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  1. Since the outbreak of the new coronary virus pneumonia, the government and major media have promoted the most that they did not go out, do not go out, wear masks, and wash their hands. Instantly many beauty companies transformed up and used to do anti -killing products, hoping that during the epidemic, they could restore part of the losses and earn a stroke.

    The due to inconvenient purchase during the epidemic, everyone will stock up a certain amount of disinfection and sterilization handwashing solution. This time the new crown pneumonia epidemic has enhanced everyone's health awareness. According to relevant data, before the new type of pneumonia occurred, the whole year of 2019, the proportion of hand sanitizers throughout Chinese families was 28%, and the penetration rate of hand sanitizer was relatively low.

    As the epidemic increases and spread, after January 19, the sales of hand washing rose from about 2.8 million to 31 million . The provided data shows that after the epidemic is fermented, the sales of sterilized hand -sanitary solution have increased by 2315 %.

    It believes that the most thing everyone does during the epidemic is to wash your hands. Regardless of whether you go out, you will run to wash your hands every three differences at home. The need for rapid growth has caused disinfection toiletting solution to be in short supply. Whether it is a big brand or a new brand toiletting on the e -commerce platform and the micro -business platform, it is snapped up by everyone. It seems to be a life -saving straw.

    , the sequelae of frequent use of alcoholic bacterial anti -virus hand -toiletting solution are the symptoms such as allergies, redness, and roughness of hand skin. At this time, hand creams are very important. During the epidemic situation The sales of handle products will also increase accordingly, which is also an opportunity for beauty companies.

    Ip, in addition to the bacterial anti -virus handwashing solution of the "health consumption number", there is also a "guardian makeup" handwashing solution. This hand sanitizer will be mild and non -exciting, ingredients and facial cleanser It is very similar. The skin damage of the opponent's department is relatively small, but it may only be able to do simple cleaning work, which has little effect on bacterial anti -virus.

    magen, the laundry solution of fungicidal and anti -virus effects during the epidemic is also welcomed by everyone. Re -work needs to go out frequently. In public sealed spaces such as the subway bus elevator, it is inevitable that the clothing will be stained with a variety of bacteria. After returning home, it is necessary to prevent the clothes in time. Slightly clean, and in a special period, it is necessary to clean products that contain more disinfection and sterilization effects.

    Although the anti -killing products have increased significantly during the epidemic, will it continue to grow long after the epidemic? Can companies follow the trend to eliminate disinfecting products?

    Since the SARS in 2003, coupled with the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, washing hands was indeed a good habit of everyone, but as people slowly forgot about the SARS incident, Some of them gradually did not use hand sanitizers to wash their hands, just rinse with water. Even if they werehed with hand sanitizers, they were ordinary daily cleaning. It is relatively small to use alcoholic sterilization handwashing.

    . However, this time the black swan incident really took a good section of important health and safety courses. Xiaobian believes that the popularity of elimination products will be high in the next many periods of time. Become a new demand or long -term demand.

    This does not encourage companies to see that the current anti -killing products are selling well and blindly follow the trend. Because it is now the epidemic, big brands such as Weiluz, Dilu, Shujiajia and other big brands are robbed. Breaking the goods, coupled with people's panic psychology, aroused everyone to buy other small and medium -sized brands, and then manifested as a prosperous scene. Once the epidemic is returning to normal, when the supply of large brands is sufficient, these companies that enter the bureau to eliminate products will accumulate a large number of goods that cannot be sold.

    Although many business opportunities are contained during this epidemic period, I hope that companies can see the needs of consumers and later development, do a good job of related market surveys, and do right opportunities to do right opportunities. Things, this will not be lost for thousands of hate.

  2. After the new coronary pneumonia's epidemic, the anti -killing product is not only a weapon to fight the epidemic, but also the guarantee of the safe, orderly and orderly production and re -production of all walks of life.
    In this special period, how does the upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain of the industry cope with changes and guarantee supply? What changes are this "unpopular industry" in the past? What are the new needs for people's home disinfecting supplies? The reporter investigated related issues.

