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  1. Explanation: The static configuration of chemical equipment refers to the device consisting of static or a small amount of transmission mechanism in chemical production, which is mainly used to complete the process of heat transfer, mass transmission and chemical reactions, or to store materials.
    1, divided into containers, tower, heat exchanger, reactor (including various reactors, fixed beds or liquid beds) and tube furnace according to structural characteristics and use.
    2, divided into metal equipment (carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, etc.), non -metal equipment (ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, etc.) and non -metallic material lining equipment (lining rubber, lining rubber, rubber, rubber, ceramic steel, aluminum, copper, etc.) Plastic, refractory materials, enamel, etc.) Among them, carbon steel equipment is the most commonly used.
    3. According to the stress situation, it is divided into external pressure equipment (including vacuum equipment) and internal pressure equipment. ~ 16 kgf/cm2), mid -pressure equipment (operating pressure between 16 and 100 kgf/cm2), high -pressure equipment (operation pressure between 100 and 1000 kgf/cm2) and ultra -high pressure equipment (operating pressure greater than 1000 kgf/cm2).

  2. At the time of work, static equipment is static device, otherwise the Rotary Equipment. There are: kiln, air cooler, water cooler, heat exchanger, backflow tank, container, reactor, etc.; Dynamic equipment such as: pump, fan, air compressor, fan, motor, etc.

  3. Dynamic devices include: large, medium, small, small, small, various machine pumps, special valves, fan, stirring kettle, and execution mechanisms include: various towers, containers, heat exchangers also include all kinds of electromechanical instrument equipment. Do equipment monitoring. Dynamic equipment has been made of centrifugal compressors, and a reciprocating compressor. The design and manufacturing of dynamic equipment are more difficult. It involves many disciplines such as material science, fluid mechanics, mechanical automation, and sealing. High requirements for processing and assembly technology and overall performance are high. Especially high -speed transparent machinery, which requires high strength, small vibration, high density, high automation, etc. It can be said that the moving device contains more technical content. So the manufacturing cost is high (especially the flat machinery). Static equipment has more requirements for materials and welding knowledge. The manufacturing cost is low. There are many units in domestic quiet equipment, the technical level is not very high, and the manufacturing level of many manufacturers is not much different.

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