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  1. Top Ten Lantern Festival Lighting Rankings: Opple, Philips, FSL Foshan Lighting, TCL Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Midea Lighting, Aozzo Odo, Tinses NVC, Greet Lighting GREAT, Three Herbal Aurora PAK.
    1, OPPLE

    Oupi Lighting Co., Ltd. is a well -known brand of energy -saving and ceiling lights. It started in 1996. It is a famous trademark in Guangdong Province and a brand -name product in Guangdong Province. It has now become high -tech enterprises such as LEDs and traditional light sources, lamps, electrical appliances, ceiling products and other high -tech enterprises.

    2, Philips Crime
    The Philips Lighting Division's in -depth insight into people's demand for public environment and private space, and is committed to launching innovative, end users -oriented high -efficiency energy -saving lighting solutions and applications product.

    3, FSL Foshan Lighting
    fsl Foshan Lighting Company has global product technology and high -quality sales teams, with a sound and efficient operating system and production management system, and is committed to the development and service of the global electrical source market. Provide customers with world -class products and services.

    4, TCL lighting
    TCL lighting is committed to becoming a respected energy -saving lighting leading enterprise. It is the best solution provider for LED lighting and integrated ceiling products.

    5, Huayi Lighting
    Ti art lighting has 200,000 square meters of lighting lighting industrial parks and a total store business exhibition hall of more than 20,000 square meters. Cover the mature industrial chain of integrated R

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