    The small packaging and disinfecting products are becoming a must -have for daily life. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yuwei Zhang Yuwei
    The disinfection liquid lack of supply status relief
    at 10 am on April 7th, Shijiazhuang Luquan, Shijiazhuang Wei Jie Clear Factory Co., Ltd..
    The dangerous transport vehicle entered the factory, which contains sodium serial chloride equipped with 84 disinfectant. After a while, there were two different vans and stopped at the door of the filling workshop, and 100,000 plastic packaging bottles arrived.
    It Wei Jie's killing is a company that mainly produces four damaged drugs and disinfected insecticidal products. Since the resumption of work on February 1, it has been converted to 84 disinfectant for the anti -epidemic. about.
    "Starting in early March, our order delivery time was shortened from 20 days in early February to 7 days. Now it can be shipped in about 3 to 5 days. Chen Maoxiang, general manager of the killing supplies Co., Ltd., said, Chang Shu breathed a sigh of relief.
    In data from the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology shows that in early March, the daily capacity of 84 disinfection liquid in our province reached 410 tons, which is the largest and most important disinfectant.
    Why do 84 disinfection liquid become the main force of disinfecting and killing? One is the efficiency of anti -virus, and the first is low price.
    "84 disinfectant is a high-efficiency chlorine disinfection agent based on sodium chloride as the main ingredient, with a effective chlorine content of 5.5%-6.5%. Diluted according to the appropriate proportion, and can kill the virus in about 10 minutes." Say.
    and its price is also very close to the people. "A bottle of 500 ml 84 disinfectant is about 5 to 8 yuan, which can disinfect the ground floor of 100 square meters twice." Chen Maoxiang said.
    Therefore, 84 disinfectant is widely used in the sanitary disinfection of shopping malls, hotels, scenic spots, corporate office buildings, families and other places.
    The at the beginning of the epidemic, 84 disinfectant "one bottle is difficult to find". Where is it stuck in the production session?
    "The important reason is not raw materials, nor is it artificial, but that the auxiliary material packaging bottle is not enough." Chen Maoxiang said.
    On February 9th, Chen Maoxiang posted a photo of the four walls of an auxiliary material warehouse on the WeChat circle of friends. The picture explained: the bottle is short, the urgent order is refused, and the earlier 20 days will be shipped.
    "From February 1st to 8th, the three dealers we cooperated in the cooperation successively placed 60 tons of orders, and the tens of thousands of 500 ml packaging bottles of the year before the year were quickly used. He was forced to stop for a day and a half on the morning of the 10th. "Chen Maoxiang said.
    Because the main supply of enterprise factories and residential communities that are about to resume work, dealers hope to use large barrel packaging to improve efficiency, but Chen Maoxiang contacted a number of plastic products packaging companies. , First send a car to the door to line up.
    "In order to catch the road, the driver we sent out sleeps on the car at night. On February 8th and 9th, I ran six factories in Shijiazhuang, Baoding, and Xingtai. The production finally picked up. "Chen Maoxiang said. And this is actually only 5 days of filling.
    The packaging bottle supply is no longer tight, it is early March.
    "Mainly the basic resumption of the packaging bottle production plant in February, and the big goods drivers also started. We don't have to line up to grab the bottle, and the downstream dealers will no longer urge me to ship the progress of the shipment. "Chen Maoxiang said.
    Master Song of the factory also felt "stabilizing". He showed reporters to the daily vehicle entry records. In the record book, the truck drivers entering and exiting every day must register, test temperature, and disinfection. A total of 28 vehicles in the factory of the factory in February, and 107 vehicles from March 1st to March 31st.
    As of March 1, the starting rate of key material production enterprises in the province's anti -killing products such as anti -killing products such as anti -kill and control has increased from 30%at the end of January to 96.9%. Insufficient production and supply of disinfecting supplies was relieved.
    On April 7, Chen Maoxiang mixed some employees to prepare to restore the production of four -harm medicine. For more than two months, the "full -time workers" that are preferred to produce 84 disinfectants have passed, and normalized production must gradually recover.
    The professional disinfecting service gap is large
    at 10 pm on March 24, Shijiazhuang Jiatai Building.
