend I sincerely wish you a happy gratitude!

    52. If a person is in great gratitude, he will look back with the benefactor, he must take care of his decentness, and he must be more vicious than an unrelated stranger. Ruthlessness.

    53. Time leaves memory, the footsteps leave the experience, the saliva leaves the food, and the text message leaves the evidence. According to the number of the SMS when you go to the toilet, the number of text messages returns the text message when you go to the toilet Inference, you are constipated, happy Thanksgiving.

    54. Thanks to the encounter and let me know you; thank you to know each other, let me know you; thank you, let me have you. My friend, thank you for your encounters and take you to my world. Happy gratitude!

    55. The seeds thanks to the earth for giving them motivation for the earth. The seedlings thank Yulu for encouraging them. Thanks to the Fengshuang for giving them experience, the fruit thanks to the sunshine to give them memories, Thanksgiving, life with gratitude, life more life, life is more Significant.

    56. Thanksgiving to my heart in my heart: Thank you! And reward you with a text message and a box of ingots! The text message is here. As for Yuanbao, my friend is afraid that you are tired. I have carried it away, don't thank you!

    57, 1 is not the wind, I am afraid that it is already haggard; not rain, I am afraid that it is pale; not with you, I am afraid that I have been drowned ... thanks to the wind and rain, teach me to mature; Thank you for your encouragement and give me courage and strength.

    58. For Thanksgiving, thank you for the proposal; At present, I often remember that Ming En is in my heart; the text message is not long, and the meaning of gratitude should be up; I hope you are happy and happy, happy and healthy.

    59. I am always curious about unknown things, but you make my curiosity be satisfied one by one. When I was curious about the turkey, your appearance answered my doubts in a timely manner. Thanksgiving is coming, thank you!

    60. There is a kind of emotion in the world, which is a rotten stone; there is a kind of fate in the world, called fate and three lives; there is a kind of person in the world, which is unforgettable for life; there is a heart in the world, named gratitude. Thanksgiving today, I hope you have a gratitude. Essence

    61, a meteor, which brightens the night sky; Yiquanxi water is merged into a small river; a touch of dust is made into a mountain; a little care, the mind no longer has loneliness; thank you, thank you for you Walk along with me all the way. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

    62. I pack happiness and happiness. I take the health and peace of the wind. When Thanksgiving is coming, I will give you all the blessings in advance. Thank you for bringing the beauty of life, I wish you a happy gratitude, and wish you health.

    63. Time is our love god, the post office is our moon, the mobile phone is our matchmaker, and the future is our red carpet. I thank them for bringing you to me. My heart is also very satisfied with you because of you!

    64. God said: The so -called happiness is a gratitude, a loyal lover, a healthy body, a heart -minded work, a group of trusted friends, when you receive this, you receive this Information, everything will have it! With a gratitude.

    65. There is a kind of thing called snow between Liuhe, falling from the sky and falling into the ground; there is a kind of thing in the world called love. Occasionally, ending in eternal world. Thanksgiving!

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