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  1. Cases of entrepreneurship in the beauty industry
    The entrepreneurial case of beauty industry, do not have to be ashamed of beauty, let you fascinate him around, do different procedures to achieve different results. Share the technique of entrepreneurial cases in the beauty industry! Here are related introductions.
    The case of entrepreneurship in the beauty industry 1
    The irregularities in the Chinese beauty industry market have led to low operating threshold for beauty salons, lack of management, and industry competition. The collection of many factors such as incomplete quality of employees has made it difficult for the entire industry to reach a certain height in the society, it is difficult to maintain, it is difficult to expand in scale operations, and it is difficult to deeply root the hearts of the brand.
    On the surface, the beauty salon industry market is booming. Various cosmetic "doctoral", "master", "expert", "the first person in the world", "the most world" title: "gene beauty", "biosi : "Diet therapy", "vinegar therapy", "spa", "therapy", "far infrared therapy" and other new nouns and new methods have emerged endlessly. The beauty salon industry, which has a mixed, good and bad difficulty, dazzled consumers.
    The beauty accidents in the domestic beauty industry can continue to explode. The beauty technologies used and promoted by various cosmetic service agencies are doped with a certain number of pseudo -scientific sciences, fake and inferior technical service projects, and each institution and each The stores are all their own things and their own standards. For example, some massage takes a few minutes, and some take tens of minutes; one product, this store is 100 yuan, the other store can sell a thousand yuan. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Some people who are smoked for their interests have made illegal behaviors that harm consumers' interests, and even engage in pornographic and deception activities such as beauty. Many beauty salons have carried out various medical cosmetic projects without relevant qualifications to earn higher profits than living beauty projects. Moreover, there are quite a few places that have not strictly reviewed and approve the medical cosmetic projects of beauty salons, and the beauty market is still in chaos.
    In first look at a beauty salon opening case and review:
    The entrepreneurial figure: Wu Xiangling, 34 years old, keywords of beauty salon owners: Quality Propaganda Wu Xiangling opened a beauty salon in Wuchang Dingqiao in the past few years. At first The operating conditions are not bad. In the past two years, the surrounding beauty salons have been opened more and more, and many old customers have taken away many old customers. Wu Xiangling feels that it is difficult for her beauty salon to survive in this way. How to develop and stabilize customers is a problem that Wu Xiangling needs to solve. Guest of operating brands: Hu Huifen, Deputy General Manager of Natural Beauty Wuhan Beauty Culture Development Co., Ltd., National Senior Beautyman.
    The more than 300 beauty institutions in Wuhan, more and more internationally renowned brands are also preparing to enter Wuhan, and the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. With the continuous improvement of women's life, the development prospects of the beauty industry will become better and better. However, most beauty shop owners say that business is becoming more and more difficult to do. They think that there are too many stores. In order to increase the number of customers, only the price reduction. And if you fall, I drop, everyone drops, not only drops the price, but also reduces the quality. The beauty industry will eventually move towards the road of branding, and product quality and excellent services can win customers.
    The main profit of the industry's dynamic profits is derived from product sales and nursing services. Generally speaking, operators can obtain more than 40 % of profits from sales products, and nursing services have about 30 % of profits. At present, the beauty industry in Wuhan has shown a trend of community development. Many mid -to -high -end communities have incorporated beauty and leisure into the overall planning, and beauty is getting closer and closer to people's lives. Investors should consider when choosing the site. If business opportunities entrepreneurs want to win in the beauty industry, they must win by characteristics. Pet beauty is a good emerging field, and the market space is large; fragrance beauty is also a service project that is favored by white -collar workers. In -depth analysis of the first step of entrepreneurship has caused a more chaotic situation in the beauty salon industry. On the one hand, there is no unified and standardized management system and method, and on the other hand, there are cross -and multiple management of the beauty salon industry. Price, technical supervision, hygiene, public security, special business, fire protection and other departments, and even some street offices can directly supervise and manage and punish the execution of beauty salons, forming a stacked bed house and a large random situation. Since the development of the mid -1980s, the beauty salon industry has always developed on its own and has no unified management institutions. Not only did the industry practitioners do not have a sense of belonging, but it is not conducive to the requirements of the sustainable development of the industry. It also provides the opportunity for people who have a stroke and flicker.