    Liu Yunhang wore a disposable surgical mask, rubber gloves, worn work clothes, and carried an 84 disinfection liquid electric sprayer. It was ready to start disinfecting operations. The operating area was the lobby and various channels of the writing building.
    Liu Yunhang is a killing staff at Shijiazhuang Kant Economics Technology Service Co., Ltd.
    "This sprayer is sprayed uniform, leaving no dead ends, and the ability of disinfection water after atomizing is more capable, which is more suitable for eliminating a large area of ​​public areas." Liu Yunhang said To the sprayer.
    The cleaners from Jiatai Building followed them. They had disinfected several times before. As a result, their hands were peeling like fish scales, and their throats were a little hoarse.
    During the epidemic situation, many public places must be preventive disinfection, and most of them are cleaned officers, community workers and enterprises their own staff who have not been trained by professional training.
    Because of the unprofessional equipment, unscientific operation and irregular operation, the health of the operator's health and pollution environment has occurred.
    "For example, use 84 disinfection solution to disinfect the human body, spray disinfection agents on a large area of ​​outdoor greening belt, and dilute the disinfection of disinfectant with boiling water, etc., which does not meet the" Technical Specifications "promulgated by my country." Shijiazhuang Kangde Environmental Technology Technology Technology Xu Yudong, general manager of service Co., Ltd. said.
    The disinfecting work is professional.
    "What are the places to eliminate the disinfecting agent, how to match the concentration, and how to spray in what angles to adopt, and combine the work habits of the staff of the site to consider the impact on the environment." Xu Yudong said.
    but even Shijiazhuang Kant Economics Technology Service Co., Ltd., such an epidemic prevention and disinfecting experience is limited. Their main business is indoor formaldehyde. During the epidemic, the anti -killing business was extended.
    The reporter's investigation found that most of the companies that Shijiazhuang provides anti -killing services is mostly such companies that do indoor environmental purification or biological prevention and treatment of insects, and they are small and small.
    Xu Zhiqiang and his friends partnered with such a small biological control company, with a total of 16 people. Although there is a disinfection and epidemic prevention in the business business, he and his companions are better at spraying and extinguishing mice for catering companies. In the free time, "Sweeping Street" exudes small advertisements and sends the service information of the company online, and the operation has always been tepid.
    This epidemic made Xu Zhiqiang feel that the opportunity came.
    March, Xu Zhiqiang did two online recruitment and training live broadcasts. Each time there were two or three hundred people watch online, and more than 60 reserves were signed.
    "This spring, the dual tasks of mouse extinguishing insects and disinfection and epidemic prevention are superimposed. They are urgently lacking. When they have obtained the professional qualification certificate of harmful biological control staff after training, they can hold a certificate." Xu Zhiqiang said.
    At present, my country has no professional qualification certificate for disinfecting staff. Kant's environmental protection staff holds a professional certificate of "environmental pollution control and evaluation technology" in indoor cars.

  3. The state has legislative requirements, food, catering, pharmaceutical and other companies must entrust professional PCO companies to carry out annual harmful biological prevention and control work, and the standardized requirements are continuously improved, and rigid demand is obvious. In 2018, PCO has 30 billion yuan in mainland China and 450 billion yuan in the United States.
    The development in PCO in China has a good prospect, which contains unlimited business opportunities. The PCO industry will be the fastest development of China and the golden period of development in the next few years. Partners who want to enter the industry can look at the articles I posted before, avoiding the pits in the disinfecting industry.
    Welcome to follow and exchange

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer should be possible. The well -served company will become good in the future, because the elimination company will constantly provide customers with good services to make customers satisfied. Pay attention to other aspects to enhance the ability of their own companies to continue to optimize themselves.

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