4 thoughts on “The gap in the truck driver is 10 million. Which age group is the current truck driver?”

  1. At present, relevant departments have stated that the gap between Chinese truck drivers has reached 10 million. Most of the current truck drivers are mainly middle -aged men of 30 to 50 years. For this group, the family life is indeed high, and it may also lead to increased with the growth of the cargo, adding some physical burden during the long -distance transportation process of transportation. Sex, so most young people are unwilling to be a truck driver. More people think that the driver's work is very tired, and for some middle -aged people, they are also invincible. For the family, they can only choose to continue to do it. There have been changes, so you can look at the problem from the following aspects.
    1, at present, the truck driver group is mainly male in the 35-50 years. At present, we will find that most driver groups are indeed within the age of 35 to 50. And with the increase of experience, most long -distance drivers often cannot transport long -distance after they are old, and they will choose to change their career afterwards.
    2, the difficulty of running transportation is relatively difficult, most young people are unwilling to be a truck driver. In fact, we will find that or the driver itself is relatively special, and the work pressure is high, especially running and transportation, and it is really boring at work. Because of this, most young people are unwilling to choose to join the truck driver team, and more young people are more willing to send takeaway express delivery services. Considering the extremely depression in the work of truck drivers, and there will also be a great work burden, which causes the fatigue of the body, so most young people are still difficult to persist.
    3, at present, the group of truck drivers has gradually developed, and more and more young people are unwilling to engage in the transportation industry. In fact, we will find that most people thought that truck drivers were relatively stable at work, but as the society developed more and more, young people began to start their business freely and choose flexible employment. It is precisely because of this that more young people are unwilling to be a truck driver. We will find that truck drivers are getting higher and higher, and most drivers have tended to the age group of more than 40, so this has led to the larger and larger gap in the truck driver.

  2. It is a 35-55-year-old crowd. This group of people has a long driving age and has rich driving experience. However, because this job is very hard, many people are unwilling to join.

  3. Generally, they are middle -aged and elderly people. These people are particularly capable and cannot be some other people.

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