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  1. GMP: Good Practice Outstanding Manufacturing Standard

    GMP is an autonomous management system that specializes in the quality and hygiene and safety of the production process in the manufacturing process. GMP certification is a reflection of comprehensive quality management in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a compulsory certification that integrates software, hardware, safety, hygiene, and environmental protection. It is a compulsory standard for pharmaceutical and food industries. , Personnel, facilities, equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, quality control, etc. In accordance with relevant national regulations to meet the quality requirements of sanitary quality, form an operable operation specification to help enterprises improve the health environment of the enterprise, and timely discover problems in the production process. improve.

    sop: Standard Operating PPOcere standard operating procedures

    sop is an important content of various standardized management certifications and product certification. All industries have SOP requirements. SOP can be understood as a detailed operation manual. A set of SOP is a necessary condition for ensuring product or service quality. SOP is not just a technical model, it also covers management ideas, management concepts and management methods. It is part of management specifications, and also contains quality control and management concepts. Although the specific content of different industries SOP is different, it has a certain logical connection. Therefore, it is valuable to learn from the SOP requirements of other industries in other industries.

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