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  1. The WeChat retreat is very simple. Follow my steps to get it, and both mobile phones and computer can be operated. Take the mobile phone WeChat as an example:
    1. Open the mobile phone WeChat page, click the "search" icon in the upper right corner on the WeChat homepage, click in. If there is a group chat name you want to delete on the page, you can also click directly in.
    2. Enter the group chat names that need to be deleted in the search box. If you don't remember the full name, you can find a keyword or a common friend.
    3, we click in the group chat, find the icon of icon in the upper right corner of the group chat page and click in.
    4. On the chat information page that jumped out, we kept pulling down. At the bottom of the page, there was an icon of "Exit Group Chat" with a red font. Click "Exit Group Chat" to exit the WeChat group directly.
    The computer version of WeChat operation method is the same as the mobile phone side method. You can try to operate, and you can get it in a few steps ~

  2. Group chat settings directly retreat.
    This on the upper right corner of the app, and then the page appears to slide down. After seeing the refund and exit, you can return the group.
    This APP does not currently provide batch retreat functions. If you want to retreat, you can only exit them one by one. The specific operation is: open the corporate AppApp, click to enter the group to be retreated, click the villain head in the upper right corner, pull it to the bottom, and click out of the group chat.

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