    The beauty salon industry is a complete market -oriented industry, and it is also a free market that is fully open. Various capitals have added beauty salons to exacerbate the industry's competition in order to seek value -added. The metabolism of the beauty salon industry is so fast, which is closely related to the understanding of the operator. They often do not have accurate positioning, not good at integrating effective resources, and no long -term marketing strategies. In addition The elite team of siege provides consumers with true services. "Fish -eye mixed beads" and "good and bad" are their true portrayal.
    Cofu Feifei, a well -known brand marketing expert, pointed out that the beauty salon operator should comprehensively consider the strength, geographical location, personnel equipment and development goals, and accurately position and reasonably layout to build their own characteristics and competition For the business model, the beauty salon requires greater development. It will inevitably respond to the market conditions and consumer demand in a timely manner, and constantly create a new business model to obtain a business model that is most suitable for the development of beauty salons. In other words, "innovation" is the soul of the operation and development of beauty salons!
    The price of the beauty market, including product prices and service prices, is directly facing consumers and is also based on lifeblood. But the price of beauty products and services is still the industry's steeping. Good quality products are the guarantee and development of beauty salons! For a long time, the use of non -standard products is the biggest bottleneck that restricts the operation and development of beauty salons. Regardless of the heavy metal content or too much bacterial content, it directly affects the use of consumers and also affects beauty salons. reputation. The price difference between the same service content and products can reach several times to dozens of times in different beauty salons. Many manufacturers prize to the product, and there are also disorders of cost and profit proportions. Some profits are even as high as 80 %. Coupled with the price increase of the sales links, the product has reached the final market, and the price is unreasonable. This opaque price system and circulation operations usually cause a sense of disrespect to the market, which gradually loses a large number of consumers.
    Mosanas operator should bravely go out of the strange circle of traditional business ideas, change the traditional ideological concepts, and continue to seek change in combination with their own strength and actual situation. To strengthen sales, we must strengthen services! In addition to strengthening the internal management of internal management in operation, we should also understand the full use and integration of external resources. The rise and prosperity of various cosmetic beauty teaching and training institutions have changed the process of talent training in the past workshop -style of beauty salons. , Effective and scale training and education, it is a good example to transport a large number of professional talents for beauty salons.
    In recent years, many beauty practitioners have begun to consider breaking the routine and organizing the organic integration and integration of beauty, gaps, fitness, psychological counseling, image design, entertainment, shopping, catering and other services to one place to form complementarity. This In a sense, strategic adjustment has done a certain degree of laundering new leather noodles in the beauty and health industry. On the one hand, it improves the service product of the beauty salon, and on the other hand, weaken the current disadvantages of the beauty industry. People are in people. People are in. There are different needs to enter such an atmosphere. Whether it is coming to shop, entertainment or fitness. When choosing beauty and health services, I only think that this is the thoughtful service of the merchant. The integrated business service strategy is a new highlight of the current beauty industry, and there is a broad space for continued development and improvement.
    In beauty industry entrepreneurial cases 2 So what processes do I have to go from the beauty artist to the boss? How can I truly realize my dream?
    In the analysis of questionnaires In the store with moderate profitability and better, these shop owners basically have the role of beauty consultants and store managers. Many of the shop chiefs, and many of the shop owners with poor profitability are directly opened by the beauty artist. We can analyze that if you want to be a real boss, you must go through the beautician ---- Beauty Consultant-the manager of the store, which also reflects the process of the shop owner who is successful in the cosmetic master: skills Level ----- Communication ability ----- Management ability.
