5 thoughts on “How to let others join their own telegram group”

  1. How to let others join their own telegram group:
    The telegraph group, is the telecommunications industry group, channel, refers to the TV channel. Telegraph group settings:
    1. After entering the software, click the symbol to point the arrow at the top.
    2, enter the search interface.
    3, enter zh_cn in the search box. Of course, it is also possible to directly enter zh_cn, no need to enter@.
    4. Click the searched group to enter.
    5, click the download symbol of the blue after entering.

  2. Hello, you can send the group's QR code to other groups. Let others join their own group. You can also print the QR code to A4 paper. Paste in a eye -catching place, let others join their group by scanning the code.

  3. How to join the known telegram group must be added through the invitation and consent of the owner to join the telegraph group. Add friends in the telegram group, need, click the friend's avatar in the group, and then apply for joining

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