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  1. 1. Computer science and technology
    1, what is computer science and technology?
    In September 2012, the Ministry of Education replaced the new computer science and technology majors to replace the old computer science and technology and simulation science and technology. Computer science and technology are a wide -caliber major in computer disciplines and computer disciplines. It aims to cultivate computer professional high -level engineering technical talents with good scientific literacy, independent learning consciousness and innovation awareness, scientific and engineering -oriented computers. Essence
    2. Development prospects
    The talent needs
    In a paper published in "Computer Fan" 2017 Journal of 2017 shows that from the perspective of the overall development trend, Chinese computer science and technology graduates The employment rate and salary are still at a good level. It is expected that the demand for computer professionals in China will still increase at a rate of about 1 million per year in the next ten years.
    The questionnaires with 8,000 people in a sample show that most computer professionals in China's current network information technology development industry are mainly concentrated in online development and software development, each accounts for about 32%and 27%of the investigators. Others also include about 15%of graduates who choose to engage in the direction of network test technology, and about 10%of graduates have chosen website optimization and promotion.

    In employment direction
    The graduates of this major are wide employment and considerable employment prospects. Various types of enterprises and institutions are engaged in scientific research, system design, system protection, system management and maintenance, and application computer science and technology disciplines of computer networks.
    . Software engineering
    1, what is software engineering major?
    This involves programming language, database, software development tools, system platforms, design models, etc. to cultivate students' development of computer application disciplines, especially the development of the software industry, so that they have the basic theory of computer software, Basic knowledge and basic skills, have the ability to analyze, design, and implement computer software systems with ideological, methods and technologies of software engineering.
    2. Development prospects
    Talent needs
    In modern society, software is applied to multiple aspects. Typical software such as email, embedded system, human -machine interface, office kit, operating system, compiler, database, game, etc. At the same time, almost all industries have the application of computer software, such as industry, agriculture, banking, aviation, government departments, etc. Software engineering major has become a popular major.

    In employment direction
    Software service outsourcing is intellectual talent -intensive modern service industry. After graduation Tester, project manager and other jobs.
    . Network engineering
    1, what is the major of network engineering?
    In 2012, the network engineering major officially appeared in the "Undergraduate Professional Catalog" of ordinary colleges and universities. The professional education policy of the network engineering is implemented, adheres to the people of morality, and cultivate computer communication and network innovative talents in the field of computer communication and international perspectives that meet the needs of the development of innovative countries, strong basic knowledge, strong engineering practical ability, and organizational ability and international vision. "Basic, wide -caliber, strong ability, high quality, and composite" talent training concept, cultivate and master the basic theory and methods of engineering, engineering and engineering technical principles and methods of computers, communication and networks; Professional and technical talents of research, network engineering planning design and implementation, network system management and maintenance, and network system security guarantee capabilities.
    2. Development prospects

    In employment direction
    The network engineering major can be engaged in product analysis, design, research, development of computer network systems such as various IT companies, companies, scientific research institutes And IT market expansion, technological promotion and other tasks; you can go to finance, industry and commerce, taxation, postal, telecommunications, telecommunications, mobile, national defense, transportation, and various types of enterprises and institutions to engage in network security maintenance, computer detection and control, computer network system planning , Design, development, integration and operation and maintenance; can engage in computer network system education, network system application development, distance education and network maintenance management of various schools at all levels.

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