    Successful is the return of those who are prepared. Opportunities are gifts for careful people
    Skills level: At present, Chinese beauty artist skills certification is a vocational skills certification issued by the Ministry of Labor The foundation is the unified beauty textbook. These textbooks are some basic beauty knowledge. No matter from the technique and theory, the development of the beauty industry is far behind. Many beauticians really enter work. Suddenly found that the difference in the learning and actual use of the actual use It is far away, which also confirms why I want to enter the beauty industry to open a store and make 60 % of the boss and enter the beauty industry for one to two years. I want to be the boss only about 30 %. It is cruel. If you want to realize your boss's dream, you must learn more professional knowledge. In addition to participating in some product companies and the company's internal learning, as a beautician, you must read books on Chinese medicine frequently. Development is no longer limited to basic projects. The use of health and biotechnology beauty is the mainstream of the beauty industry). At the same time, there must be a habit of taking notes. On the other hand, with the popularity of the Internet, telephones, computers, WeChat, Weibo is even more Multi -person use. As a beauty master, I personally recommend that at least one hour a day can be taken to communicate horizontally with industry people, and some problems in work can be communicated and resolved in time.
    Pevy people are always good at expressing and listening
    communication skills: Beauty artists are often only personnel at the actual operation level, because the customer communication process often does not have unique advantages. At the level, communication is the simplest and most effective way to eliminate each other's strangeness. In our questionnaire analysis, the communication ability is high and low, and the transaction rate is determined. The beauty consultant just plays such a role. In short communication, it is often unwise choice to discover customer needs in time. The beauty industry's direct product communication with customers is often unwise. Although there is a certain transaction rate, the failure rate is relatively high. Among the high transaction rates, 77 % of the beauty consultants, only one -third of the entire communication process in communicating with customers, then two -thirds of the other time, what is the beauty consultant said to the customer what he said to the customer Woolen cloth? The answer is the "related topic". It is difficult for many people to master related topics, open mouth products, and close their mouth effects. Here I list the related topics that can communicate with customers, such as: work, color, clothing, fashion, makeup, children, children, shopping, social focus ... These seem to be difficult? If you usually pay more attention to various information, it should be easy, so the excellent beauty consultant, her knowledge should be wider, not only to the product, but also the results and feelings of the customer after use. The topic increases the trust of customers, stores, and personal trust.
    The beauty artist is often communicating with customers. Many times it is the communication on the product. It can only be regarded as a product commentator. Communication is skillful. It is recommended that the beauty artist pays attention to the expression of language expression and psychology. Books.
    Pevy people must have enough control
    Management ability: Beauty artists are just doing, and beauty consultants are to do and say. To become a successful boss, they must also have management ability. 91 % of the bosses have been the head of the store, which is enough to illustrate the importance of management capabilities for success. So let's see what the store manager cares? We are divided into internal management and external management. Internal management has personnel management, brand management, project management, financial management, product management, product management, customer data management, internal diligence management, education and training management ... external management has brand cultural management, projects, projects Management, customer base relationship maintenance management ... These all reflect the control of the entire store. This is why they are the foundation where they are easy to succeed in their own bosses. The desire to manage the management ability also leads to the head of the store in different stores. It seems that they are relatively liquid. In fact, they are seeking more management experience and experience of the owner of the standard store. At the same time, they are also The stores who will bring good management to work, because they are the most executors who can learn and practice, because they have one step away from their boss's dreams,
    successful people always ask themselves, why others are better than themselves than themselves than themselves More successful
    It the above process must be available if the beautician wants to realize his boss's dream. I want to emphasize that it should be paid attention to, regardless of the beauty consultant or the store manager. Just a job, so it is a little worthy of everyone's attention for the owner of the quasi -store, which is risk pressure.
    Risk pressure often does not consider too much. As a shop owner, you must consider it. The current stage of the beautician is mainly learning and accumulating the process. For the manager, if you are the boss, you must consider investment and investment and The problem of output ratio will not be like planting wheat. If you put a grain of seeds, a wheat ears will be made. In addition to the product, the project, there are also sites, design, profit -making period, and the actual experience, the more the actual experience, the more the actual experience, the more the actual experience. More, the smaller the risk pressure.

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